TIP OF THE DAY!__fuck her boobs



Gentlemen, listen up..

Sometimes you must just sexually ‘violate’ your woman. Zviye zvekuita ‘softly softly nice gently sex’ everytime because you want to be seen as a genturumani ka, SIYA! Unoona asvirwa nesu isu ana Commissioner Augustine Chidupree.. LMAO seka hako Sugar ex boyfriend ya Tina.

Anyway, before I drift into story writing mode, here’s my tip..

– you’re at home with your woman.
– stand up and face her.
– don’t say anything.
– push her on the bed kuti arare on her back.
– remove your top, pants, socks kusara une your boxers.
– remove her top and her pants.
– take out some lubricant.
– pour some lube all over her breasts..not too much.
– remove your boxers..
– stand up above her so that she can see machende ako zvese ne mboro.
– start stroking mboro yako whilst looking at her kusvika yamira.
– now sit on her and place mboro yako in between her breasts and start rubbing it all over her tits and nipples.
– grab hold of her breasts and start playing with them.. squeeze them and gently pinch her nipples.
– rova rova her breasts ne mboro yako..that PA PA PA sound MUST be loud..this will turn her on..
– squeeze her breasts together with mboro yako in the middle and slowly start fucking them..
– at this point mboro yako inenge ichipisa yakamira. This feels good for her. Zvinomunakira!
– start fucking them fast.
– look into her eyes and talk shit to her.
– tell her “nhasi uri hure rangu”.. Fuck the breasts as hard and as fast as YOU want.
– violate them.
– zora mboro yako on them.
– zora pre-cum yako on her nipples.
– hold her hair and bring your dick to her face.
– spank her lips and cheeks nemboro yako.
– go slightly up and then make sure machende ako are on her face.
– zora machende ako all over her face wakamugarira.
– sit back on her chest and start fucking the breasts once more..
– svira mazamu ake.
– hold her legs wide and then rub her pussy.
– stick two fingers mubeche rake and finger fuck her fast.. Anotunda chete.
– iwe paunotunda, tundira pamazamu ake!
– tunda kusvika nothing drips out anymore..
– then get up without saying anything wakananga ku bathroom…

If she asks kuti wakazviona kupi, tell her kuti Sugar Dick Dupree taught you..



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