Imagine A Cunt

Author : Adina
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013


Have you ever heard a vulva / beche / nyini/ sikarudzi being called beautiful? No if at all very rarely ..maybe neanenge ada kupaza nyini .
A few great artists have given beche aka pussy any worthy dues in art such as Georgia O’Keefe – the vagina does not get any worthy mention as compared to the phallus when it comes to praise and adoration.Instead it’s called names .
But ode to that piece of creation i’ll pay homage to it today .

I love that pussy thing I love the way it just stands out as the portal of creation
I love how it seems to tell you …I. Am dangerous …!!in a subtle coaxing way .
I love the fact that it holds so much power to make big men like Presidents lose their marbles i.e Bill Clinton
I think it is the greatest weapon of mass destruction many have killed for it and many have died because of it
Single handedly the pussy has made fools of geniuses with Kings abdicating thrones to follow pussy .

Those outside lips aka labia majora what a great invention a nice work of art just to decorate the boundaries of a great monument .
the two little pieces of fleshy bits called labia minora inside the majora aka matinji that piece of anatomy makes my day anytime .These are juicy and succulent I could sup and sup on them until cows come home they separate my ebony sisters from their ivory counterparts .
The famous Gongo aka CLITORIS aka
BHINZI takes the cup such a little piece of anatomy which yields so much power I cud play with a clit all day .

I want a pussy to have a nice body above it a nice set of sexy eyes
you can feel the taste of a sweet pussy just by looking in the eyes
A nice pair of shapely legs below it .Nice cute face to compliment it
A nice pair of boobs shaped like oranges to go with it .
That booty ….big succulent asss ,,,,
I like a fine asss to accompany the pussy …big ,firm ,nice and round .
The pretty chocolate face is an essential feature . A pussy without the negroid chocolate face then is not the pussy I’m talking about here ,,we can talk about it elsewhere certainly not here .

Give me the Black Queen give me a black goddess sister, I can’t resist her. Don’t want no ironing board backside, no frills, no thrills, my chocolate pussy has a backside to compliment it .
Ill talk about the pussy aka ebony punany .the brown one all shades of brown.
Man, I like a sweet juicy piece of ebony pussy I like to own it ,,gobble it ,lick it suck it ,,just admire it touch it and screw it,, fill it with my baby seed …Just imagining ebony pussy makes my dick swell,I have a boner here … Right now and I’m gonna have to stroke my dick (aka …shumba) while I talk to you thats how much i love the punany thing Yeah…….!feels divine …,

I love to look at it and admire how Great God is …!to create such a beautiful thing too good to look at and even better to feel and divine to
Own one .
That v -formation is priceless looks like an uncut diamond many Presidents,, Judges,, Doctors have passed through it …and many have stopped there and some of us are still looking at it …or for it.
Oh! And I love its smell it has a characteristic smell which is distinctively only found in pussy .
The pussy smell …,ummmmmh!!

I love a shaven pussy clean and shaven no lost hairs anywhere .
I go wild to see that nice piece of snatch shaved nice and brown
I once did this Hoe in Mbare Zimbabwe in a tiny back cabin and holy Jews I sucked on that clit till it was smoking
I kept at it like a dyson Hoover until the pussy made a whistling sound like a Phillips kettle .
She screamed the place down its a wonder they did not call the ambulance ,the police ,the fire brigade
Or the army.I was at it till the pink turned to red .
Then I turned her into sixty -nine the idea being I do her and she does me ..
The bitch she was just screaming Lord I’m coming …!!!oh Lord this ,,that and the other .””.lol
She must have come twenty times from the many times she told The Lord she were coming but I kept sucking and sucking and sucking,,,,,,,
Well warning…;; I don’t joke with pussy if u come for a pussy job guaranteed it will be done properly no shortcuts .you will have a smoking pussy by the time I’m done with you .

Then I lick pussy up and down lapping it enjoying spitting on it if its dry licking the labia and the clit and the perineum.
And man moan … Moan to show u enjoying it .lick the exhaust aka mhata too ,,don’t neglect any body part.
make it your hobby.., sport or pastime this thing is nice.. damn ..!!
I could actually make a living or career eating pussy .
I don’t mind spending a day with my head in between her legs just licking and licking ..oh my I could live there .
Some of the cunts I’ve eaten were dripping wet but some were dry. If they are dry just spit… Yes i said it spit
You open up her cunt with your fingers and spit right inside her cunt….. ( Seek medical advice if in doubt )
You can watch spit slide out and lick it off. – I prefer creamy cunt juice as opposed to watery .That hot little Mbare – bitch creamed so much it made the fuckin sheets wet. If you don’t enjoy her cunt juice you can scoop it with your fingers and make her lick it off or keep a towel or tissues handy .

After the cunt is wet u can finger it ummmmh feel all the warmth going in start with one then two ,,three and four fingers .
Fuck her with the fingers girls love it with a come hither signal and rhythm fuck her till she begs for Dick …tell her to wait …
not yet …till she is desperate for mboro nyoro…continue to rub and rub
And rub the clit until she. cums and cries alleluia !!!isa nyoro yese then blame it on her if she gets pregnant .

then go for rubbing
I slide it playfully on the entrance without inserting it fully just the head ..
mboro yangu teasing …teasing until she wants it in until she begs for it …
I playfully dip the tip of the head in …and withdraw I repeat the process until she is breathing heavily …
I delay until she is crying for it …!

When you’re fucking her pussy fuck HARD. Push in the mboro yese
Just ram your dick inside her like a fucker In doggy style open the butt cheeks and slam it in
I just love watching the slightly open exhaust hole aka anus best, coz i get to play with her ass while I bang her in. If she’s on top, then you can fuck her while playing with her boobies and she does all the work. After fucking, I’d make her lick my cock and taste her own pussy cream.

Once in a while I get a bonus of a squirting cunt a Gush of warm fluid covering my balls whhhoa! that feeling is invaluable ,,,,thats why I love pussy one part of anatomy doing all this stuff ..!!!??squirting is like the qualification that you are now a svirorist anyone can sink dick in pussy but it takes a svirorist to make a gal squirt .

Simply amazing …!!

Let me go and look for pussy !!

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  1. Ma one i would like to meet the author and if its a her i will be pleased to do all the things to her mentioned in the article



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