My Zimbabwean King


Author -Adina

I love my Zimbo Guy thumbs up for being real for me for being well mannered and “gentle ” for being intelligent resourceful hardwearing and hardworking …Ive been East , West ,North ….But my Zimbo guy z the bomb

But like every thing good it needs polishing to be perfect .there is one area that needs special mention….Ever noticed Zimbabwean men and their lack of fashion sense and or grooming ever noticed how they just grab anything and sort of throw it over their bodies .unoona mkomana akanakanaka akapfeka mish mash inonzi fashion disaster and you really know kuti the Zim Sista tries so hard to look good ….iiiii unonyara kunyadziswa chaiko ..!

…Forgive me for generalising but for purposes of progress allow me please.
I have to give credit to a few good men out there who rock it and who do it well . Boobs up …kip it up …
Nothing beats a nicely dressed freshly smelling brother .nothing sexually arouses me more than the sight of a well groomed man .Sharp neat dressing and fresh breath…and clothes that are :;-


Well Fitted

Casual, and yet classic



I feel my pants getting wet just knowing a man actually took time to look good ,,,,,if they care about their body highly likely they will care about mine ..??
Your dress sense can actually say ..”hey I’m the main man “without you opening your zip and your smell can touch me in places I’ve never been touched before and send me orgasming and my heart race in the hundred zone .

I’m not really bothered about perfume on my man unless if you have really bad body odour or if you can afford expensive scents I actually prefer natural body smell …..ummnh the scent of musky manliness.salty to the taste I love that …I can eat it all day and night and drink it too……!
Fresh underwear and socks please thank you very much.

Don’t know why every young man i know wants to follow American dress sense of oversized baseball shirts caps shorts and tracksuits …well some men and only a few rock it but the rest just look like a bunch of nherera vana vakafirwa nevabereki while some look like they have pooed in their pants … .now listen we not in America some of us cant even afford to spell America and yet wanna act all American why do you wanna be a copycat ??dress Zimbabwean and make my pants wet .It makes you sexy.

Some guys don’t even know how much roll on and deodorant costs …for twenty dollars you can get a good enough deodorant .and purleazz …trim that beard and those bushes we want to eat on a clean platter make it nice for my lips and buy mouth freshener we don’t want to kiss stale breath smelling like maguru emombe.

When we get down to he !he !ooooh ! I will be sooo aroused by your dressing so much that foreplay will be a walkover .
Please guys no sagging jeans no oversized shorts t shirts shirts please no oversized anything lets leave it for the Americans they know why they do it it just makes you look silly like an overgrown child .

Invest in a bit of Vaseline or lotion hasvisi for women only even men need cream on their skin.nice clean haircut and shave .
After doing all above and a bit of housecleaning an hour in the gym to tone those abs and that dumbu remasese here comes my Zimbo King in all his glory and glamour strutting his stuff to claim his Queen i’ll melt in your arms .. I will be submissive …i’ll blow job u …i’ll swallow …ill take a bullet for u ……..there is nothing I won’t do for you My King .


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