Shamwari yemurume Kunaka


Ticha left me as i was in my sexual stupor and went to pick the kids from school and took them to my mothers as he was not a stranger to her and just told her I needed time alone .Then he came back to me .

When I got my life and faculties back, I brought him back up, he was resting on his tummy I rolled him over so I was on top and I kissed him, tasting my juices. I could feel him removing his pants and so I went down and went straight in,
i massaged his balls softly and went for the kill …sucking his cock and massaging his balls with my hand.
..I also I started rubbing my clit with my spare hand. All of a sudden he stopped me and whispered, “Ndikwire baby.”
.”mboro yangu yakuda kupinda mubeche rako baby “,,, “You have such a nice pussy,” Ticha said with a sexy growl in his tone….
This was music to my ears .

Maybe lets wait not just yet ,,,he said it as an afterthought .
He laid me down gently like he was handling delicate goods ,,and he stuck his index finger inside beche rangu.Slowly at first, he fingered me whilst kissing me .He gradually got faster and faster. He added his middle finger and kept his rhythm. I moaned in ecstasy and wiggled my hips.

He asked me to lay on my stomach as he pulled out his masterpiece of a cock.
Imi … pane mboro then poita mborrow ,,iri raive zimboro .!
I opened my mouth wide in awe and asked him ..,, nderako rese zinhu here iri ?? He just laughed and he stuck it into my mouth .I licked all around it and worked it with my hand. I sucked in and created suction. He let out a grunt and started kuchemerera as I took it all into my mouth.Mboro yaTicha yainaka imi .

As I started licking his cock and moaning, It fit just right in my wet mouth. I kept licking his cock slowly as it became stone hard and I ran my tongue under his knob to the sensitive spot, on the perineum and licked up his shaft to his balls sucking them into my mouth as he put his hands in my hair holding me firmly, urging me on.
Ndakasvisvina machende kusvika apera muto.

I moved up and down his cock with my mouth, and my hand followed. I sucked it faster and faster. He was loving every bit of it. He let out a huge groan when I sucked on his head alternating with the balls .
Rume rarokoira kunge nyoka .

While I sucked on his balls, he started to insert a finger into my pussy and started to play with my clit. There were a few times that I started to cum and he just stopped and moved his hands away from my body. I come to realize that I really do not like that kind of control over my body. But I knew that if I let go I would be punished in some way, so I abided by his wishes of withholding cumming until he told me to.
At this point he blind folded me .

After a while of him teasing me and my sucking his penis and balls, I reached up and started to kiss him. I wanted him so badly, my pussy ached. I wanted him to fuck me hard. He fucked my mouth with his tongue and sucked and nibbled on my neck. Then I laid on the floor thinking that maybe he would get the hint and fuck me right on the floor. Instead he spread my legs and teased my pussy some more. He finger fucked my pussy and ass with only one finger in each and then he stopped when I was about to cum. He then leaned over and put his penis in between my boobs and started to fuck me. He fucked me hard. I grabbed his legs pulling him closer and closer to me but when he felt I was about to cum again he pulled away. I was starting to get frustrated. This was worse than no sex at all. Then he pulled my hands up and when I was in the seated position on the floor he held my head still and inserted his penis back into my mouth.

This time he held my head still and I grabbed his legs and held them tight. When he was almost ready to cum he pulled out. He then told me to stand up.
Fuck me !!!!” I said …!

Beche rangu rakange ririmoist zvakanakawo. Akapusha zimboro rake kuti ripinde mubeche mangu, in missionary ., iyo ndokutadza kupinda nekuti buri rebeche rangu raive risina kujaira zimboro hobvu. Mboro yakatoita slide down yakananga kumhata kwangu. Ndakachemerera kuti ndisvirwe ‘aaaahhh’ zvakanga zviri sweet and he liked kakuchemerera kangu. Ticha akabata mboro neruoko rweleft ndokuinangisazve pabeche. This time he teased me a bit achitamba nebeche rangu then kubva azoti bvooo yese yakapinda musoro, iye akapusha magaro ake kuti yese ipinde even more. Maiwee zvangu! Sandi kurwadzirira nekunakirira kwaiita mboro YaTicha ikoko ichipinda mandiri. Akasvira zvirigentle achitya kundikuvadza. I loved it so much that I came in no time at all. Paakaona kuti I had cum, akanditurner zvino pamubhedha , ndokundikisa magaro angu zvakare achiapuruzira. Murume mukuru akandisvira beche rangu kunge asvikirwa. I felt every inch of his dick ichisvika kuchibereko kwangu, iye akabata pawaist pangu. Aifemera mudenga achishinyira
Aiti akaisa half yemboro kechithree Pisa yese wainzwa ichiti bwooo kupinda.
‘uu aaahh !!!!sshuu, ahhh! !!
Mboro yaipinda ichibuda until beche rangu rochema askanaka ndakakwizwa.

He withdrew mboro yake yese
Spanked my ass with it a bit …….oghhhhhhh. And I loved it .
Then he shoved all his tool inside me with all his strength ……ooohhhhh!….
I nearly burst crying it was too big and it tore me with a bitter sweet pain ,
He started to fuck gently at first as if he was afraid of hurting me gaining speed and momentum gradually .

I told him that I wanted him to fuck me hard now. I was hoping he was reading my mind and would allow me to cum while he fucked my pussy. He then gave me permission to cum. Each time I came I grabbed his hands and squeezed his fingers and he squeezed mine. He changed my position on the bed a little bit and really started to fuck my pussy really hard and now when he felt I was about to cum, he told me to cum but, I needed to cum all over him. I must have cum like a water fountain. It had been so long since I had been fucked with such tenderness
he wanted to have full control over my body.

I came really hard zviri violent with a gush of liquid from my genitals and he came I think twice Once on my boobs and the other time in my pussy He got dressed and left while I fell asleep.

When I woke up I forgot where I was. I was lying alone on the bed with only a blind fold on my eyes. My legs and pussy were wet because I had cum all over the place and his cum was mixed with legs were aching .
But I had a smile as I remembered every thing .That was the end of my innocence now am a convict
Bhanditi chairo.!!!!
We managed to fuck some more throughout that weekend until he went to fetch the kids back home from my mum’s.

Shamwari yemurume inonaka Kani nhai!

Baba vaenda kusmell house as usual no pressure ,, Lol !!
Its Friday and Am waiting for Ticha izvozvi,,as usual !tapengesana axana
One mans wife is another mans bitch ..
Kuti zvityise!
Leave your wives ALONE and heyy !dont blame anaTicha.!kana vatora.
They take over and heyy who knows they may have better tools and navigation skills .!!!


17 thoughts on “Shamwari yemurume Kunaka

  1. Very erotic indeed. But pashamwari yemurume apo,, hapaite. It may mislead people into committing abominations and sins.


    • John thanx for the feedback
      husband is never home as the bible suggests
      Ticha steps in to help a neglected wife .
      The lesson here is Husbands love thy wives as Jesus loved the Church.
      Don’t make them doormats .



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