Poverty PaHarare 3

Mari yaBaba Nkazana changed my life for real .This was it …
This was the life I was happening ….aiwa don’t be a hater enjoy the swag….. lol
Heede! Was now rubbing shoulders and bums ..navo the rich and famous ana Bubbling Bee ava ..nana Pokello etc doing shopping uptown kuSam Levy wo zve.My dream had come true and i now owned a pair of shoes in every colour matching outfit and matching bag .Designer perfume this was me Nakai in Wonderland .
heyy i had finally arrived it was a tortuos journey but here i was .
I bought Jokoniya a Samsung Galaxy Tab and he loved it to bits he thought he had married the wisest woman in the world … A few designer suits and shoes from Vakadzi veDubai ..heede my husband loved the upgrade.Don’t blame him for thinking I was the wisest woman on earth. It was true actually …
we now had sofas and a four plate stove a 24 inch LCD and DVD all proceeds from the ogre’ .I bought myself a laptop..correction my customer paid for it
I needed to chat naye nekumunyepera -Ka —masweet -nothing’s ,,while at work …iye Baba Nkazana
I was oiling the gift genie to bless me with more gifts and Baba Nkazana was the best genie ever …..!
Lol… ko varume vakapusaka
Oil his ego and rub his manhood and walaah u have an oil well that won’t dry .

To shut out any suspicion from Jokoniya I did a bit of money laundering kusuka Mari kuvhisa zvitema … I started selling human hair so to him the money was ..legit all clean he never guessed I was busy selling pussy .it would kill him if he knew .Ko pane murume anoda kuhurirwa here ?
And to be honest my Darling Jokoniya deserved only the best axana ko hurombo hawo but this man loved me mufunge.

Nhamo is the enermy …i swear murume wangu ndaimuda vedu we…this was all to save my marriage .nekuti Ka …axana if I hadn’t climbed Baba Nkazana on that fateful day it all began I would have been thrown out and we would have been on the streets me and my Jokoniya .nhamo hainakidze zvenyu.
And purleeazz ! Don’t judge me or u will be judged and forget about condemning .

Noone suspected a thing …Mai Nkazana was buying most of my weave and business
raifaya .Ndoinonzi business acumen kaiyi partnership with both husband and wife
ndomadhiri pataundi .1000% profit .Kutyei?
business was booming
To say i was being fucked naBaba Nkazana was the misconception of the twenty first century and a lie as well .Baba Nkazana never lasted more than two mins at his best .My fees had since gone up to a thousand dollars ahh kutyei imi in line with inflation and the recession ka …zvinhu zvadhura PaHarare.
Munhu ndaarege kudya zvemahara .
So far I was just dishing cow gal position cause I controlled what happened Aingoti achiisa mboro ndiri in cowgirl position I would gyrate my hips twice shake my booty …I had learnt the milking technique and as soon as I clenched my pussy muscles the man wud come with a grunt ,and one grand wud rain on me .
Revulsion regrets self condemnation would follow .
I will not tell you how I would immerse myself in a mixture of what looked like harpic jik jade and try to scrub off the sin …try and clean away the shame the guilt and the regret and at times I would cry at night pray and ask God for forgiveness and mercy my mum was turning in her grave .
But what had to be done had to be done in this journey called life …..
So far business was good that’s what life was about …..!smh….!

Then when every thing was going so well ..two seriously bad things happened ,.
I mean drastic things…a catastrophe ..things you only read about things you never wish to happen to you .
Baba Nkazana fell for me and I mean dangerously ,,!he fell in love …Ini hangu ini why ? Why me ??why now ?how does one fall in love nemkadzi waJokoniya.?
As if that wasn’t enuff he started demanding nyorow.imika ndoinonzi drama PaHarare chaiyo.aaah !! …a deal gone bad .You know men they all want nyorow ne pakaora havatyi.
My head went into a spin and I ddnt know what to do ….
Two things I was praying for not to ever happen ..had happened
It was a matter of time zvazvo i saw it coming .How do I deal with this one without destroying my business plan or marriage or business and marriage ?How do I get Baba Nkazana to unlove me ??

Do u think Baba Nkazana should get nyorow ?Ahhh !hamheno


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