Vakadzi vanohura -why ??


Pic __shows …An adulterous couple caught at it !

Men need sex ~~women need love ~~men cheat often without a reason whereas women cheat for a reason usually lack of emotional fulfilment .
Find below reasons I got while speaking with friends and family, and even via comments on a blog post …
Why women cheat …

13- The thrill Seekers
It is my opinion that most “thrill seekers” miss the feeling that comes with new love or feeling their spouse can’t keep his hands off her. She wants to be wanted, to feel sexy, as if she turns her husband on every time she walks in the room. When she loses that feeling, she goes looking for it outside the marriage.

12-The Lonely Wife
Working too hard and no romance
” What happens when a woman feels lonely and no emotional attachment to her husband? She goes looking for emotional attachment elsewhere.

11.low Self Esteem wife
Married to a man who takes the marriage and the wife for granted
Enter into the picture a man who compliments her, shows interest in her emotionally, tells her she is beautiful. A man who looks at her and sees something other than a mother, housekeeper and wife. She may find herself throwing caution to the wind in order to find the validation she needs and is not getting in the marriage.

10. Women cheat because they are human
But, we did agree that either party could cheat because they are human and make mistakes.
Being a woman doesn’t come with an anti-cheating chip…

9. Women cheat because they are bored.
With time on the hands or even with a table full of projects, boredom can set in. Craving something interesting or different can lead to a partner that strays.

8. Women cheat to revenge!
‘Been cheated on; will cheat’ is similar to ‘Been hurt Will hurt’ mantra some people hold.
Anger or hurt can lead people down a revenge path!
“hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” If you want to bring out the worst in your wife let her doubt your fidelity

7. Women cheat because something is missing.
It might be something that used to be there or was never there and then you meet someone who brings it.

6. Women cheat when they do not get what they want.
Let me explain! Sometimes you know what it is you want exactly. You may even be dating or married to the man of your dreams but one day you wake up and you want more.

5. Women cheat because they also give in to temptation.
I always laugh when some of my male friends talk about how they can’t resist temptation and that’s why men can’t be monogamous. I ask about women and they say, of course women can be.
Truth is, the average girl stays monogamous because she chooses to and sticks to that. Just like guys, girls get tempted.

4. Women cheat to pay the bills
As controversial as this may come across, some women make the decision to cheat in order to get ahead in some way, or for financial reasons like paying the bill, or ‘paying’ for a service ..”remember carpet interviews ”

3. Women cheat because they like adventure
Danger! Doing something you shouldn’t be doing! Maybe you’ll get caught, but that’s what makes it even more irresistible!That adrenaline rush. Etc

2. Women cheat because they aren’t getting any and other men find them irresistible .
sex sex sex
Things get stale at home and this guy can’t stop giving you attention …

1. Women cheat because they CAN.

Having said this 90% of women who cheat only have one affair and stop the guilt and remorse that follows is unbearably suffocating that they never do it again .5% may try it once more just to be sure first time was a mistake
Only 2% later become serial cheaters and 3% get caught and end up with no one to cheat because they wil be soo single.

However it has been found that although more women cheat now still the number is far less than that of men who cheat

Tell us Why you think women cheat?!

4 thoughts on “Vakadzi vanohura -why ??

  1. Lots of exercise will improve stamina and reduce premature ejaculation. Thats number 1.
    Number 2: learn to control the way you breathe during sex. Dont hold your breath, just breathe properly and relax. Nyatso fema mushe mushe.
    Yes, premature ejaculation can be caused by lack of exercise.
    Ever since i started going to the gym, handitunde easily.

    Also read
    How to make her cry in bed it has a few tips …


  2. Most married men lack adventure, young wives need that, i need it and always tell hubby we need it. only made out in a car once. I dont feel loved i want him to control me man handle me. How can he read the signs before i find it elsewhere. Kissing i miss romance i sound lonely dont i??? Umm sure i am not the only lady who feels like this, these are things that make women cheat let alone most of my friends find their hubbies like this…. lol


  3. people cheat not only coz of reasons personally i think some where just born cheats some cheat coz thy saw it happen to their parents and it became the norm cheating is just in some peoples blood namatter how much you show do say something so that she can realise this person loves they just cheat



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