Author : Adina
Publishers : Svirorist!
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Good girl gone Worst

Raise your glasses Sisters wherever you are cheers and cheers !!
Payback time for every woman who was humped and dumped
All my sisters who were put in the family way and then left on their own to fend and look after their kids on their own .Every damsel who had her golden apple (virginity) taken after being promised marriage by a rascal which never materialised .

This is to the sister who was left pregnant in the ghetto became destitute and then turned prostitute to fend for herself and her child . This is also for that poor old mother in Rushinga who was abandoned for a younger girl and left with five growing kids and dejected with tears on her face did all shameful acts and menial jobs to put food on the table for her kids

This is for that sister who in that marriage was accused and persecuted for things that she had no control over like infertility ..or miscarriages ..made to feel desperate and frustrated and worthless
and the one left in Borrowdale with no love ,denied sex ,not given money for food .

To every woman who has been lied to cussed ,shamed ,abused ,beaten ,tortured this is cheers to you also .

I will try to make amends on your behalf .you may want to know why ?
Yeah I grew up with men all around me screwing up all the time women taking their bullshit and the blame for things they could not change .
And to you the man reading ..Change now chinja maisiroo….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why should men get away with it ? Why should the world let them get away with murder ?yeah I know they make the rules and break them when they want twist them when they feel like but heyy that gotta change cause shit is about to hit the fan …!

God gave them domain over women but if u are more powerful than the other you should protect the weaker subject not abuse them .
God said to love us as Christ loved the Church but do they ??

I will be right if i said most men are dogs not Russian mongrels no ….not that type not Alsatians neither but that type from muroad the street dog …ina amai vakakwirwa nebulldog kuseni ..Dalmatian masikati ,manheru vakararirwa nemabulldog nemagreyhound

My plan came into fruition some years ago well after a lot of groundwork .I got pregnant at seventeen and underage you see to a company director a middle aged man who wanted to taste my fresh goods .Akatapirirwa nechipo chematinji chandakazvipa see whilst my mates were busy playing with sand I was busy preparing myself for men and practicing on men .

I pulled them as if I was practising for the Olympics and did the chikapa routine until my waist could move as if it was boneless . My kapalizing skills will put Shakira to shame …as part of my training routine …I would put 20kg saga (sack ) on top of me while lying on my back and practice gyrating my pelvis with the load still on top of me .
No pain no gain …right .!
Don’t laugh !
It paid off ,,,,!big style .
Here goes …

This company Director when I dished beche rangu nematinji angu achimusunga blambi soo akaimba manhanga kutapira usatambe iwe eeee!! .Rume rakapengereka kuita mental illness chaiyo.
Akadyira all I had to say was hi .. And he would run to me and bye and he would go .He went berserk .and that was a mistake on his part .
Well he did mess up pretty well
it wasn’t by design more by default really . Akanakirwa nepoto yangu akadyara imomo
Game time …..

I think u agree with me here. This is rape ….sex with a minor is Statutory rape . He should pay for it in sweat and blood .So yeah I was not daft pay he did with penalties.
I made an arrangement and
we struck a deal .I was underage .If he went to jail what would I get from that ??nothing and i made it look like I was on his side I sympathised with him.
I paid one bank manager to act the angry Dad and threaten him with jail .Rume rakakwata.

He didn’t want a custodial jail term for statutory rape .munoiziva ZRP kuti inomira Mira Sei pakadai kunge nhunzi padhodhi and he also ddnt want his sweet family knowing so i gave him an idea I save his sweet name Job and family and he buys me a house and car in my name for us …me and my baby furnish the house and we agree on a monthly allowance for maintenance .
Of course jeri rinotyisa he quickly agreed to the plan. So a 3 bedroomed house with pool was bought in Marimba Park furniture was bought from Bradlows ……a small ford focus was delivered all in my name . …

A month later I had an abortion ( May God forgive me )
I was not gonna bear any bastard into this world ..!
And iweka don’t condemn me or judge me
ndimi moswera muchiba imimi Zvako zvitema hauna kutiudza.

Siyana neni.
Usaita saSean Timba siya ndibike Mari .
This is pure Economics transfer of wealth I’m using what I have …pussy ….to get what I don’t have …money .

I already had victim number two on the side … Gary …and that same pregnancy yes you right …the aborted one …I told him it was his also .He was a middle level Manager at Air Zimbabwe so Mari yanga iri tiiiii. He went over the moon paid lobola chop chop .Was introduced to his close and sundry as his beloved wife .We went to South Africa for baby clothes and general shopping . Vaiwana free travel benefit ka _kuAir Zim .

Ooh Gary …(sighs)
This one had a long boring story the wife was infertile and he desperately wanted a baby and u know the rest …””ndiitire mwana and I will do anything for you “”
And varume ka -just kungoti ndakuda zvese about his wife ndakaudzwa history yese hee. mai vake vanoroya chakuti chakuti,,ini ziii zangu…!
I was a girl on a mission
Lmao!!!baba vaida kudyiwa mboro ivava he could do anything for a bit of blow job and luckily he fell onto the right mouth.Mboro yakadyiwa plizzzz.
Isuwo tiri mafirst class drivers pakudya mboro ndaiisveta zvemhando .Rume raibowa wainzwa rongoti aaaaah shuuuuu shiuuuuu spa sla sla !!!!
Ndaibva ndasekerera hangu open cheque .

Since he had promised to move heaven and hell for me if I became pregnant …The miracle was here …!i was pregnant ….I was pregnant .
I told him I needed a house and a car.Well this one was a bit stingy than Steve he bought me a house in Mbare
Nxaa!…an -8 roomed House with a dura wall I told him in no uncertain terms I had grown up in the hood and there z no way I wud want my son to grow up in there and become a hoodino …

Ko wanzwa here kuti son ??lol ….men love sons so if u say son more fringe benefits come your way …a girl is less attractive or has lesser benefits ko we work the maths ka nhai.

I clearly saw no car was coming here so I told him about stress suffering miscarriage story ( abortion ) I was rushed to Avenues Clinic and the Doctors (paid of course )confirmed I had lost the pregnancy .

Steve also was visiting and flowers and goodies were flying left right and centre .Ini zii zvangu ,,,!

I blamed stress of the house in the location and my lack of car coz now I was borrowing my sisters (ford focus ).Gary took all the blame of course it was his fault the fool he was born a man .
I think in a way Steve thanked the stars secretly ..he didn’t want a baby anyway he had four at home and definitely did not need one more .

I was flown to Mauritius to destress by Gary ..yeah right …what destress ??.
Ndaitojabula ndichisvirwa naJames this peniless ____ PENISFULL boyfriend of mine celebrating my houses ,new found wealth and planning my next move whilst there .
Ko kutyei hangu..!

Muchandiona varume !

Watch out for Part two!

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