Svirorist Diaries


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!




….I pulled her closely towards me kuti anyatsoinzwa ichipinda yese. I’d slide it in zviri deep and slowly take it out kusara musoro ndichiita ma long strokes. Haikona kusura kwaiita beche ikoko. It was making ‘kissing’ sounds. She’d lift her back and head up, eyes rolling, with each and every thrust. Aigwina-gwina and her thighs were trembling achingo mover all over the place. Since one of her legs was on my shoulder, anga achingo kicker with the other leg so I decided to put both of her legs on my shoulders. Ndakatanga ku pumper ndichiisa just half of my dick in her. I’d pump 5 times iri half- half kudaro then on the 6th 7th 8th pump, ndaiipinza yese ndakaisa enough weight to pound her into the bed..then on the 9th to 15th pump,inenge iri half-half.

Lol ne maths idzi zvabva zvaku vexer ka? Anyway, Each time
pandaipinza yese, she’d scream and pull me towards her. At one point, i started pounding her, i was literally crashing into her. She pulled me towards her ndobva ndamuti zi kiss abva aramba akandi hugger so tight achigwina with her legs now wrapped around me. She was cumming. I have a sensitive dick head so i could easily feel the warmth of her cum hitting musoro wemboro yangu. I pulled it out and decided to change position. Had i not pulled out, ndaitotunda chete! Iye akangoramba akandibata chete achindi kisser making ma sounds. I turned her around ndikamurarisa totally flat on her tummy. I poured oil all over her back, magaro ake, my chest and mboro yangu..then ndakabva ndamurarira and started ‘sliding’ up and down her back. I then sat on her butt, spread it and started running mboro yangu up and down her pussy and exhaust..I rubbed my dick around it and spanked it too! Say whatever you want asi i’m proud to be nasty in the bedroom!

Ndaka spreader her legs wide (still flat on her tummy) then ndakabva ndaiipinza once more. I put both my arms on her shoulders ndiri like in a ‘press ups position’. It sounds brutal asi trust me, when you’re fucking her good, she won’t feel the pain… Besides, it’s not as painful as it sounds I started pounding her. Ndanga ndichipinza yese! She was pretty much sinking into the bed because ndanga ndichisvira zvekusvikirwa. The whole bed was moving and she was screaming into the mattress and the pillows. She’d pull the bed linen, bite a pillow or hold her head. Ndakabva ndamurira, put my right hand round to play with clit and the other was grabbing her neck..ndamuiisa pa choke hold (obviously hauzodzipa munhu.. Just enough pressure to make her aware kuti your hand is there) and started grinding. By this time, she was just trembling none stop and screaming. I could feel her pussy throbbing plus she was clenching her butt.

Magaro ake akanga aoma kuti ngaa…I spanked her akabva a screamer. I spanked her again and this time,her scream was louder than the previous one..Ndabva ndati PA! imwe spank yechi three then magaro ake suddenly softened up and she slowly started spreading her legs wide open, achisimukira..and she let out an ear shattering scream into the pillow! I pulled my dick out and cum gushed out of her pussy. I started spanking beche rake nemboro rakatota kudaro and more squirt gushed out. I started massaging her time to recover..and kissing her softly on her back..and licking & nibbling here and there. After she recovered, i turned her on her back kuti tiite missionary. She wrapped her legs around me and started kissing me akabata magaro angu. Ndakaipinza then i grabbed her butt cheeks -exposing her exhaust- ndakaita zvekubata with firm grip. My whole aim was to ensure kuti kana ndakumusvira, she’d feel mazichende angu hitting her exhaust. I was looking into her eyes whilst tichisvirana. I’d occassionaly stick out my tongue and she’d lick it or start kissing me. I started kusvira like crazy. Machende manje anga achirova the bum hole yake. Uku achiita ma noises.. I could feel kuti she was cumming akabva andipa zi spank kumagaro..and i lost my rhythm. I started fucking futi abva anditi imwe and i lost my rhythm once more. I could feel kuti i was about to cum. She unwrapped her legs, started french kissing me abva andipa zi double handed spank. Like i said, i have a sensitive butt so this was it! I told her, “i’m about to cum”.. zvikanzi, “don’t take it out!” and she held me SOOO tight i couldn’t move.. Unbeknown to me, she was also cumming. I completely lost my rhythm, ndikatanga kugwina-gwina and then it was game over..ndakatunda! We both came at the same time. I started smooching her and licking her nipples, mboro ichirimo, and playing with her tits. ImageWe remained like this for 10 or 15 minutes and then we both fell asleep…


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