Vusa’s Girlfriend (Revenge Is Sour)


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
Copy protected 2013

Who was it?: Me and Vusa’s girlfriend.
Where?: My house
When?: Years ago
How was it?: Read and comment.

Part 1

Here goes.. There was this guy called Vusa (real name). I truly disliked this guy! Why? Because he was a loud mouth! Months earlier, i had met him at a friend’s BBQ/braai and that day, he’d say shit like , “some people hire cars and pretend they own them…and then come to paries such as this one talking about how great their life is…Its all lies. lies lies..we know who you are and he knows who he is..Lying is a crime and you will surely go to hell…” etc etc. It was very clear to everybody else kuti he was talking about me. He made references to me throughout that party and it pissed me off. Even now,as i write this, it just irritates the shit out of me!! I don’t like that idiot. He didn’t even know me so i have no clue why he was just being an idiot. I guess
it was insecurity. Whatever the hell it was, fuck him!
Ai, sorry, let me cool down for a minute..

Right, a month or so later, i bumped into his girlfriend, Thoko, when i went to an area called Peckham (the ghetto of London). She was okay-ish looking and had a great body but this was Vusa girlfriend..and i needed to act.

I instantly decided I was gonna chat her up and make her mine from that
day onwards ! I knew i had a chance because at that gathering where i was being
humiliated by Vusa, she couldn’t take her eyes off me. She’d bump into me in the hallway and give me them ‘cmon’ looks. I knew she wanted me.

Anyhoo, she’d look at me from head to toe, stare into my eyes and i could
tell kuti she wanted the sexy beast that stood before her.. ende that day
i smelt and looked good with a capital G! I chatted her up and told her sweet nothings. It didnt surprise me when she agreed to secretly meet up.

Anyhow, we met nearly 10 times over a month. I’d drive to her workplace and bring her some Nandos/ pizza or some chicken for lunch. She was a BBC..or care worker (iyo yeku geza madhodhi echembere or as i call it
British Bottom Cleaning). I’d give her pocket money (£100) here and there.
Sometimes, I’d take her to the hair salon and she’d get the most expensive hairstyle.

I regularly looked used to walk into the hair salon holding a massive bunch of flowers, cards and some food. All the other hairstylists would then start cheering and clapping. Basically, i was doing it for the show and i could see kuti it excited the shit out of her.. You know girls like to show off in front of strangers..and become the centre of attention.. I could tell kuti she LOVED every moment of this.. Ini i had one thing on my mind.. I JUST WANTED TO GET IN HER PANTS!! Then one day, i invited her to my house…

Fuck you, Vusa!

I hope you read this
you bastard!

Part 2 is coming..




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