Author : Adina
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013


I was caught between two hard rocks I must have lost weight because of stress . The ultimatum of nyorow or love was long overdue .Now the old man was breathing fire and emotional blackmail was his latest weapon . A tell all confession he threatened me with .Never in a thousand years was anything like that going to happen not if I still breathed .
I was gonna hatch a plan soon my name was Naki for a reason kunakisa zvinhu.
I had a reputation to protect and a love to safeguard and a marriage to keep .
I think Baba Nkazana had sat down and done the maths ,off course I had swallowed a few thousands of his money but I didn't steal it .He gave it willingly .

Now he had started a habit of wanting to bang me regularly whenever he needed like medication or a quick fix he wud just drive from work when he knew I was alone .And believe it or not his stamina had improved hundred fold ..his sexual skill was something to write home about now And if I'm not mistaken he was on Viagra or something he was lasting more than ten minutes so it was a real dick job these days .

The other day he even turned me and he ended doing me in doggie and I …are u listening …I enjoyed it …did I say that ??yes ndakanakigwa.
Quite refreshingly surprising I think I had an orgasm I quite felt excited all hot and the next day I kinda expected him to come for me in anticipation
I was all dolled up and madeup and nice lacy knickers and brassiere and a hot scent .

As he came in I felt a warmth envelop me and consume my nether regions from top to bottom . A feeling of butterflies in my tummy And a rush of adrenaline as i kissed him he was taken aback and sort of gasped . I did not give him time to say anything as I deep kissed him whilst pulling down his zipper .

His cock was already rock hard I
Loosened his tie and laid him on the couch .
Quickly I knelt besides him as if I didn't want the moment to end .
I cupped his balls which looked like big tomatoes the man was gifted with the worlds biggest balls and a thick cock
..machende acho were enormous
slowly I started sucking them in a sensual way whilst my hands played with his nipples .
I was humming and thoroughly enjoying myself .moaning loudly without a care lost in tenth heaven or hell this was good .. Baba Nkazana was hissing like a snake sssshsss sweeewtie !!Do me !
Before I knew it he moaned ,,grunted and came so violently a load of cum shot and exploded every where onto the couch ,carpet ,my dress ,every where u looked was cum .It was like cum was raining .
Baba Nkazana cried with joy as in real tears
He had been blown away literally he said . He confessed he had only seen this in the movies and thought it was done just by the Americans .
In his own words he said he had never had anyone touch his balls at all before not to mention in that special way and a blow job was just a bonus and out of this world ..It was like magic to him he said the feeling was priceless .
He thanked me profusely and promised me great things to come .
.. said he wanted to divorce his wife ?never wanted to let me go ,
Wanted me all to himself “him rambling
I think the man had post coital confusion and was having pressure of speech and confusion …..
He kept saying things which did not make a lot of sense at all …
He phoned his Secretary and said the most amazing thing had happened to him and he was too happy to be busy at work …All his commitments were to be moved to the next day .
I was watching all this drama awestruck with a naked man before me who just had managed .,lord knows how another erection in my sitting room with cum spewed all over .

Well one of us had to pull it together and make sense so I said to him
"Baba Nkazana time to make a move "
Look ..! I need to clean up and u nid to go or we will be caught in this situation and we will both regret this " .i was interrupted …" Go where ? U joking right ..The truth has to come out ..go …go .where ?
…""ndichisiya all this pleasure island beche rinonaka kudai so that I go to that old water tank ..Hell… No but no thanx "
I tried to plead with him tried to make him see sense but he wud not budge .
Imika zvekuti Actor Haafe inenge iri fiction .Actor anofa hama weee!!
The man refused to move or dress ,,his wife and my hubby came and found us in that sinful ..shameful state
I had only managed to clean off the cum and change my dress but Baba Nkazana only put on his trousers .
We were found in that state with a disheveled shirtless man.
Baba Nkazana confessed every thing.

Baba Nkazana paid Jokoniya an out of court settlement to avoid the embarrassment .
I would have chosen Jokoniya any day but he did not give me a chance the betrayal destroyed him . Ma Nkazana moved to UK after the divorce .
I am now married to Ba Nkazana and well off but happiness cannot be bought with money .

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