Zimbabwean, Gold Digga And Proud!


Author : Adina
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013

SO, I am in my early 30s, brutally beautiful,sexy ,classy , gorgeous body ,no kids, never married, Masters’ graduate, bloody clever ,witty and have an executive job. I also am a self professed and proud GOLDDIGGA! Kutyei?!

KUREVA Kuti if u are a middle income earner haulume…I wil not even grant u a date. You cant afford it …Your salary might be my refreshments so ndonzwa tsitsi.

Yep !.I said it..GOLDDIGGA and-proud. My question to you is....is it wrong ? And if it is …What’s wrong with that? I don’t go after varume ve vanhu, I only date men who have the money and means to provide me with the things I want.In return I provide them with the company and attention of a classy beautiful mature woman .

Sex is involved only because Ive been in long-term relationships with a few of these men. I have dated
between relationships, but no sex was involved. And oh yes I never have multiple sex partners…Oh yes darling i have standards u know ,………!The men just
enjoy taking care of me. What’s wrong with that?

They wine and dine me in trendy top notch restaurants and hotels
They take me on expensive trips, week long holidays, buy me expensive jewellery,exotic perfumes ,branded shoes and handbags imported furniture
clothes and cars .

I’ve even had one buy me the flat I live in RIGHT NOW! Yes, I have my own money, but why should I spend mari yangu ini ….when I can have them do it for me?
God created women for men ..from men …right?? …….lol it’s in the bible ..
I am actually a part of a man so he is actually taking care of himself in a way .
I own something they need, so why not be grateful for it and spoil a lady silly ?
I work hard for my money, so WHY O WHY ? should I have to spend it on stupid stuff like bills, fuel, and well…
anything other than me? Ndiko ka kupusa uku. No?
That’s a job for a man .……..

And they love it …Oh!they so love it REAL men love taking care of Their women..!
I am not a prostitute because men don’t pay for sex but they pay for my maintenance I don’t sell sex and don’t envy any prostitute .
I’ve never made a man pay for sex.
I have never been desperate for money

Anyhoo, I am a GoldDigga and fucking Proud of It!!

Adina Shebeen


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