My First Time


Author: Adina Shebeen
Publishers: Svirorist!
Copyright Protected 2013.

“Mirai …ndiedze futi…..” as I tried to push up with my legs to get the box to move back. It was then that I noticed my erection. Mboro iyi ka …inomakisa .
Yamirirei ipapa??
Honestly I had no clue folks who it was saluting .

I was in a pair of jogger shorts, no underwear, and I could feel the softness of her bottom and the stretch of the fabric of her tight leggings as I lifted and pressed against her. I had to try again, and again there was the friction and the pressing.

She reached back and put a hand on my legs to steady us, then she must have felt my swollen manhood and then I could have sworn she arched her back ever so slightly, as if to offer herself for another rub against my erection.
Or was it my imagination.??running away with me ,,!

“I think I’ve got it, ndariwana ” I said as I pushed the box back onto the shelf.

We didn’t move for a while . I was still pressed against her. Her hand was still on my leg . I was certain she could feel my swollen man tool.

“Whew,” she wiped her brow. “It’s getting hot in here. Maybe we should think about continuing tomorrow..”

I must have looked stupid with that erection.She smiled, and leaned closer to me, until I could feel her breath on my neck and chest .My heart must have been beating 1000beats per minute.
Mboro yangu yakatowedzera kumira.
I tried to cover it up and she laughed I got embarrassed .

There was a long silence that made me feel awkward. When she spoke she spoke slowly and it startled me.

“Tell me something,” Taurai
“Unombondifungawo here ?”

Now she looked down. I was still with my brilliant stand on – straight out I am sure. I was too embarrassed to look.

“Aaah ,,, ehh -he !”ndakandandama …

“What do you think about?”she asked

That was a sexy question considering mboro yangu yanga yakamira and zvandanga ndichifunga.

“I think…ehhh… I stammered. “I think you’re beautiful,” I said finally, meaning it.

“Ok it will surprise you to know I think about you too and I think you are very intelligent and too mature for your age “.”

Mai Mpofu aive mukadzi wezera namai vangu .but I think her genes were a rare kind she would pass for twenty five or so .They had been friends with my mum forever . She had watched me grow and I took her to be my second mum . She had one daughter slightly older than me …who had gone to UK to further her education and since her husbands death she had taken me literally like the man of the house .
She would utilise me whenever anything manly needed to be done around the house .
And I enjoyed it .

Pachimiro she had the most beautiful pair of legs which has made me focus on girls legs first before I even look at the face . To accompany this she had a body to die for … Figure of eight if you follow me .
She had a killer smile which could soften the hardest of hearts .At times I would go to her house just to see her smile it was therapeutic in a way .

Parunako .tiudzei ndimi majudges ..munopihwa sei kunaka kwevazukuru vaLobengula. ??
She was exquisite like a painting
her beauty could only be comparable to the rising of the morning sun or the sunset of a summer evening or the cool breeze of an autumn evening and her body was like a work of art perfect from every angle .
She didn’t walk ..she sort of glided .
I don’t think her feet touched the ground they sort of floated ..well in essence she was a beautiful painting .
I was mesmerised by this mother of mine .

But I know you sinner you are busy judging me and let me tell you Sweetie..
I had never thought of her in a sinful or lustful way she was my mother and need I say more …!I can’t be guilty of admiring my mother as in a son admires his mother way …..all innocent.

That day the dynamics changed .As we all know that Law that says to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
And another one that says what goes up must surely come down .

….”kiss me ,,” she said ,,it was more an order than a request …Ndakavhunduka and nearly jumped out of my skin .
Well I never expected this to happen as in never ,i was shocked and excited at the same time ….well am warm blooded if you must know .

I froze ..and just stood there foolishly my heart racing like Schumakers car …she leaned in to me and closed her eyes. Our lips touched and i swear there .. some sparks flew .Her tummy pressed against my erection…The kiss was soft and gentle at first then firmer, then her tongue sought mine and she parted my lips. She put her arms around my neck. I put my hands around her small waist ,,, circling it completely .

“This is soo wrong ..!”she whispered as she gasped for breath.

“Aiwa’s damn right ..”I whispered back stupidly.meanwhile pressing her closer to me .

“Oh my,” she sighed. She pulled me against her and rubbed her crotch against my erection She pressed her mouth against my neck and now the kissing was ferocious .A hungry need for each other .
She writhed her body rubbing up against my hard cock . She took my arms and guided them to her breasts then I pulled her into me as she continued to rub her body against mine.
I started kneading her breasts whilst teasing the nipples .
I had lightning sensations passing through my body.
My blood was rushing to my feet at a deathly rate I was not thinking .
Maybe you also need to know I was still a virgin then .

Ohh stop! “she said
“You are only a child and my child this is wrong we should stop .”
Pliz zzz forgive me …”
Rubbish ,,,,I could not believe this ….!
My mind went blank …my body went numb …
I was blinded with fury ..frustration and disappointment .
What the heck was she saying ??”
What was she talking about ??what child,,,? whose child ..? ”
Of course she knew my mother and she was intelligent enough to know they were not related by culture creed or biologically ….!!


I just turned pulled up myself and bolted out of her gate to our house .
As soon as I got into my room I locked the door switched off the light pulled up the curtains .. Took off all my clothes
Took my dick in my hand and
Game time …..!i just found myself touching myself and rubbing it it felt great ..

I was back in my imagination ….with Mrs Mpofu …
I went back to her house .
She was guiding my erect cock into her mouth giving me one of the best blow jobs ever .
Like stuff you only see on Pornhub with seasoned Aurora .
I was fingering her pussy and the pussy juices were running riot gosh!! she was soo wet and it felt so warm and magical .
She took me in fully into her mouth and starts pumping me with her tongue and the warmth of her mouth just drives me nuts .her tongue was doing things to my cock and I just went crazy …
She is moaning deeply and calling my name I come with such a force and spew tons and tons of cum all over my sheets .This was my first time .
With all my energy spent I must have fallen asleep immediately ….

Next part two…

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