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Am lying on my bed thinking deeply ..am looking at the ceiling and i miss you badly .
Ndoda kusvirwa..newe…I long to feel you and your fingers invade me,
manipulate me, make me chew my lip
trying to hold back my grunts ,,groans ,,moans and sounds of pleasure. Knowing me so intimately, you would know that a Torrent of unprintables will follow the minute you start licking my juicy clit tenderly….
coaxing my hardened labia( matinji) from their docile position .I open my legs wide thereby allowing easy entry to your erotic manipulations by
pulling my legs back to my chest, and raising my buttocks slightly off the bed exposing my pussy to you, feeling
wonderfully sexy being so vulnerable, I want to feel your tongue invade me from my clit.,,to .. matinji to my pussy and every inch -in -between. I need your fingers in my pussy while you softly suck my clit, my legs wrapped around your head, grinding my pussy on you, holding you to my mound while I try to cum so
hard in your mouth you think you’re
drowning, coating your face with my
juices as I BEG for you to fuck me.

When you try to imagine me and you make no mistake about it; fucking me is what you will do. I can fantasize about all sorts of foreplay, even about how playful naughty or sexy
we could be as a couple.
But all the mental stimulation in the world always ends up at the same
End with a Grand finale . I want to be penetrated
by this beautiful, strong, loving Black
man. Like a footballer i want you to take your balls and dribble them on my pussy round and round it …all over it teasing ..stopping and starting again until i beg for mercy or more I miss the sensation of having
Mboro yako rub my pussy lips, teasing me, sliding up and down my slit, making me breathless and excited for that split second when we connect, that instant when I feel you enter me and we
become one. I can’t think of a better
sensation than feeling that thick, hard dick thrusting into me, pumping me,
filling me with all feel -good emotions .stretching my vagina to its limits until my pussy smokes like a blown up exhaust .

If ever there is a heaven,it’s nothing like having your full weight on top of me, hearing you whisper in my ear, “Damn baby, your wicked pussy( nyini) feels so good on my dick, ”
with my nails digging in your
ass, pulling you deeper and deeper inside me. Slapping your ass ..your dick filling me ..u stuck deep inside me
Mboro yako ichisvira until I cry out
And I crave your dick deeper,
harder, faster, fucking me with all
your might. From behind, I want you to
Fuck me till i collapse onto the bed
and pleaseeee !!spank my ass

Want u to feel my tits swinging while
you thrust with all your might as
you put your finger on my clit rubbing
it gently at first and then harder and harder till my pussy juices flow like a river .

I climb -On top of you, I want to use your dick like my dildo, making myself cum, rubbing my clit up and down the shaft
of your penis while I feed you with my
tits.i want my pussy to go into a wild fit of excitement and convulse with want .

Am on top of you pounding u in reverse cowgirl your dick buried deep inside me . Picture me bobbing up and down like a madman chasing wind . Your balls
hitting matinji angu baby oohhh !! this is
heaven .my boobs are running amok
with tits fully erect.You rub my boobs gently a bit of tug and pull here and there .
Oooh baby ,,,I Love your cock …

I’ve come I’ve orgasmed I’ve climaxed
and still I’m riding on ..You turn me
round into missionary with your cock
still firmly inside me you ravage me u
destroy my pussy .Finally, with my legs
pressed back and your tongue in my mouth, I long for that explosive finale
when I can feel your dick POUNDING me,and u hitting my cervix
making me scream, tears in my eyes
and ready to receive your precious
gift of life .

U rock I can feel your body pulsate vibrate and rock and
with a final grunt and groan u deposit
your load of fresh baby seeds into my
pussy right on the mouth of my cervix .
Exhausted and spent we collapse onto each other.

We cuddle .

15 thoughts on “Ndikwire

    • My dick is 5cm thick wen it is erect and 16.5cm long,. If u like to lick it be prepared to hv an hr’s job coz kutunda handitundi., kashoma kutunda pandinovata nemukadzi, saka handidi kuti usare uchirwadziwa nekukweshwa nemboro., ini ndinoda a highly sexed woman who can really go rounds and rounds,.


  1. I do not even understand how I ended up right here, but I thought this post was good.

    I don’t know who you’re but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger in the event
    you aren’t already. Cheers!



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