Coloured VS Black


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree.
Publisher: Svirorist!
Copy protected.


“Hi Sugar, ndine ka confession kangu kandirikuda kuda kuita muno in this your As you know, i’m mixed race and i’ve always dated white or coloured guys. Well, i have been naughty, Sugar. something about a black man
Sugar ka, there’s something about black guys that just really turns me on. A black man is
the finest piece of guy out there to be honest.

I had this one guy who was really tall. He had really short hair, not quite fully shaved like zuda, asi really close-cut. He had the whole broad shoulders and gorgeous muscle tone
thing going, a really hot tight ass and killer smile. I really liked him, and so when
he asked me if I wanted to go out ku club naye, of course I was thrilled. Ndakanga ndatofunga zve mboro yake… 

Saka I got dressed in one of my slutty short black dresses and high-heeled
shoes. Handina kupfeka kana pant or even thong, just in case he decided kuti he
wanted more than dancing… 

When he came to pick me up, he seemed really appreciative of my choice in dress..exactly the sort of reaction yandanga ndichitsvaga, his eyes of chocolate roving over me as
though he badly wanted to skip the club altogether. 

We hit the club just as things were starting to get lively. Akandi introducer to some of his friends and we all sat around and had some drinks, then danced a bit. Every time we
were on the dance floor, he and I would grind, and I could feel chi mboro chake under those jeans he wore. To be honest, i was already horny. I was even prepared kusvirwa ipapo pa dancefloor, as they say YOLO.. You Only Live Once..

After three hours or so, we decided kuti the club just wasn’t kicking anymore because people were fighting and vamwe vakanga vadhakwa , so we left to go to his place.

When he opened the door, ndakashamisa at how neat the place was, plus he had a cute cat that came right up and meowed to be petted.  I leaned down to pet the cat, and
then I felt his hand sliding over my back and ass. Sugar, ndakanzwa ropa richimanya in my body. Delighted, I turned as I straightened back up, looking him direct in his eyes. 
Reaching out, I trailed my hand over his chest, then started to unbutton shirt yake. He smiled at me and reached around behind me, unzipping my dress and letting it fall to the floor.  
I stood there naked for him to see.. He took a step back ndokunditarisa up and down achidzvinya dzvinya chimboro chake . 

He reached out and pulled me towards him, started french kissing me as he guided my
hands to take off his clothes until he stood there naked, his body looked  fantastic! Icho chimboro chake chakanga chakasviba..and i mean very dark chakati mirei chakafuta and chiri slightly curved, chine musoro muhombe wakatsuka kuti piriviri and complimented nemazi jende mahombe. Choya chake chakange chiri mohican zvayo. Eish! 

He put a hand on the top of my head and gently pushed me to my knees, telling me in his velvet voice to suck him. I started by gently pulling back  foreskin yechimboro chiya and licking around the head a bit, teasing him as I inhaled the musky smell of his body. Kune vamwe varume vanonhuwa smell inonaka so. He smelled like male skin and natural soap, ah hamheno..i can’t describe it but it’s a smell that turns me on and it was not at all unpleasant.

I opened my mouth and tongued his cock as I slid my wet lips over it. He moaned and I
started to put some suction in the mix, using my hands to stroke him as I sucked. It was really nice and thick and it tasted delicious. 

Honestly speaking, i just wanted to start sucking it semunhu asvikirwa but for some reason, i just thought it’d be better ndika parker ma steady.

He held my hair out of my face for me as I sucked chimboro chiya. Now i believe kuti when you’re truly horny, unenge une an urge yekuda kunyatsodya mboro as if youn want to choke yourself nayo. Sugar, ndakadya chimboro chiya. I was playing with my clit zvine vigour and constantly playing with my breasts. Iye akabva abata vhudzi rangu and started fucking my face. After a few minutes, he pulled away from me, his eyes closed as he took several deep breaths. I think akanga anakirwa to the point of nearly ejaculating. Oh how i wish he had done so because i’d have swallowed every drop.

Once he opened his eyes, he smiled and urged me to stand up. Once I stood up, he lifted
me in those strong, muscular arms of his and carried me to his room, setting me down on his king-sized bed. He reached into the drawer next to his bed and found a condom and
rolled it on, then lifted my legs, resting them on his arms as he knelt between my caramel thighs. Slowly he pushed chimboro chiya into me, and I moaned as he filled me deeper than any other man I’ve ever been with in my life. Beche rangu raita kutsemukira zvichirwadzirira zvainaka! He started to fuck me zviri slow, his dark skin a sharp contrast against my caramel brown skin as my hands caressed his chest and then slid around his waist.

After a few minutes, akabva andirarira akaisa most of his weight on his groin area and started fucking me harder, his hands lifting my legs to rest on his shoulders, his meat pounded into me so hard I thought he was trying to break me in two. The headboard was banging against the wall and the bed was squeaking. He groaned as he pumped, and my fingernails dug into his chunky biceps while I held on for dear life,riding this fuck for all it was worth and loving every second of it, crying out in ecstasy every time chimboro chake
drove in chakazadza beche. Iro beche rangu raiita kupisa raka hugger chi mboro chiya, rakatota! Suddenly he pulled out and ripped off the condom, stroking chimboro chake for just a moment until his hot cream splashed over my tits. Wave after wave of uronyo splattered against my skin, and my fingers spread it around as he finished. For a moment, he just knelt there with his eyes shut tight, savoring his orgasm. Then he opened his eyes to smile at me and offer to share a shower.  We hit it again in the shower and met often for fuck sessions before I had to move out of the country. I wonder if he still wants to get
together, maybe I could go visit him… 



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