Me, Thoko and the Dog!


Author: Imam Al Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!

aaaah yaas, i’m just sitting on the couch ndenga zvangu reminiscing about girlfriend ye this guy ainzi Remmy.. Argh, Remmy aivhaira zviri over than mhani. Akandivhairira zvakandibhohwa ku imwe party ku north London. Nanhasi when i think about it, ndinobva ndanzwa hasha! I never really got over it. But as you know, where there’s darkness, there’s lightness.. Ah! That doesn’t sound right hanti? Actually, i don’t know if that statement is true because i just made it up. But anyway Remmy akanga ane girlfriend yake yainzi Thoko..uyo ari mu picture iyo. Thoko uyu fell in love with me from the first second she saw me. It was written all over her face kuti she wanted to get with me. I don’t blame her because aaaah vanhuwoye, i am drop dead handsome. Ndakayamwa mukaka ndikaguta plus ndine body yakanaka. Aiwa, i was properly created from head to toe.. on the 8th day after God had a nice rest. I’m sure bible has a verse rakanzi “Now, let there be Dupree”.. Ririmo chete!


Anyway, let me continue kanyaya kangu before YOU start falling in love with me.

So i chatted up Thoko uya and told her some of the best lyrics known to mankind. I can’t tell YOU exactly what i told her because YOU might just fall in love with me too zvikanetsa pano pa Shebeen. But yaah, my lyrics worked like witchcraft. Each time i told her sweet nothings, it was clear kuti it was the most magical moment in her lifetime.. Ha ha da, women are easily pleased i tell you. Ndaito munyepera ini! Women do enjoy being lied to but that’s another sermon for another day.

Saka one day manje, i planned to sex her. Asi, i didn’t want to sex her at my house because she was the type that’d pitch up at my house without warning. She often used to say garbage like “ahada, ini i need to have the keys to the front and backdoor of my boyfriend’s house” akafinyama face and saying that in a stupid voice.. Hooo, ini manje, Imam Al Dupree, giving my keys to girlfriend ya Remmy? That’s madness my sister wo..kutopenga chaiko! Chasara kuti HOMU HOMU HOMU se gudo achimhanyira musango.

So i decided kuti i’d fuck her in a park that was in her area.

We drove to that park, ndokubuda mu motor and sat on the park bench.

There were lots of people walking their dogs so we just remained pa bench paya kissing and touching each other. I think at one point i had my hand in her pants, mheno, i can’t remember.

It was starting to get a bit dark saka i told myself kuti it was now or never. I had to do it! We got up and started walking slowly, holding hands, towards a secluded part of the park. I think she knew what was coming. This part of the park had a bit more trees than any other part saka it was ideal.

We faced each other and started kissing heavily. I had two fingers in her pussy and iye she was stroking my dick. She unbuttoned blouse rake, unbuttoned shirt yangu and then pulled me closer so that our chests could touch each other’s. Her pussy was really wet apo mboro yangu was quite hard.

We grabbed each other for about twenty minutes and then she said, “please fuck me like a dog, my tomato. Fuck me doggy style”. Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you.. Her pet name for me was “Tomato” or “custard” ende it irritated the shit out of me each time she called me that.

I looked around to see if anyone was nearby and saw kuti there was only one person who was walking their dog but was quite a distance away. The person was chatting on the phone achifamba slowly along the perimeter fence ye park. He hadn’t noticed us though. But imbwa yacho had noticed us and it just stared at us.

She bent down and started sucking my dick. Ini ndakabva ndatanga kukoira whilst ndakabata her hair. She wasn’t quite good at it because she was doing it really slow and soft. It felt like nothing was being done. No matter how tight i shut my eyes to concentrate, i felt nothing. At this point it was dark so i decided to stick it in yakadaro nyoro. She was wasting my precious time to be honest. Oh by the way, i don’t do condoms, NO! Wearing a condom is a lot like taking a shower whilst wearing gum boots, a raincoat zvese ne umbrella.. It’s the most stupid thing to do. Besides, my dick is too powerful for an strong viruses, so yaah.

She slightly bent down and i slowly slid it in her wet pussy from behind. Her pussy was farting and quite hot. I started slow, building up pace ne rhythm.

I then heard kuti WOOF! ndokuona that dog still around kakanditarisa karipadhuze. I’m sure it had come to see the world’s greatest sex machine in action. Ndakanzwa manyemwe and i truly wanted to show this dog why Imam Al Dupree is the world’s greatest.

i started fucking the shit out of Thoko. Ndakamuzunza takamira paye. Her breasts were moving so fast zvekuti i almost thought they were about to fall off. Beche rakanga richiita kusura manje and spraying cum all over. I pulled her closer and held her shoulders and fucked her hard. It was almost as if i wanted to punish her for her boyfriend’s actions. I looked to see where that dog was and the thing was dangerously close to us wagging it’s tail.

Kambwa kaye kept coming closer and closer ndikaona kuti ndikaita zve funny pano, kanhu aka kaizondibvarura machende.

Ndakabva ndakati “PFUTSEKI” kambwa kaya ndobva karidza mhere and then ran off. I didnt really see kuti kaka mhanyira kupi because ini I was starting to see stars nemanakiro aiita beche ra Thoko. Vanhuwoye, ndakaita zveku kurunga beche riya. I was giving her ma long strokes ndichi pushira mboro yangu deep in her whilst grinding. I could feel beche rake gripping my dick richi pulsator. Iye akanga akungodonha rute nekunakirwa.

I started taking out mboro yangu yese and then slowly plunging it back in..and repeated that process kakawanda..At this point beche riya rakanga rakunaka zvisingaite. Even kana beche remunhu ane diabetes harinaki kupfura apa! Vakafa hapana chavakaona.
At one point, ndakaburitsa mboro yese and then when i plunged it back in, ndakanzwa kamwe kakunaka so kakanga kari veeeery different from earlier. I think mboro yangu yakanga yapinda muimwe ‘pocket’ yebeche.. This part of the beche felt like it had ma ridges so. Haaaaah, ndakaoneswa yogi yogi nekunaka.. makeke chaiwo!, I slowly started fucking ‘pocket’ iya..Ndobva ndaburitsa mboro yese and then pandakaidzosera, it felt different..then I thought NO MHANI, I need to get back mu pocket iya. I took it out again and then when I plunged it back in, ndakabva ndapinza mu pocket muya..WOOOOH!!! Ndakasvira mapeche akawanda but this was different! Ma candy cake anosara pasi!!!!! This time, the pocket felt like it had a second pussy that was kissing my dick head..Ndakabva ndanzwa matinji ake achiita kunge arikunanzva machende angu..HEYI HEYI..Ndakakoirira vanhu woye ‘pocket’ iya! i felt i was about to cum so I pulled it out thought rega ndinyatsoona kuti beche iri rakambonyatsoita sei because it was just too good ekse!

When I looked down,I saw maziso two neka muromo! Fuckeni shiti! I took a step back and ndokuoona kambwa kaye kachinanzvirira. Dhemeti! It instantly hit me kuti ‘pocket’ iya was actually muromo wekambwa aka and ma ridges acho were the upper lining of the dog’s mouth! I felt a rush of anger ndobva ndakati KICK! iko kakabva kati nzvee ndobva ndatsvedza tsverere pasi dhii.. losing my balance then ndiye gada, kugara pamusoro pedhodhi!! I felt so stupid so ndichiona kambwa kaye kachitiza.Sure, ini ,Imam Al Dupree kupihwa blow job nembwa..




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3 thoughts on “Me, Thoko and the Dog!

  1. Hey Mr dupree, please tell me your really joking when u say u don’t use condoms and these ladies you are fucking are the ones who give in their pussy free to your face , I confirm? Because I really would be happy if you can also mention the ones who have turn you DOWN !



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