TIP OF THE MOMENT__missionary


Kana uchisvirwa in Missionary Position (the one all Zimbabwean men usually start with…or it’s when the guy is on top), BATIRIRA either his waist or magaro ake..

Zviya zvekuita spread eagle your hands flat on the bed or putting them behind you head, JUST STOP THAT BULL SHIT!! Do you hear me?!

Hold onto him
-pull him,
-spank him,
-pinch his nipples,
-rub his chest,
-lick his chest and nipples,
-nibble/suck/lick his neck,
-dig your fingers into his butt,
-rub his back (musana),
-‘hug’ his neck, –wrap your legs around him,
-TAMBISA CHIKAPA (which really means gyrate your pelvis into him zvine rhythm…or fucking back)..

Don’t just lie there like a kettle.. Zvinobhohwa!!!!

Be active please..

Be responsive please..Itawo ma noises and throw your legs all over the pace.


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