Maid In South Africa!

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!

Do not copy, partially reproduce or print this without obtaining prior permission from the owner and publisher. All rights reserved.

Here goes…

I had just arrived at my mum’s house in South Africa for a month long holiday.. only to find out kuti my mum had got a new South African maid. She
was coloured, quite short, thick
bodied, big breasted and had short hair.. She was average looking but built to last. I could tell kuti she found me really attractive from the first moment we shook hands. Akanditarisa up and down when i introduced myself to her.

My mum wasn’t home when i arrived saka it was just us two so that gave us an opportunity to talk. She couldn’t get her eyes off me. We then walked to a nearby spaza (tuckshop) and patanga tiri mu shop macho, she’d walk behind me achingotarisa body yangu. She was mesmerised! I knew kuti it wouldn’t be long before we “got busy”.

Anyhoo, we got to know each other as the days went by. Sometimes i’d catch her just staring me. Every morning, I’d wake up early (after mum left for work) and start weight lifting in the backyard. Her room window faced the backyard saka i deliberately chose a spot near her she could have a ‘full view’ of my body. I often did my weight lifting in my tights or Calvin Klein underwear…and you know how tight those undies are.. mboro inenge

I noticed her curtains twitching each time i was weight lifting. I knew kuti she’d be glued to the window, most likely drooling over me. Chokwadi ndechekuti, i moved the weights to her side of the window to seduce her. I wanted her to notice me. I have a good body, muscles in the correct places and a proper six pack so yeah, i knew she’d be watching!

After weight lifting, i’d go to bath. I rarely shut or locked the door when i was bathing. One day, ndakazadza tub ne mvura ndikaisa bubble bath then i
got in and just chilled in there quietly ndichingonakirwa nekugeza. Then suddenly, the door swung open and she saw me mu tub abva atanga kuti, “sorry, sorry, i didn’t know you were in here, sorry”. I didn’t make a big deal about it ndikangoti “it’s okay” iye ndobva avhara door.

The truth is SHE KNEW i was in there but i think she was hoping to see me naked. Iye akapinda akapfeka a very short night dress yakanga iri unbuttoned!

Ten minutes later, she knocked on the door and told me kuti she desperately needed to use the loo because akanga ari pressed. I told her to go and do it
outside but akaramba. I told her kuti i wasn’t going to get out of the bath and the only option she had was to come in and i’d shut my eyes. She
reluctantly agreed akabva apinda. I closed my eyes and she started doing her thing. Paakatanga kuita wee, i opened my eyes and started laughing. Akaramba akagara pa seat looking all shy and laughing. Her thighs were exposed and her top was still unbuttoned. In the end, she just did her thing, got up and then left.

Ndakabva ndaziva kuti this was the day I’d fuck her.

Watch out for part 2

* * * * * * * * * * *


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