enjoy sex like a man

Author : Adina
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013


Hey gal !

So you meet this lovely dude he wines and dines you spoils a lady silly and now you decide going up a level actually to third base but you find yourself squeamish. Have you ever found yourself in this position?anxiety ??performance anxiety .. ,,,,ha ha !

Your new flame comes to you for one thing and one thing only, and thats your cookie . He immediately starts to try and turn you on with every move he’s got, yet you just aren’t on the same level. Unfortunately, a lot of women fear this situation due to a simple fact: women just don’t enjoy sex as much as men do…..or so it seems .

Well no that’s not true not really .
They just have a lot of hangups like; what will he think of my boobs ? I have fat thighs or big tummy , or my ass is not big enough, or horror of horrors some women actually think they arent good enough in bed .I pity them. Me, being an animal who can’t get enough of that punany thing , well, I’m here to rescue the poor souls of those women (that’s right). I’m here to tell all you hot, sexy gals how to enjoy sex like your man does.

I will tell you here and now. Men don’t think ‘is my bum big or will she like my biceps’ ? Unless he really is a super stud with a model body, all he cares for is what you think about his model body. A real man only wants one thing and thats satisfaction and guaranteed he gets it .He may have performance anxiety but that’s overridden by desire.

First things first …ignore yourself.Allow me to explain a bit here, since I know you had to read that sentence again and make sure you didn’t read it wrongly . What I mean is forget about how you look. Well dress and groom yourself well but Be confident about yourself your tits bum pussy …its a huge turn on .Think about how this guy likes you . You may think that your boobs aren’t big enough or your stomach is hanging ….trust me, your man doesn’t notice this or even if he does it will not affect how he feels about you .

Unless you’ve got a tail growing out of your behind your man is only thinking about running his hands all over you and sucking on your tits. If you and your man are trying to have a hot night and you’re too busy thinking about will he like me or will he notice that I have dark inner thighs, hear it from me ,we men aren’t after all that. I just want to enjoy you and you to enjoy me …

Secondly, invest in a little nice roll on or deodorant nice panties and bras . Whatever your budget , Scrub yourself clean wash all the nether regions well immerse yourself in a good scented bath and you are halfway there .nothing turns a man off than a stinking pussy beche rinonhuwa …nyini ndaigezwe axana .Wear panty liner it also helps to absorb excess vaginal fluids .Dress well with care and look ready to be eaten .When he comes just be yourself go with lthe flow and enjoy the show ….

I’m looking forward to a good time with a wild woman who only thinks of me and my penis and nothing else. Let go of yourself .Let loose and let him lead if not sure what to do but respond to his moves .The more confident you are about yourself the more you will enjoy the whole experience .and we men notice these things and confidence is an attraction booster ….!
Nothing turns a man on more than a woman who is sexually responsive .
We don’t want cadavers in bed …zvitunha.If you are alive show it .

Thirdly…and don’t make fun of me for saying this: Pretend you’re a porn Actress aka Bev The Stripper Okay, don’t tell anyone I said this .But seriously, think in your mind that you are a fucking awesome sex goddess. Think that you have got extraordinary gymnast skills (which you probably posess God gave you that talent to please a man …use it, )he is gonna roll over and beg for more If you think of yourself as hot and sexy, the confidence you emit and the energy you transmit WILL make you hot and sexy, and you are going to have an awesome night. I’m not saying that you should watch porn, and do exactly what they do; that seriously is not original ..and lacks talent . Pretend that you have that one special move that he craves …..

Ask any guy kuti mukadzi anotapira anoita sei and they will all tell you no woman is sweeter than a woman who is sexually responsive a woman who knows her way round a mans body .one who moves in bed or responds somehow …

Men also love to be touched all the parts of their bodies not just the dongle
Touch ..suck ..lick their nipples ummh yeah !!torso ,,their bum
Lick him from head to toe
Suck and lick his cock
Balls and perineum ..inner thighs ..buttocks
Make him want you …..tease him let him beg for more
When he is about to burst climb him in cow gal ride him like you mean it
Ride him like your life depends on it .
Fly on his dick clench your pubococcygeal muscles and trap his dick men love it .
Shine on his ass
Swoon African sister show him
what your momma gave you
And what your gal friends taught you.

Lastly …be spontaneous surprise him
Jiggle your waist side to side ,up and down ,round and round ……
Be ready to rock his world !
Chema !
Breathe harder ‘performer mwana wevhu
Exaggerate your moans grope him!
Pull the sheets hold his butt
Shake that ass!
Shake your waist!
Enjoy !! Show it ,,
And tell you what …nothing beats a man than a woman who actually enjoys sex and shows it ..!
This is a killer but if he is from where I come from tenda nemutupo unenge wapinda zvako zvinenge zvatoita .

Now go fuck!



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