Author : Adina
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013


Baba Nkazana our landlord was Ugleee with a capital G.Kuita kunonzi kushata.
If ugliness was a crime, he’d get the electric chair.There was nothing nice about his face or body or voice .
If ugliness were bricks, he could have been the Great Wall Of China.
He had a figure like an ox drawn cart . Imi Kaimi …have u ever seen a man ane matako ??….
Matako chaiwo ,,his figure was just funny with spindly legs which would make u think he had suffered of kwashiorkor in his infancy . And A big torso .
He had a face which would rival
Obasanjo in the ugly stakes and he always had this forlorn look about him kunge munhu arikubva kumakuva ….!

He was a top level Manager at Delta Head Office in Harare and was in charge of the region .
He drove a sleek MG Rover and money was plenty like pebbles on a beach .NdoMaShark acho..
Designer wear yaingo pfekwawo pazibody iroro zvisina fitting .The guy smelt good though i have to give him credit he was just too ugly to look good no matter how much effort he put to it .
The smell of success was his emblem .
He was a devout Christian madhara aya emabible every Sunday . Those well respected men ndopaunoona kuti mboro haina ethics shuwa .

And ndopaunoona kuti life yakaoma urombo huroyi shuwa.
How would I even let that thing enter my body and let him violate me ?
Sviro yacho yainaka sei nemunhu akadai?beche rigobvuma here kusvirwa
nemunhu akashata kudai??hamheno.
This man took the gold medal in the ugly Olympics .

Well that was the ogre facing me now and not just facing me wanting to fuck me .
I almost cried but quickly composed myself big girls don’t cry they wear big girl panties and get on with it ..!

Nhai ko pamwe Mwari .. had heard my prayers and sent help in the form of Ba Nkazana ?
What If this was the answer to my problems ?
Asika ichi chivi and murume wangu ndaimuda.
How would I face the world ? My husband ? His wife or even him after fucking him ?
Askana aah …what do I do nhai??

Aah ko iye Jokoniya airorerei someone akanaka Asina Mari!?
In that moment I made my decision.

Guess what my decision was ??


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