Author: Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!

Uyo ndi Tholakele in that image.. My aunt and i once ran an accomodation agency.. What happened is: my aunt’s friend is South Africa ran a travelling agency. His duty as the travel agent was arrange visas and and accomodation for his clients who wanted to settle in the UK.. He could get visas easily but accomodation was a problem, so this is where my aunt and i came in. We had empty rooms at our houses and didn’t mind having ma lodgers. His business wasn’t a major thing but he did manage to bring a few girls and guys into the UK.

Enter Tholakele…


Saka one time, i went to the airport to pick up two new arrivals. It was some dude called Leratho and his girlfriend called Tholakele!

Anyway, i’ll skip some of the boring details. All you need to know is that Lerato and Tholakele came to live at my house.. We got along and since they didn’t have jobs, their money had run out saka they were pretty much ‘living in my pocket’ lol.

Enter week three:

Lerato and Tholakele were arguing loads. The stresses and realities of London had hit them hard and Thola had already given up on interviews and was talking about breaking up. Apo Lerato was going job hunting… interview after interview but he was turned down kwese. He had done some stupid degree in South Africa and for some reason, he thought he’d land himself a high flying well paid job here in London..

All this job hunting without Thola meant kuti Thola was left at home…often neni. We used to talk and laugh often..and we’d go to the shops together for window shopping etc etc. I’d buy her lots of food and teach her a lot of things.

I wasn’t doing these things for free. NO! There’s nothing free on earth my friend. This was investing..and i wanted a quick return in profits of a sexual nature.. If you haven’t got the gist by now, let me make it clear. My plan was to fuck the living daylights out of Tholakele Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma.. Okay, that’s not her real name is what it is..

Week Four!

Things were heating up between me and Thola. She was becoming comfortable enough to walk around the house in skimpy clothing. Obviously she was doing this to get my attention but i acted like hapana chandaiona. I could tell this was vexing her. I could tell kuti she really wanted to get me to notice her but her efforts weren’t good enough.. She got a bit ‘more desperate’ and started walking around the house pretty much naked.
If i was mu lounge watching tv, she’d come in with just a small towel wrapped around her to see what i was watching.. Sometimes she’d call me and ask me to pin her bra for her akapfeka just a thong. She’d then hug me afterwards..

Then one weekend, she had a mega fight with Lerato. Iye Lerato then decided he’d go to visit his uncle who worked in Peterborough to cool off..

Saka that night, whilst i was playing music in my room, she came with in and asked me if i could put some scented oils all over her body.. Akabva arara face down on my bed and lifted up her tiny dress re blue exposing her butt

Akanga asina kupfeka brugwa nor bra..

I hadn’t bathed saka i told her kuti i’d do it after taking a quick shower.. I needed to take a shower because i knew kuti we’d end up fucking chete so i had to smell fresh.. She agreed and then remained akarara on my bed playing with my phone. Ndakanogeza real quick anticipating what was to come. Apo mboro yangu yakanga yamira manje as hard as a rock iri straight.. Musoro wayo had become quite big and red. It was so big zvekuti even my skin (i’m uncircumcised) couldn’t roll up to cover my dick head. It’s as if the skin had been removed and all that was left was the exposed red head..

Mboro yangu yakatadza kurara in the bath..apo she was complaining kuti i was taking too long. I decided kuti i’d just go out ndakadaro and see what she’d do.

I wrapped a towel round me ndokupinda in my bedroom. Towel rakanga rakaitwa zvekusimudzwa ne mboro. She noticed it and said, “hurry up wena, i need a massage now as punishment for taking long in the shower”..

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