TIP OF THE DAY___doggy





When your woman says to you, “ngatichinje position..i want it doggy now”.. She means she wants you to punish her. She’s pretty much saying, “i want you to show me what you’ve got”. Doggy is the only position yaasina any control even kana any eye contact zvayo. Ari totally powerless in this position and is pretty much at your mercy.. Bottom line is: arikuda kuzvamburwa nayo mboro yako!


– you must take control..zviya zvekuita take complete charge of the situation..
– be very confident..
– position her in doggy.. Bata bata magaro ake uchiita kunge
urikunyatsoita position them. This gives the impression yekuti you know what you’re doing.
– push down her waist so that anenge ari in that “ass up,face down” stance..
– rub her bum, squeeze it and rub her back…
– bata bata mazamu ake.
– kisser magaro ake and nibble on them.
– let your dick rest on buri re exhaust yake whilst uchibata-bata her body and massaging her shoulders.

*** when you want to put it in..

– spread her butt cheeks apart.
– move closer.
– spank her pussy nayo mboro yako, ka beanz ngakarohwe nemusoro wemboro.
– slide it in yese zvayo kusvika choya chako chaakuguma exhaust yake.
– when it’s in, push it even deeper.
– take all of out zviri slow and plunge it back in yese zvayo. Hold onto her shoulders in order to properly push it in deep.
– do this a couple of times..
– then wobva wabata magaro ake. Make sure your fingers are spaced out so that each hand covers a large area of each butt cheek.
– bata magaro kuti dzvii – or you can hold onto her hips kana
waist..never forget to space out your fingers and you must grab her zviri firm.
– and start pumping her..
– as you pump, pull her towards you and iwe you pump into her..so it’s like you’re ‘crashing’ into her…
– fuck her hard and fast AND deep.
– muzunze..shake her like a leaf!
– pull her, spank her, pump into her,
squeeze her bum hard, tug her hair, roar,groan, make noises, call her
names, be vulgar,mutuke.
– beche ngarirohwe se beche!!
– muzvambure nayo!

and then inbox me uchindiuudza kuti chii chakaitika


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