The Internet Connection

Author: Adina Shebeen
Publishers: Svirorist!
Copyright Protected 2013.



Sitting in their own world holding hands and lost deep in their conversation, the couple had not noticed that Chicken Inn was closing. They were lost in their own planet love which had started by exchanging emails months before then chats and then quickly turned to voice calls .The connection and the chemistry was palpable in the air and this was the reality check they needed.
One often wonders in this Internet age if someone who they are talking to is real ??and if real are ____they who they say they are ??and if they are -_will the connection be there in real life ??

Things had moved fast between them and today was the D -Day!

Was this her intention when she replied to his flirty suggestive e-mail? The initial one ? Ayewaaa!
Not at all …Far from it ..The thought had never crossed her mind.
She had just finished her exams and was in a flirty mood herself .She did not believe in online dating . Then again, in her wildest dreams she would never had thought or dreamt or imagined what unfolded before her as they exchanged emails.Mwanasikana akawira murudo musoro pasi makumbo
mudenga….She could not fathom the intense raw emotion emanating from this relationship.
The uncharted virginal territory she was exploring .
She did try to disentangle herself from it all but the web had caught her tightly inside and could not let go .

There was a natural flow of energy between them, a comfort zone many people never experience no matter how long they are together. A solace far beyond imagination .There was a natural force exchange between them they could talk about anything and nothing all day …laugh about anything and laugh at each other and about each other like they had known each other forever .

He was the first person she spoke to in the morning and last person at night .
It’s as if they lived together they would watch television together and tune to the same channel and laugh and debate . The words flowed between them simple conversation to hot and steamy chats to say the least.

Zonke captured her imagination in a way no man dead or living had ever managed to .He made her heart dance and wish for summer rain and winter nights .He made pussy do gymnastics and ballroom dancing . There was a silent comfort knowing he was there in another piece of the country .Her day was filled with a flirty text there a naughty picture there and at night she would hug her pillow and think of him until she drifted to sleep with a smile on her face .

Then there were steamy nights when they would satisfy each other on the webcam .
Using erotic text and pictures to trick their imagination they would send each other blazing with desire and fuck each other senseless until they each in his own way collapsed to sleep after a tiresome romp using their imagination to capture what they could not have physically .

This man had such a way with words, the way that he wrote about the sexual experiences they were having in the virtual life never ceased to make her pants wet and she would rush to a private place and hold her coochie and she would cum repeatedly. No man had had immense control of her feelings ever and that’s even before meeting him .They wrote back and forth talked every living hour and then finally they met.
She had postponed this event several times before coming up with flimsy excuses until it had to happen .

She was nervous very nervous the what-ifs where playing on her mind .
The meeting changed the dynamics of their relationship. This change was not necessarily a wonderful thing; it just made everything between them more personal,more complicated and more intense and confusing ….!!!

The chemistry was unmistakable ……!the excitement could be extracted from the air .
One could actually see their heartbeat as they anticipated the consummation of their relationship.
They went back to his hotel room and could not keep their hands off each other .

He had envisioned a girl not yet a woman when he played her in his imagination ,,what stood before him was a Goddess the epitome of beauty she was breathtaking more beautiful than the pictures he had seen
Seems cameras did not do her enough justice.Here was an angel
Nice shapely body
Good set of legs
Shapely ass
Nice pert boobs
Wow !!

Just as she had envisioned it .He was manly not strikingly handsome but he had strong arms a good body and a big
Tool.Seemed wiser for his age .
She needed it to be special when they made love, to let him know how special he was to her .And just as she had envisioned all those months this was not gonna be fucking this was going to be sensual and erotic lovemaking . Noone was in a hurry and they were gonna take it nice easy and slow.
She undressed him slowly, kissing every inch of his beautiful brown skin as they had done on the Internet On the webcam .Then she lay down and undressed for him taking it slowly and lingering when she removed her bra .

She wanted him to feel how much aroused she was her nipples were round and black and aroused just from thinking about tasting his juices and making him cum into her mouth . She took his already erect and glistening black cock into her mouth and licked it until he was moaning , She wasn’t rushing she was going to be slow and gentle, teasing him with her tongue and lips softly sucking his dick until he moaned and grunted until he exploded in her mouth and filled her with cum. She was gonna take no prisoners. She licked from the head of his dick to his asshole and back again, not missing until he was begging to fuck her .
He was like a man possessed with the spirit of Eros filled with the spirit of love of lust. All he wanted was to possess her and finally be united with her
Flesh to flesh blending as one

She was teasing him withholding wanting him to beg for more
And then slowly she opened herself to him allowing him to penetrate the depths of her soul and ravage her .She
Allowed him to control her and own her
He took his time like a striker aiming for the killer . Then he took hold of his erect cock which had grown really hard and playfully teased her labia and played at the entrance with her pussy juices rubbing up and down in a sensual manner .

He slightly inserted just the head and withdrew and repeated a few times and then with a war cry he went in for the kill inserted his plunger fully into the depths of her vagina . He plummeted full throttle exploring the depths of this union as they sealed their attraction.He fucked her gently at first then faster and harder gradually . He surveyed the warmth and savoured the sweet taste of this woman he had grown to love cherish and admire . He would listen to his cock as it transmitted messages of pure ecstasy to his brain this was bliss …pure bliss.
He wanted to please and his aim was to satisfy her soul body and senses.
He wanted to own her .

Her vagina received the erect guest with wild abandon and excitement and more pussy juices flowed .She danced to the rhythm of love and the passion was intense and thick as she moaned groped him grunted and hissed . She experienced every emotion .
She gyrated her hips in unison with him
Pumping each other madly with the hunger they had carried for months and eventually they reached climax together
Collapsing into each other and exchanging sexual juices their union was complete .

The connection was undeniable.

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