Shamwari yemurume


Author: Adina Shebeen
Publishers: Svirorist!
Copyright Protected 2013.

Friday as always he never slept at home. I was getting ready to visit my mother with the kids so I was dressed ..well not to kill but was all dolled and creamed up .
Ticha my husbands friend came by as he usually did every week .Lately he had been coming for the past three weekends without fail and i think
As an intelligent man he had worked it out that the man of the house was never home during weekends and …(maybe ) on humanitarian grounds he felt obliged to be his friends keeper

He exclaimed surprise at seeing me so well dressed.
“Asi muda kubuda here ?” Mune marunnings nhasi ?”
I just smiled and said to him softly …”ahh am just waiting for the kids to come back from school and we will spend the weekend at my mothers .”
He then said .. ” asi Father is not coming home ,?”

This was just a confirmatory question
I don’t know what happened .,but what followed is the subject of this story ,,
as i tried to dodge his questions .I just found myself breaking down and letting go of what seemed like a load off my chest ..all the bottled emotions poured out like a tap .I let out all the pent up anger and emotions as I relayed my emotional torture and abuse and neglect at the hands of my husband .He exclaimed surprise that my marriage was a sham as I never let it show .

He hugged me as I wept in his arms
I felt a warmth I hadn’t experienced in ages and he must have felt the same because before I knew it he kissed me passionately on my forehead I did not respond but I did not resist .I kinda needed that …
I don’t know if I enjoyed the kiss or what followed but I knew I had crossed a line never to return to Eden .

I opened my eyes from a trance like state I felt like I had been suspended in space like I had experienced an out of body moment .
Ticha was sucking my nipples and every inch of my body was aroused and screaming for attention
It was like a lightning moment all the years of neglect were now coming out and crying for salvation
I had yearned for this moment when my body would awaken once more and react this way to a mans touch again.
I had imagined surrendering myself to a man who loved me but this was Ticha my husbands best friend the best man at our wedding .This was wrong so wrong or was it ???

I loved my husband but my feelings
For him had died with his first extramarital affair and now my body froze and became mechanical each time ..he touched me as I performed my marital duties .

Ticha moaned as his hands glided on my body I loved the things his touch was doing to my body .I was alive was born again all my feelings came back .
I was on fire .

I felt his hand come on to me and a while after that he tilted towards me and rested his whole body on my back. I was a bit nervous anticipating what he was gonna do next then I felt his whole body lining up along my back…his chest against my back…. His stomach along my lower back and his legs along mine. The whole thing became electric when he moved up his crotch against my ass and did a few strokes of simulated sex against my ass rubbing his erection against my bum cheeks.
I was burning with desire .

He began to move his hand up my body and felt my breasts. I could feel myself getting wetter. And my pussy starting to vibrate with the new sensations .He kissed my neck and moved down and started kissing my breasts. Sucking on my erect nipples. I let out a moan and put my hands on his head.

He lifted my dress up and pulled my thong down and began rubbing my clit as he sucked my nipples and breast. I was so horny and so I pushed his head down to my soaking wet cunt .!He teased at first by just kissing my mound then clit sending individual twitches up my body but then without warning he stuck his three fingers up my glory hole and started vigorously licking and sucking my clit!

Now I was in a state of shock and also felt ultra horny .These mixed feeling tipped completely into horny side as my beloved husbands friend put his hand on my crotch parting all the entanglements of my pubic hair and started fingering me straight mubeche .
kusvirwa nechigunwe.After a while he stopped and moved his hand up to caress his dear friends wifes breasts.
Mazamu angu akasurpriswa axana
And started vibrating
By now I was very horny and could not stop Ticha I probably started enjoying what he was doing to me I must confess.

He knew I was nearly there and so he stuck another finger in my pussy and picked up the speed! Beche rangu rakabuda utsi nekunakirwa .he was sucking my clit like a Hoover with his lips tightly closed around the hood .making mazinoises askana- ka
I went to heaven and back
Before long, my hips bucked, my legs wrapped tightly around his neck almost suffocating him, my back arched, I pushed his head further into my wet pussy I gyrated my hips as I simulated sex moves …
matinji angu anga azvimbirira manje ,,gongo richidairira kuita Kunakirwa
i screamed and I let out a loud scream and wail my body stiffened and then I let go …
I came as he carried on licking it up. I had never orgasmed like that before!spasm after spasm of excitement shot thru my body ….I gasped …!!’
I went limp and went to sleep immediately ,.!

Wow !!!!
shamwari yemurume kunaka!!!!!***.


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