Glory of Self Pleasure


Masturbation is pleasurable …
Learning how to masturbate is a great way to find out what turns you on and what kinds of physical touching and fantasies make you most likely to reach the big ‘O’. This article is going to show you exactly what to do to masturbate (with your hands or toys) as well as showing you some great ways to expand your range of fantasies.

Getting In The Mood –

For some, they find that all they need to do is lie down on their bed to get in the mood. While for others, they like to drag it out by having a shower, applying some body lotion all over their body, lighting some candles, playing their favorite music watching porn or talking to their boyfriend and putting on something really comfortable or getting naked while lying in bed .
Start by exploring your body touch yourself nipples pinch them squeeze them anything that arouses you .

Ensure Privacy

If you want to truly relax and get in the mood before you start masturbating, then make sure that you won’t be disturbed by anyone.

Using Lube –

If you have trouble reaching orgasm, or you just plain want to have a more pleasurable, sensual experience, then I strongly recommend using lubricant (usually called lube). There are many different types of lube whether it’s water based, oil based or something else. So make sure to experiment with each to find out which you prefer and helps to give you the strongest orgasms.vaseline does the job fine .

Ready -set -GO!!
Clitoral stimulation

Don’t go straight for your clitoris/vagina just yet!

You may be eager to start masturbating right away, but instead, it’s better to keep build up to it. Start by slowly rubbing from your thighs up to your stomach and over your breasts. Try to listen to your body to find out where it feels best to be rubbed and stimulated. Your breasts may feel the most sensitive and pleasurable to touch or maybe your inner things feel best or maybe even your waist does. The key is to experiment and find what works best for you and your body.

Keep doing this for just a few minutes or until before finally starting to lower one hand towards your crotch. This slow build up is all part of making your orgasm that much more powerful when you do climax.
Learn to power breathe by alternating how you breathe it will heighten your arousal and or pleasure .
You can also talk dirty like you talking to your bf or your object of affection.

You need to find your clitoris which I have …named aka gongo .It is at the top of your vagina. (See picture)

To start this is sexual intercourse by yourself with yourself . Simulate sexual intercourse as much as possible for a pleasurable experience.

To stimulate the clit …try gently rubbing it with your finger then two or three whatever works for you . You may find that it’s so sensitive, that it’s actually more pleasurable to provide it with indirect stimulation, rubbing around it, instead of touching it directly…

Start by stroking it rythmically in a circular motion softly. Increase the pressure and speed as you get aroused. Continue pointing your toes, clinching your butt cheeks and flexing your legs.You can even gyrate your hips and moan …It will begin to feel better and better. Keep doing it until you climax or what is called having an orgasm. This will feel like an explosion and you feel shivers of pleasure You can relax for some minutes and repeat it if necessary .

There is another way to do it and that is with a vibrator on your clit. Another way that you can do it is to place two fingers on either side of your clitty. It is best to get a hand mirror and examine yourself. You will see that you have a hood over your clitty. It is kind of like a foreskin on a man’s uncircumsized penis. You can manipulate that hood up and down faster and faster and make yourself come that way as well. Another way that you can do it is to gently pull the hood back and stroke your clitty directly. It will feel much better.

Vaginal Stimulation

Another way to finger yourself into having a G spot orgasm is to insert a finger inside of your vagina just inside about 11/2 inches in at the roof of your vagina. You start slipping your finger in and out in a rapid fashion gradually increasing the pressure. You will feel a swelling like a rubber eraser grow inside of you. That is your G spot. You keep stroking in and out faster and faster and putting more pressure on it. It will begin to feel like you need to pee. Don’t be afraid, let it go, it won’t be pee, you will have a G spot orgasm and it is the most powerful orgasm that you can have. You will likely have vaginal gushing of liquid leaking out of you or even squirting. It will feel wonderful and you can repeat this again a couple of minutes later.

Anal Stimulation

This is for real freaks like Adina Shebeen you stimulate your clitoris as above whilst a butt plug is inserted deep in your anus
The orgasm is explosive .
Some women do like this and some don’t .

Now go enjoy yourself !



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