Position Of The Day!

Ndeipi (hie).

Today’s Position Of The Day is called Missionary Position.

This is the first position I invented. Before me, people used to have sex in all sorts of weird ways but I changed all that. It was really an accident how I did it and I dont want to tell you. Anyway, enough about my inventions. Let’s focus on this position. I’ve talked about it before so I don’t know what else to add. I guess I will have to attack this from a totally different angle.

So, what to say what to say..

If you have a great body (nice chest, six pack, big biceps) and want to show off to your woman, then this is the position you want to get into. Why? Because she will have a very good view of your body. In fact, most of your body will be on display.


I love how she just lifts her head up to look at the dick

Not only will she have a good view of your body, but she will also see your dick going in and out of her. Seems as if most women enjoy looking at the dick particularly when you’re doing slow long strokes. When it comes to long strokes, I like to push my dick deep in her and then slowly take all of it out and then plunge it back in. Long strokes always make the pussy really wet plus it starts farting (kusura). I know some of you guys don’t like it when the pussy farts but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As for me, that shit really turns me on. I love a noisy and soaking wet pussy. The way the dick slides in a slippery wet pussy is just so..eish..


In this position, I like to have my butt grabbed or rubbed. I want to feel her fingers grabbing onto my butt and I also want to be spanked. I want her to hold onto me, pull me and hug me really tight. I want her to pull my face towards hers so that she can give me lots of tongue kisses.

This is my favourite position and it’s also my ‘finishing’ position. I usually never start with missionary because I could easily end up cumming within seconds so I only save it for when I want to cum. Plus, when I cum, I like to cum on the pussy and leave it looking messy. Lol

I think this is all I can say today about Missionary. If you have tips, please drop them in the comments section for all to see. You might teach someone a trick or two. I’m out.


S to the Dizzo Du to the pree-zeh


Check this out…

Check out where his index finger ‘vanishes’ into.. bruh..

These days, the exhaust is becoming the “second pussy” for me lol. Each time I look at it, it talks to me. It tells me to touch it but lately, the temptation to stick a finger up there is becoming too “strong”.. Maybe I’m beginning to go crazy. Usually, I tend to press my thumb against the exhaust and rub it during doggystyle.


Anyway, here are some tips about fingering the exhaust.

• Your nails must always be short, particularly the nail on the finger that’s going to go up there.

• you must always have her consent. The last thing you want is to have her shouting at you or screaming in pain.

• always make sure that its well lubricated. If there’s no lubrication, you will have to apply some saliva on your finger first and on the exhaust.

• You must always EASE your finger SLOWLY into the exhaust. There’s no need to hurry.

Now, do you want to read about the disgusting but important part of inserting your finger in her exhaust?? If you don’t, then don’t read this paragraph below.

There’s always going to be a little tiny bit of faeces so…yaah…be prepared for that. Just how much comes out? Well, it depends but usually as much as the size of your finger tip. So just have a towel handy and wipe it away.

I think I’m done for now..so….


Sugar Dick Dupree

Position Of The Day!

It’s been a while since we had this topic. Mind you, it’s been a while since we had anything on the blog.

Today’s position is called The Standing Missionary position. I know you won’t believe me but I actually invented this position by mistake. I’m not going to tell you what exactly I was trying to do but I ended up doing this, and then it became a worldwide phenomenon.

Anyhoo, I dont know why he’s holding her like that (check the first image). She looks like she’ll fall off if he’s not careful.


What’s good about it?
• It’s very different
• close body contact
• eye to eye contact so you can see all those expressions
• penetration can be very deep especially if you are in the large side…like me

• very close lip contact

• clitoris stimulation is possible because it will be rubbing against your groin area


I wouldn’t hold her like that either. It just looks like he hasn’t got total control of her. I guess that’s why she’s holding onto him really tight.

What’s not to like?

• You need to be strong and physically fit otherwise you will struggle and actually drop her lol

• It can get a bit too deep for her

• she might let go and fall to the ground if you’re not paying attention.


Now, this is how I would grab her. I feel like she’s secure and that I’m in total control. I like to grab onto the butt, push my dick deep in her and bang fast and hard. I do it that way because I like to hear that PA PA PA sound. Actually, this is the best position for that sound. For some reason, I always want to make her squirt in this position. I like to feel the squirt spraying all over my thighs and dripping down my balls. I fucking love that shit.

Do women like this position?

Yes! They seem to cum every time in this position (remember this is based on my experiences). I think it’s an unusual position and the sensations are different so that’s why they like it. I think women like being carried so there’s nothing better than being carried and having sex at the same time?? Ah, hamheno. I dont know. Lemme stop here otherwise I might start to say the wrong things lol.

This is all I can think of about this position. If you know any hazards, just leave them in the comments section. Ladies, tell us what you like about this position.


Sugar Dick Dupree


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Picture Of The Day!

Well, here goes our image of the day.. This one is for the ladies.

Of course you can see what’s happening. I sometimes wonder if women enjoy looking at men masturbating and cumming. Do women watch videos of guys masturbating?

Does it turn them on?

Does it turn them on when they see cum shooting out like that?


These days, I have a habit of shooting all over the pussy.  Eish, I cant spend long on this post because I can’t keep looking at that dick cumming and it’s annoying me. I wish Adina was here to post this for me.

Anyhoo, that’s  today’s Image Of The Day.


Sugar Dick Dupree

Positions Of The Day!

Gosh, after spending hours doing these images and then uploading them, I’ve just realised that the quality is very bad! This is why I need to ditch Windows Mobile!

I’m starting to get back in the mood of updating this blog hence the recent activity.

Anyhoo, here are our Positions Of The Day!

The first one is Missionary. It’s my favourite ever position. I love the intimacy and the closeness of the bodies. I lost my virginity in this position so it holds a special place in my heart..lol.

I love how she’s holding onto him. Personally, I love it when when she grabs my butt in this position, or when she wraps her legs around my waist. I just need her to hold me tight.


I forgot what the second position below is called, but it’s a good one. When I do this, I try to make my dick sink in her as deep as possible. I really push it deep in her pussy and I always like to hold onto the breasts. Sometimes, I rub her pussy and breathe around her ears. That shit always seems to drive women crazy.


Gosh, I shouldn’t have put the website text in the image because it kinda prevents you from seeing the action properly. Everything looked good when I was editing the images. Dunno why it ended up like this. Om so disappointed.

Ah, I dont know what to say. I’ll come back in a few hours with something else so..


Sugar Dick Dupree