(What the dick )Letter


Author: Adina Shebeen
Publishers: Svirorist!
Copyright Protected 2013.

Author: Adina Shebeen
Publishers: Svirorist!
Copyright Protected 2013.

This is one letter i don't wanna write ,one that I don't ever wanna send
But she has a right to know …
if only ..if only …things were different …but life has no repeat buttons or delete ones,.or refresh page …life is what it makes you …..!!so make the most of what you get ,,,!or live to regret like me .

;-Note ,,, mboro yangu will write most of the letter only because he has more facts …!
Here goes:-

Darling Tashina

I'm sitting here in my room and imagining what I could do to you if you were here now …..?
My tongue would vacuum pump gongo rako for hours even while your screams of orgasm drowned the room.That would not stop me nor deter me but make me hornier and harder.My imagination keeps running these images over and over. Ndichikusvira in frozen chicken .If facts have to be known I am crazy about you …I have this crazy hunger inotongoda kuti ndigare ndakanyika ..mubeche rako always .kusvika rakusura..ndokuda musikana.Maoko angu anodedera ndikakufunga ,ndorasika njere..
I am stroking rovambira ..zimboro rangu ndichibonyora as I write this letter .,,I miss you .

By now I bet you can feel that beche tingle kakuvhita vhita and even getting wet just knowing how I would love to tease it taste it and play with it all night long. Ndichinanzva hangu gongo nematinji se Ice cream .ooooooh !!
You can go ahead and play with it ..touch it for me …bonyora beche rako ,,as you read this letter, I want you to get excited and super aroused and play for me .I want you to ache, long, desire my touch more than anything else right now. Let that ache consume you so much that you rub that gongo …my naughty angel …as that pussy starts to melt reading my naughty thoughts and desires. Imagine me there by your side doing those things to you . You may even have to read this letter over and over again as I can almost bet by now you are already circling your finger over that hard throbbing lil gongo right now. Play for me lil' angel read my words and let them make you crazy and excited my dirty lil sex angel. Pengereka rasa njere hadzina basa .You know the kind of things I would do to you now if I caught you wet as you are now don't you?

I'm all excited now and I'm imagining
teasing and playing with your dark nipples and your hard lil gongo.
My clit of course……! I love how you would jerk and quiver when I touch, pinch, suck, bite, and even try to jack it like a lil ' Mboro .Can you still see my words, dirty lil girl or has the pleasure started taking over too much and you are just staring into the screen scanning my dirty words and thoughts as you can't stop playing, playing dirty with that hard lil clit that makes you cum like a river ……baby doll .Keep going you can't stop now, I want you to cum, make it cum for me as you sit there now helplessly entranced by this letter making you a dirty lil angel.

I look at your photo, mboro yangu yabva yamuka and it throbs in anticipation of making long passionate love to you, on many occasions I have masturbated and cum over your pictures and I wish your lips were pursed around my rovambira or my thick twelve inches was sunk deep in your wet cunt .

You have this way of rolling your hips that is so sensual, your eyes never leaving mine, the muscles inside of your pelvis gyrating …moving with your hips, massaging my shaft, drawing the head in even deeper, sucking at it, matinji ako caressing it. I love how you hold my head to your breasts as I suck hard on your nipples and how it causes you to squeeze me even tighter inside.

I love Your long neck ,jet black hair, sexy brown eyes and slim figure and it sends. my brain in reverse . I can't stop thinking about you, what could be if the two of us were to be spending eternity together.??I want you ..Tashina.we would make love every day and night I would never have enough of you …..
I would ravage and damage your pussy until its red and bruised ….that's how much I want you .dangerous levels of want and neediness.

I love to cook and very often I prepare a romantic meal for two all with the trimmings and a bottle of red wine .
At times I can't finish eating before thoughts of you invade my mind and an urgent sense of wanting kukusvira come and i have to stop and wank first …..ndokusvira zvekusvira zviya till i release then im normal to continue eating that's how crazy you have made me .
Just sitting and imagining the two of us eating sends my cock rising to the occasion .
I imagine just taking you on the table pushing that red thong to the side and fucking you senseless in doggie .
Baby u drive me bonkers !

I guess if there is any sport I participate in these days it's masturbating over the idea of fucking you senseless .
I have a fetish of women with tight asses . The photo you sent me in your red tights almost caused me a heart Failure .My cock was hard in seconds and as I began stroking my thick, hard rod it was as if you entered the room.

I could smell your perfume
You slowly walked to the bed and sat down .
You sensually took off your satin negligee and then you lay down with your legs wide open your pussy in view
Slowly you started touching your nipples and pursing your lips invitingly
You then opened your pussy lips and started touching them .
then u slowly rub your clitoris as u climb on top of my cock which was bursting at this point
Oh Lawd I was so horny and my cock was soo hard .
You rode me in reverse cow gal
Oooooh!!! U killed me .

As you become orgasmic, you start to bounce faster up and down on my throbbing prick.
I am in total bliss you riding me …!my long time dream alive .
I could not hold for long with all the excitement and all
I reach orgasm and come with a force .
My cum splashes to the wall and every where .
Wish I could ride you one more time just to feel muto wenyini yako one more time .

It would please me if we can still be friends and you let me know all that happens in your life. Throughout life's experiences I've heard many people say long term relationships don't work and to be honest I believe that.I will pray to God that you will never forget me because I will definitely never forget you .

When you asked me if I loved you I couldn't bring myself to speak truthfully because you are so pure ,rare and special and I don't feel i deserve you ,your body or your love.
Yes I love you ..I love you more than I've ever loved anyone and honestly I don't think i would be able to love anyone more or with same intentions and intensity .
Ndokuda Tashiee!

You may find it hard to understand why I am letting you down and crashing your World but if things could be then …maybe there could be room for you in my life but as they stand then I'll just have to keep dreaming about a world that shall never happen. You know if I could dry the oceans to make you happy I would .
It’s confusing yes I’m declaring undying love yet I’m letting you go I’ll pray one day it will all be revealed to you only till then will you be able to forgive me and that’s when I’ll have a clear conscience.

In all earnest I want to strip you naked and have a love making marathon in the sun drinking vodka by the sea. We could even go skinny dipping; we could do so much together.
Wairara zirovambira ririmo ugomuka ririmo.
But it's just a wish .just a dream .

I don't honestly know how to begin although I've probably said quite enough already. If by any chance I have made you sad then I must apologize because it really isn't what is intended. I love you and want you to be happy in everything you do.
One day you will appreciate my decision and forgive me fully now just understand am doing it for love .

As much as I long to be the man in your life I seriously don't think I am. I wish I was or could be but for a starter, we are miles apart socially and live in two different worlds not geographically but realistically .
Your life is straight narrow and proper
You built your walls so high
Mine is as –is …what you see is what yu get ….no fanfare no trimmings
I am on the fast lane babes am a hustler …I’ll probably die with a bullet in my chest .
my life is too messed up to be corrected …I don't even know when they will get me or if I will continue running as they say I was born on the other side of the law.
I am best when I am bad .
I can't be straight I've always been a rebel and always will be
I can’t introduce you to my way of life .
I love you too much to allow anything to hurt you .
Will always keep in touch via mail as long as I’m alive and free .
Use this email address I will keep it for our correspondence .
Don’t try to look for me u wont find me .

Guess this is good bye .



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