Maid In South Africa Too

Author : Sugar Dick Dupree
Publishers : Svirorist!
All Rights Reserved. Do NOT copy without obtaining prior permission from the author and publishers. 2013

I finished bathing and then went to my room. Iye akabva apinda mu bath and took a bath. When she finished, she knocked my bedroom door and asked me to rub some lotion on her back. I was still in my underwear and iye she had a towel wrapped around her. I agreed and she dropped down her towel kusvika just above her butt . I rubbed the lotion and iye she was taking ma deep breaths achingoita tumwe tuma noise..My cock was starting to get hard and she noticed it. She just laughed and when i asked kuti chii chaanga achiseka, she replied, “nothing..I’m just enjoying the scenario”. Ndapedza kumuzora the lotion, she went to her room and ini i headed ku kitchen (still in my pants). I made a drink and a snack and iye akabva apinda mu kitchen still wrapped in her towel. She opened the fridge and just looked inside without taking out anything. I could see kuti she was looking at me from the corners of her eyes so i put my drink down and went behind her. I started massaging her shoulders. She moved back towards me and i hugged her from behind. She tilted her head to the side and i started kissing and nibbling her neck. I put my hands under the towel and started softly squeezing her breasts ndichitambisa ma nipples ake. Iye akanga akango vhura muromo wake. I slowly led her into the lounge and her towel became undone and instantly slid off her body. She turned around and we started french kissing.

My hands were all over her and then i started playing with her clit. She lifted her leg up and i stuck two fingers up her pussy. The thing was really wet and my fingers easily slid in. She then stuck her hands in my pants and started rubbing my butt and slowly rubbing her way to my dick. She pulled my pants off and my dick literally jumped out of the pants! She started playing with it and my balls akanditarisa..and then she started sucking my nipples.

We were still standing throughout all this. I told her to, “get down on your knees and open your mouth”. She did not hesitate or look confused! She instantly got down on her knees and opened her mouth akanditarisa as if waiting for the next order. I told her “play with your pussy and squeeze those breasts”, as i stroked my dick. I moved a little bit towards her and guided her head towards my dick..* * * * * * * * * *

She stuck out her tongue ndobva ndango ‘rester’ my dick head on it and started sliding it back & forth across her tongue. She wrapped her lips around it and i started fucking her mouth. We started off slow and then it got faster..and faster. I was literally going for it full throttle and she was drooling all over the place. I could tell she was loving it because she’d squeeze her breasts and rub her pussy zvine vigour. The face fucking went on for about ten minutes and then i lifted her up. Akabva ati, “tjo..tjo..eish..don’ t kill me please”..ini ndobva ndamuti “shurrup”.. I lifted her up and she wrapped one of her legs around me and the other leg was sorta ‘suspended in mid air’. I slid in two fingers into her already drenched pussy whilst french kissing her.

Then i started rubbing her back, spreading her butt cheeks and playing with her arse hole .She then held my dick and started squeezing it. Whenever the pre-cum slowly oozed out, she’d rub it all over the dick head and on her clit.

She then had both her legs properly wrapped around me and i knew she was ready for it. I slid it in and she let out a properly long “tjoooooo”. When the whole thing sunk into her pussy, she took a deep breath and then started kissing me really and licking my lips. I was grinding into her slow and gentle. She then held me sooo tight and started shaking like a leaf. It wasn’t a violent shake, more so like trembling.. I felt her warm cum splashing my dick head. Some of it even started trickling down my balls.

When she came, i decided to put her down on the couch in missionary position and pulled her towards the edge of the couch.I spread her legs wide open, stuck out my long tongue and dived for the pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her clit, along her pussy walls and licked her everywhere. I gave her kitty a good spit shine. She was moving up and down so much saka i didn’t spend much time on her pussy.

There was a moment when i had my tongue in her pussy iye akaita hold my head so tight pulling me towards her wangu and then akabva atanga ku mover up and down so much zvekuti my tongue “accidentally licked” ku exhaust yake.. When that happened, akati “TJO!” ndokubata musoro wangu pushing my into her ass ever so hard and started going up and down zviri fast.. She was
making so much noise and shouting and screaming in Afrikaans.

She then spread out her pussy lips exposing her clit with her right hand and guided my head to it with her left hand. Pandakatanga licking her clit, she
started pulling me zviri hard and moving up and down zviri fast. Akabva
atanga kugwina-gwina and then came on my face..abva andi releaser slow.. I stopped, got up and put a cushion on the floor because my knees were
starting to hurt.

I started spanking her pussy with my dick and rubbing my dick head on her clit. She shook violently, held onto my biceps tightly and squirt sprayed out of her pussy straight onto my dick , with some trickling down her arse hole. It looked so sexy!!!

watch out for the final part

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