Author :Adina
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013


There is a point and time in a mans life when you are faced with all that your mama taught you ,all what the neighbours said and all that they said at church and what you believe in as a person .This is the instance when the murderer relives and retraces the steps that led him to the gallows .
This was my moment of reckoning and in that instant I realised -they lied when they said life is what you make it
Life is what it makes you and Lord what was life making me ?nhai..?
I choked a tear this wasn’t time to cry this was time to act and I had come to a decision .

Eve was supposed to be Adams helper right …in that instant I decided to be mubatsiri waJokoniya akamufanira .Jokoniyas helper didn’t cry …crying wouldn’t help here .

I turned kuna baba Nkazana and said ……
“”Do u have a condom .??.”.
“Yes !,,” said Ba Nkazana
I will do it gimme the money pliz
“Take off your clothes ..
Lemme fuck u ..
Murume did a double take
rolled his eyes and shook his head I think he farted he did not wait for me to reconsider and withdraw the offer .

Clothes were off in lightning speed
Chimborow chakati svetu it was ok chipfupi a bit thick chine tsinga at least ok looking for mboro.
Mboro haidi kushaya staera axana .

I decided to fuck him rather than him fuck me .At least it would make me feel better that I did him ..instead of him me I will do it …”gimme the money pliz”

Yanga yatomira kare !
in that instant I hatched a plan rather than him screw me ..I do him and get it over quick .
He wanted to touch me and I repulsed him this wasn’t ROMANTIC City this was NECES-SITY……..!!
It was erect already his fat cock
I just sat on the cock and did what my mama taught me ..bobbed up and down a bit axana ka hurombo huroyi this was rape case I was not turned on in the slightest
I coiled and coiled again clenched my vaginal muscles this was the killer
Rume rakatanga kukoira zviri fast richishinyira nekunakirwa
I Shook my ass >a few sec and it was …..
Oooh ndakuuya …aaah …I’m coming I’m coming uuuuuh…aaaaah !!…ndatunda. “”Thanx babes !!thanks honey …!
Baby unonaka aaah…!vamwe varume vanitambisa zvipo honestly …””that was Baba Nkazana ..saying nonsense
Ndakaridza zitsamwa rinenge remaNigerians.
I was revulsed and felt nauseous .
I got up and just said to him without blinking ..get out of my house .!GET OUT …OUT!! ….
He quickly dressed without another word and left as quietly as he had come in like the thief he was .I felt sick ..revulsion . I started vomiting I must have vomited my gall bladder because I vomited till my whole body hurt . .


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