Author : Sugar Dick Dupree
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013

I want you .



Once in a lifetime you meet this person who no matter how hard you try to resist …the desire is unmistakable and unshakeable …
You feel that your bodies should melt in each other entwine each other and that’s the natural order of things the Essence of love …..ndada iwe…

That’s how I want it you and me our bodies fitting into each other every joint snugly fitting into the other every nut and bolt welding into each other tongue to tongue cock to pussy and breathing in rhythm ….mboro yapinda mubeche…
Ndikwire …Sha!!

I love mboro yako how it presses and shows against your shorts ,the outline showing its greatness .
I love to kiss it. I love to kiss all of it. To wrap my warm hand around it and stroke your chocolate skin, to tease you, to play with you, to twirl my fingertips around the head like I twirl a wayward curl out of my eyes. I love to hold your cock when it’s soft, only to be thrilled to feel it grow in my palm like a blade of grass that rises to the loving sun. I press my cheek to your balls, feeling your throbbing pulse, the hot skin drawing up slightly at the feel of my warm, moist breath upon those two precious jewels. I love to run my thumb up the underside of your delicious cock, rubbing lightly against the split in the head and traveling still higher to feel the first of your sweet nectar rising to the tip.allow me to eat machende ako ( testicles.

I love your cock your balls and the foreskin .
I love everything about it.I want it inside my pussy .Feel it’s hardness ramming my warm engine .

I love your sweet charming lips and want to press mine against yours …
Our lips merging into one in a long luxuriating kiss or …
Tsvodisi……ummh ,,,breathing in one heartbeat ….taste your lips
Feel your strong chest and your ribcage
You belong with me ..
It is in the curve you belong, your body and mine as one,
ini ndiri pamusoro iwe pasi or vice versa
hands hovering over the spine , the thighs and the snatch between ,,drawing in the heat, the shine of the light, taunting and tormenting my desire, inflaming this need, waiting ..relishing the urgency prickling my skin, uchindinyenga ..nechigunwe …as you finger fuck me …
brushing .,covering , , rubbing in the space between us cruelly intact, hovering, , before making a landfall at last, before touching, before meeting, teasing before easing, prising open the flesh dripping its lust , the lusty sex juices .ummh …!

Your dark gaze, your ravenous mouth drinking me in, drinking me down, your thick member plunging into the embrace of my most intimate ache, plunging into this clutching tight snatch the little pot of honey i possess ,,your imposing form surrendering its burden, its weight, the weight bearing ,,baring your soul, your hips a functional plunger ,going in and out ….uchindisvira,,,
Mboro yako a bicycle pump furiously slamming, fucking, taking possession of the woman whose cries of pleasure threaten to bring down these walls, whose desire would bury any worldly challenges .
And with surrender I orgasm and succumb to the needs of my pussy .
I cum in torrents I squirt and squirt and squirt ….,
Fuck me !

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