All about MP/jeko

Menstrual Cramps

Picture shows
Day Five of menstruation
See open cervix in picture with a hint of menstrual blood .


Your woman is having that rough time of woman hood the oil change business
Red flag
Kuenda kumwedzi
The MOT….
that private time of the month and you wonder why girls are always complaining of menstrual cramps….

Am not going to be technical am not a Doctor ….in simple language
A woman’s menstrual cramp.or period pain ….can almost be equated to a man being punched in the balls..
It hurts ….

Imagine a hand pulling, squeezing….punching and kicking your balls all at once .

That's exactly what's happening to her womb during her period…..

Her uterus is being pulled, squeezed, the walls are shedding….it's being prepared for the safe implantation of an egg.

The cramps may be happening in her uterus, but the effects is on the whole body….

Some people are unable to stand,
unable to work,
unable to go to school…..
some vomit through out or at least for the first few days,….
there is terrible tiredness just lethargy general lack of energy
the headaches are enormous not to talk of lower back ache…
breasts are tender
there is terrible abdominal cramps in some they can experience mini contractions and in some recto caecal pain
it is a mini labor(childbirth)…

It is not just physical but emotional as well … Hormonal influence ~~Mood swings are common and some are very tearful or weepy.
So say the right things .

Some women are very horny and actually want sex or just cuddles
If she is up to it you can wear a condom and treat her right~~~
Why not ?
Some don’t even want you in the room me included I’m off sex completely but I want attention in the form of don’t avoid me but don’t stifle me …nuff said
So every woman is different …!

next time your woman complains of menstrual cramps….be sensitive..
Offer pain relief ~~paracetamol…ibuprofen …ponstan
Stoppayne may alleviate the pain
If not allergic ( am no Doctor )
Let her take lots of drinks to rehydrate
Do the cooking so that she rests
Help or offer to get her hot water bottles they may lessen the pain
Be sweet and nice it helps!


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