Author : Sugar Dick Dupree
: Adina Shebeen

Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013

Adult themed blog about erotic stories adviceand daily life in Zimbabwe.
All stories are sexual and rude in nature …
PLIz leave now!!!!!!

This is where u can unwind after a busy day or just an escape from the hustle and bustle of life and listen to modern day story tellers weave their yarns on love life ,relationships and sex .Most stories are set in urban towns in a modern contemporary setting ghetto fabulosity is the theme explored .These are stories that happen everyday in the ghettos were we grew up.
Although the characters are fictitious no responsibility is taken if they resemble someone you know. SDD throws in a tip or two from his archives of life take hint..

Every step has been taken to protect the innocent ,,the crazy ,,the demented and the unfortunate .

Feel free to comment ,,criticise share,,suggest or just say something

Welcome and thanx for visiting ..!



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