Sugar Dick Dupree’s inbox


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!

“Eish, Sugar ka , im in the toilet right now sending this 2 u. Ive just fucked my best friend’s boyfriend. I jus couldn’t resist him.. That tall, well toned muscular body and those long dread locks..eish. I just couldnt resist him..Simba is a delight 2 look at i tell u! Anyway, a few minutes ago, i walked in2 the bathroom kunoita weti and there he was mu shower…all naked..with his eyes closed.. water trickling down his chest, six pack and his long dark cock. HEYI! It was too much!! I looked at his body up and down, from head to toe..Ipapo, beche rangu rabva rangotota one time!!!! Asi my eyes kept going back to his dark cock.. It wasn’t too big and neither was it too small but yakanga iri pakati ne pakati, complimented ne a pair of big balls..mazichende chaiwo…just what i love! Eish, thing looked delicious mhani!

I just ripped off my clothes and went into the shower. Pandapinda, he didn’t even move or say anything. Angoramba akanditarisa. I instantly went down on my knees ,grabbed his butt cheeks and then guided my mouth to that long dark cock ndokuiisa straight in my mouth! Mukanwa mangu makabva mangotota and i started eating mboro yake. Iyeye he started breathing zviri kinda heavy and then started pinching his own nipples akaburitsa his tongue. I started rubbing my hands all over his slippery body AND his tight ass..He lifted me up ,I hugged him and he started rubbing my butt and playing with my pussy. I lifted up my leg and he then slid in two fingers in my pussy..eish, that drove me wild, Sugar!!!! He finger fucked me with his long fingers zvekuti i could feel them tickling my g-spot..It felt fucking great! We were both breathing heavily and I squirted on his fingers..beche rangu ranga rati nyakata nekutunda..Eish, i was so turned on!!! Ipapo we started french kissing.

I could feel his tounge down my throat chaizvo..eish. He put me up against the wall and ini I held his dark cock & guided it into my pussy. Mboro iya yakabva yango mhanyiswa straight into my pussy and he started banging me fast against the wall whilst squeezing my breasts! Maiwe kani, He banged me really hard and fast!!!! He then lifted me up ndokutanga kunyatsondisvira, achindi kisser!! All that water, slippery-ness and the PA!PA! PA! sound as his pelvis hit my pussy made me explode once more on his dark cock!! I was wildy kissing him.

The banging went on for a couple of minutes then I then felt his finger in my ass. Ipapo ka, Sugar, I went crazy! I lost my mind. It felt too good. My eyes were rolling and i must have been screaming chete. I dug my nails into his back and then i felt a second finger go in my ass, aaah, that was enough to make me explode zviri violent. I came all over him. I was shaking violently as I came on him. This time, I actually SPRAYED him with cum!! I sprayed all over his six pack and cock!

He started fucking me deeper and then he started saying, “baby, ndakuda kutunda”..the fucking got faster, harder and then akabva aizvomora! I looked down and saw cum dripping off his dark cock..He had shot a load on my clit and i thought,I have to do something. I quickly got down on my knees and put that dark cock between my tits. He then exploded on my tits and some went onto my face.. Aita kudiridza ma sperm ake on me. eish, i was turned on!!!!!!! I swear, this felt great.

The water quickly washed away his cum and we started kissing..

I was still trembling nekunakirwa. My thighs couldnt kept shaking and shaking.. I wanted more! Thats all i wanted to say. How’s the new Sugar Dick Dupree page going?? I’ll inbox you later..”

Publisher: Svirorist!

All rights reserved

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