Ndeipi (hie)
Today, I’m going to write about fingering her pussy.
Finger fucking is an art, my friends. It’s not as simple as it appears. Most guys just think fingering is all about sticking a finger in her pussy and that’s all it takes for a woman to be turned on. Lemme school you on the BASICS.

I won’t make this long because I’m too horny to think properly so I will write this  in bullet points.

• First and foremost, your nails must be short, clean and nicely filed (no sharps bits sticking out). No bruises or wounds please.

• Make sure that your fingers are well lubricated. Always remember kuti the pussy, especially the clit is very sensitive to both pleasure and pain so you have to be very careful. Friction without enough lubrication in the pussy or on the clit can be uncomfortable. For some women, it can be painful. If your girl is not wet yet, you can wet your fingers using your saliva (or lubricant). If she is already wet, well, you have no problems. Just make sure kuti the pussy and clit are wet before you start work down there.
• So, just how many fingers to insert?? Personally, I’d say one is good enough to start with. One finger is okay for a tease, but when she is already aroused, two would be fine. It all really depends on your woman but it would really help if you both COMMUNICATE. Ask her how many she wants or tell you that you’re gonna stick two. Others may want three fingers but in my experience, it really depends on the girl.



• When fingering her, what works best is to push your fingers all the way in, slowly at first and then synchronizing the in-out motion with her movements (gyrations and actions). Am I making sense? I try to keep my English as simple as possible so every one of you guys can understand.

• Don’t just concentrate on the pussy. You should also stimulate the other parts of her pussy or the other parts near the pussy like her inner thighs and groin area. Or you can suck and squeeze her tits. All these actions will make her horny and wet.

•  When you want to rub her clit, the up-down movement is almost guaranteed to work rather than the side-to-side movement. Maybe this differs from woman to woman but in my experience, the up-down movement always seems to get the job done. It doesn’t mean you can’t vary, but when she is near cumming, at least you know what stroke to use. Just remember, up-down stroke works best in giving her the most pleasure – even when using the tongue.

• If she’s near cumming, NEVER leave the clit. You may have to use both hands if you have to (one hand doing the fingering and the other rubbing her clit). When she’s cumming, make sure kuti you don’t abruptly pull out or stop your penetration and your rubbing. KEEP THEM THERE until she gradually goes down from her orgasm. Only pull your fingers out – slowly – after she has fully satisfied her orgasm. This is because your girl might have a chance to have multiple orgasms, especially when you are correctly stimulating her G-spot.

• Another thing to remember is that you have to be consistent. If you feel that your woman likes certain strokes on a particular place, just make sure to focus consistently on these areas and on the type of stroke. You can switch things up by using other strokes, but always consistently go back to those she reacts to the most. But make sure that when she is near cumming, DO NOT EXPERIMENT! Do NOT try to do new things when she’s about to cum. Why change a tactic that always works? You must only focus on the areas and the types of strokes that make her go wild! You should COMMUNICATE with her. Ask her how she wants it.. Ask her if she wants it faster? Harder? Softer? Keep checking.

I think this is all I can say for now, so…


Sugar Dick Dupree

Adina: What I Want Now

Watching him whip his big fat dick out of his pants…  grip the couch…and throw his head back while I’m riding is the sexiest thing. I’m wet all over his waist, with my squirt dripping down on his fat dick and trickling down his balls…and him with his eyes rolling lustfully trying to hold his moans back only makes me dig my nails into his waist so I can thrust my waist up and down on him. I love moments when he gets halfway up  and barely opens his eyes to see just what the heck I’m doing to him only to grab my face and kiss me and get thrown back by a deep thrust.. Shiiiit. I’m wet thinking about this!!!



Adina Shebeen

Image Of The Day!

Here is Today’s Image Of The Day!

I like the kissing and the way she’s all opened up for him. It turns me on when a woman spreads wide open like that. It makes me think she really wants the dick.

I also love kissing during missionary position.


I bet her pussy is soaked and making the wet sounds. Eish!

It’s a pity that the image is only half a second long so you can’t really see if his stroke game is on point plus I can’t see if he’s holding her ankles. Actually, it looks like he’s holding her ankles because of the way his arms are stretched out. I’ll look for the video and try to get a longer image (most of my  images are 9 or 10 seconds long).

Anyway,  lemme get out of here. I’ll be back in few hours with another post or two.


S to the D-izzo Du to the pree-zeh

Position Of The Day!

This is our Position Of The Day!

Honestly, this is one of those positions I just don’t do. Why? Because I haven’t fucked anyone athletic and fit enough to perform this. They usually last a minute or two at the very most in this position, and it’s often not good enough. I guess it’s one of those positions you do when you’ve finished one position and getting ready to get into another position (transitional position). Does that make sense?


For him:

• he’s not doing any work

• he’s comfortable

• all her sensitive organs are within easy reach.


• I guess she has total control of the tempo and depth

•  Since her legs are closed up like that, her pussy becomes a “tight fit”.

• I can’t think of any other disadvantages for her. Leave a comment please..



• Play with her tits…squeeze them

• play with her nipples

• Rub her clit

• Rub her body

• Since you’re within easy reach to her ear, you should talk dirty to her.

I can’t think of anything else to say so I’m out


S Dot Dupree  (


From Inbox

From Inbox.
“Hie Sugar. I’ve just been going through your blog and I have one question for you. How do you eat her pussy from the back when she’s in doggystyle and manage to keep the tip of your nose out of her exhaust (asshole). Please don’t be offended as I am asking on behalf of a church member.



SDD: I have a simple answer. I do know very well where the tip of my nose will be whenever I’m licking pussy: on her exhaust! You cannot fully avoid it because the pussy is dangerously close to the exhaust anyway..unless you’re one of those guys who licks using the tip of his tongue. When I eat pussy, I put 100%! I commit myself to eating it and I don’t do the job half hearted.

So, to answer your question: I don’t care where my nose will be when I’m licking her pussy from the back. I’m a freak. I have licked exhausts before and I do lick exhausts and I aim to continue doing this in the next life.


Sugar Dick Dupree