My first time too


Author: Adina Shebeen
Publishers: Svirorist!
Copyright Protected 2013.

I woke up because of two things one was the cold remember after that little episode with my penis and myself I was knocked unconscious and wasn’t covered properly and also
I woke up with a stiff boner akomana mboro yangu yaive yamira zvemhando yepamusoro soro.
I could feel pressure tugging from machende kutaridza kuti anga akazara neuronyo.
I tried to go back to sleep but mboro munoiziva kana yotonga .
Whatever I tried just wasn’t working ndakadoedza kuibata as before . but ndakaona kuti I would end up with a serious injury.
I then decided to be radical kufungirwa nemboro chaiko ndokwandakaita.

I found myself knocking on Mai Mpofu’ s window .
She peered and upon realising it was me she let me in .
No questions were asked and similarly no answers offered I suppose it was clear to all parties the whys and where fores.
Up until now I had only managed a few stolen kisses a few goodnight hugs with my crush at school .
I had no experience with women whatsoever . I had watched a few porn pictures and that was it .

Mai Mpofu just motioned me to follow her and i did . She had run a bath for me .
As I stood wondering what to do next she quickly started stripping off her clothes .
Mboro yakavhunduka ikaita kusvetuka ndokumira yakaoma . .
Ndakabvisa hembe dzese ndokupinda mumvura .
My cock was like a flag in the water She entered into the bath and sat behind me beche rake richigumha magaro angu muyedzo ndouziva ini.
Slowly she started giving me a wash
At this point I was desperate with desire my cock was throbbing with want .
She washed my back and told me to do my front …aaaargh !! How my cock was soo looking forward to being touched by her soft delicate hands .
She quickly washed and left me in the bath .

Left On my own I tried to rub myself and relieve this ache but no matter how I tried I needed a hand .
I followed her to the bedroom and found her lying wearing a sexy lacy nightie .oh !!what a sight she looked like a sex goddess.Her legs were a satiny colour Mai vaiva varidzi verunako havo.
I was drooling just looking at her
Her skin was glistening in the dim light of the room and she smelt good .
The sight drove me crazy .

I got on besides her and we kissed I felt her tongue prising my lips and I kissed it, sucking her tongue into my mouth sexing her tongue with mine. I could feel her tongue’s roughness on mine. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it for a little while. Both of our breaths deepened. I put my arms around her and crushed her against me.At this point we were both groaning .

She pointed to her boobs and explained that every thing had to be slow and gentle .I went for them like a lamb to the slaughter I felt them in my hands ..cupped them ,held them and felt the most divine feeling ever .A womans softness is the greatest thing after money .This was heaven I swear I think I stopped breathing there. The skin was just so soft supple and pliable
And deliciously tender for an off layer .
She said she knew it was my first time and she wanted it to be special for me .
She told me to kiss her from head to toe starting from the ears and I gave her a run for her money.
Started off nibbling her neck area gentle bites and little kisses just as I had seen in porn increasing pressure as she responded to my moves .
She started rubbing her inner thighs and moaning in response ,,so my job was a good one then .

I straddled her legs and started kneading her breasts gently at first increasing pressure as I went on .
I took the whole right breast into my mouth and started suckling whilst I fondled the left one .Her nipples were now hard with arousal.She started to moan.Pressure yemboro yangu yakatowedzera by this time I swear all I wanted was to be in that pussy .

Ndakatsvanzvadzira beche kusvika zvigunwe zvangu zvabata gongo. Gongo ramai Mpofu .Pandakaribata vakaita kakuvhizuka semunhu uya abatwa neshock ,,matinji avo anga amira kunge masoja manje .
I started licking the clitoris whilst touching the labia alternating with finger fucking the pussy hard .

Well we can agree here and now that i was born a natural Sexilogist or Svirorist because for a novice I did better than most of my predecessors after a while she started cumming I don’t know how many times she came then …but I did not disappoint .

She told me to stop and went on all fours and told me to sit on the edge of the bed . My penis was dripping precum by now. The insides of her thighs were slick with her juices.
She took my cock into her hands and licked all the precum as she licked and licked round the head I found myself reliving my fantasy .

She took me all in and I could not contain it any longer I felt a rush of excitement to the back of my head and machende angu anga oputika …all i asked was ..”Should I ?” A quick nod was all the permission I needed from her I came with a violent explosion ,sperm shooting onto her boobs .
Oooh !! this was the most wonderful moment ever .I got so relaxed a wave of feel good emotion overcame me .An overwhelming feeling of euphoria took over and I must have dozed off in her arms with our legs entwined.

I woke with the warmest feeling ever to find mboro yangu ichidyiwa …yakazara Mukanwa maMrs Mpofu .
Akomana kudyiwa mboro kunonaka
Pavakangoona kuti I was fully awake vakabva vati ” huya usvire..” Ini ndokuti imbomirai makadaro.
Ndakapinza zvigunwe mubeche ndichisvinyangasvinyanga matinji ayo akanga akareba nekunyorova kunge adirwa oiri.

Ndakanangisa mboro pabeche kusvikira yagunzva matinji. Ndakapinza nzvonyo yemboro zvinyoronyoro pakati pematinji. Yanyatsonanga musuwo webeche,
Ndakapinza musoro wemboro yangu mubeche ndokunzwa kudziya Heyi. handisati ndambonzwa kunaka kwakadaro beche rinopisa akomana and hakuna chinhu chinonaka sebeche pasi pano.
Akomana ndati ndakanakirwa.

Instantly I was engulfed in the most amazing feeling I had ever had. My penis had just become encased in a thick, wet, throbbing enclosure. I could only lay back, eyes closed, and feel it.
Taking in this blissful wonderful feeling .

“How does it feel ?
” she asked. Her muscles tightened around me and I nearly came.
“You’re going to come really quick since its your first time ,.” She moved up, slowly, and then back down. She held my arms at my sides and looked into my eyes.

Ndakanyatsoipinza yese ndokumira ndakadaro I think ndakatotunda mbichana ,she had told me to take things slow so I was really trying to impress .
She told me to start pumping slowly .

Nenguva isipi beche rakatanga kushinya mboro yangu . her tongue deep in my mouth. She rocked her hips back and forth and thats all the encouragement I needed ,I came harder than I had come with the blowjob.Less sperm came out now than before .
My penis throbbed with orgasm, my entire body thrusting out at her. She squeezed and squeezed, prolonging my orgasm. My breath exploded into her mouth. I lay twitching under her for a long time .

My hips pressed down onto her and she held onto me so she would share in my joy -in my moment of glory -my triumph -my defining moment . Yes I was now a man at Sixteen I was now a full bloodied man and I was glad with myself because I had given my virginity to a real woman .
Someone I held in high esteem .

I fell asleep with a big grin on my face my chest touching her breasts my penis touching the mouth of her vagina and my lips touching hers like Bluetooth this gave me numerous erections .
I gave her three more rounds as my penis warmed up to her pussy I got better and better at the fucking game and gave her multiple orgasms she even said she had never felt this way with anyone before and I believed it ohh she screamed bloody murder as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her .
I had graduated to manhood .

She woke me up early so that i could steal back into my bedroom without anyone noticing my absence or I would need some serious explaining to do to my mother .

She never allowed me to touch her again after this episode saying guilty conscience was killing her and she could not face my mother again after what we did .Lord knows I tried to seduce her with no success .

What’s wrong with women nhai ??I don’t get it .why do women deny themselves happiness ??
Why do you always let common sense rule you aaah ! Zvimwe zvinhu hazvidi kufunga kani .. Just do it and think not .
Why can’t women be like men just for once ?She gave me the most memorable night in my history and that’s her greatest regret .

As for me I will never understand women .
Well that was ten years ago and she remains the woman with the greatest,,sweetest ,,hottest and tightest pussy South of the Equator . She also takes the trophy for the longest matinji since her i cant stand women without matinji i consider them Zvirema .Also along with other credits a gold in chikapa and another medal for teaching a novice all the secrets of sviro in one night .She is unforgettable .

After six months she sold the house and I heard she moved back to Bulawayo.

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  1. this is the craziest but accurate description of a fucking session I have ever come across, its like I was watching a movie. lol



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