If you have read “the fucking letter “this is the direct response …hope you enjoy.

House no 2
Sex Street

Dear Ex
Sugar Dick Dupree aka Papi aka Great Ayatollah ____!

Surprised that u slept with mycousin—hell no!just feel sorry for her to allow you to use her to fulfil your fantasies.
Surprised that u slept with all those women —again hell to the NO!! that’s your ambition your preoccupation your prerogative.
Surprised u miss me –no again because u don’t really know what you are missing ….what u miss is your cook dishwasher and one who picks up after you.You also miss someone to warm your bed at night .

Your large dick does not make up for that gaping hole where a soul/personality should be. It almost does, but not quite Dear Sugar.All u think about is your next lay and more twisted sexual perversions .

Lol @ anal
Even if I had agreed to have anal sex you would have wanted to fuck me whilst hanging from the ceiling or underwater or some dangerous location like sex whilst facing a bullet squad or in a war torn zone .The rougher the better u always said . Your genitals must be located somewhere in your cerebrum .

I have to admit that our highs were really high and our lows really low it’s either we were fucking like two hungry monkeys or not talking at all….but dear u had no idea Idea of what a marriage was what a husband was supposed to do in a marriage you just had no clue .

You had this belief of grandeur that you were natures answer to the single lonely lady , the widow , the unhappy married woman . It was your duty to service them all ….to give them orgasms and deliver them from loneliness. To fuck them senseless and make them addicted to you . This blew up your over inflated ego…
I remember you saying .”.they need me I am the antidote to loneliness ”
Come to think of it …I almost believed it

It makes me laugh and sad at the same time to know that u never realized How wrong it was or what it did to me .I died with each woman I discovered .I died with each affair I hurt more than the word hurt until I could not hurt anymore .I cried till my tears ran dry .
Remember that woman who used to call on our housephone and you would go to her and return the next day ?That used to kill me I would drink Valium to make myself sleep …that’s how much damage you did to me .

I don’t know why I stayed for all those years with a sick man noone would go through what i went through and live to tell the tale noone …come to think of it I started taking sleeping pills at twenty and antidepressants at twenty four .

Noone survives on sex like u do . U thrive on sex you breathe sex it’s either u want sex or u having it or u looking for your next lay . I ended up feeling ashamed to visit Edgar’s At Joina City u had slept with the entire shop from the cleaner to the Manager .
In our street u must have fucked all those women the way they used to give me stares . Those women they must have felt pity for me . I was young I was naive but not anymore.

You also would not admit to your porn addiction that even your friends said was a little out of control. Six hundred porn videos Dvds magazines and books .There are plenty of guys in the world who would want to have a woman like me that loves sex all the time, and who can put up with most of your fantasies but not you .After three rounds and an hour of oral u would then take your computer into the bathroom and jerk off. What the fuck was that about? And when I called you out on it, you just said it’s normal for dudes to jerk off.

Yeah, and it’s normal for a man to have sex with their wife and get satisfaction from that you’d then instead decide to download porn oogle at women on the internet with big chunky legs and big bums and masturbate or flirt online for hours and Masturbate and you think that’s normal?

Thank God I moved on from the mess that you were.
I will take u to the cleaners I will leave u without even a cup to drink water from just watch me .
You are going to start from scratch just as I found u ……………and our son ….my son u will see him with supervision in a park with CCTV cameras or u will pass on your twisted perverted ideas to him .

Leaving you a blubbering mess was and will always be the single best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I would rather live in a box for the rest of my life than spend one day in a mansion with you.Money does not buy happiness .In a big way I feel sorry for you and hope you will get help soon .
Fancy u thinking I would want u back,, get some therapy. You really need help.

Never to be yours again


Your porn stash is in the headboard drawer…( Smh)

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