Adina inboxes Sugar


Author: Adina Shebeen
Publisher: Sex Shebeen Publishers.
Copy protected. All rights reserved.

So, Sugar.. I finally gave in to my pussy’s demands. I couldn’t help myself. I lost all sense of self control. I finally fucked this guy and i loved EVERY moment of it. Let’s call him “Tyrone”. As you already know, my boyfriend treats me like dirt so i found my legs taking me to Tyrone’s place. Don’t ask me why. We’ll discuss that later. Anyway, whilst there, one thing led to another. Things quickly got heated up and i could tell sex was on the cards. He then walked me into the lounge whilst hugging me from behind. I loved the way i felt ‘safe and protected’ being enveloped by his chunky biceps plus i could feel his fat cock grinding into my buttocks. This drove me insane. I was getting really turned on. We both fell onto the couch and before i knew what was happening, we started kissing the life out of each other..I mean this was hard kissing..our tongues locked and flicked. I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to eat him bad. He violently pulled off my pants and at that moment, my pussy went instantly wet. I undid his jeans and out jumped his fat cock. It was as if it couldn’t wait to be released. It was short, chocolatey, thick, had a big head, had veins all over and dripping with pre-cum. My mouth just felt wet when i looked at the thing. My pussy was going crazy. I swear i felt pussy juices trickling in my pussy..I was so wet in such a short time it was unbelievable. It usually takes me ages to get wet but then again, my boyfriend doesn’t know how to press my buttons.

Anyhoo, he removed his tank top and socks and started playing with my nipples. I was jerking off his cock and squeezing pre-cum onto my clit. I love foreplay but because i was too horny, I couldn’t wait any longer. I guided his cock into my pussy and we both watched as he slowly sank it in me. I felt it enter slowly and he started shallow pumping me with his big dick head. My pussy was throbbing and making ‘kissing sounds’ as the head entered in and out. We were no longer kissing but just watching the action down below. He then slid half of his fat cock in me and i felt my pussy stretch. It was kinda sore but it felt fucking great!!! He kept sliding it in and i could feel my pussy tightening around it. It filled up my pussy. The friction was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I was dripping wet. He pumped me slow at first and i loved the way his big balls tickled my asshole.

The pace started increasing and then he started breathing heavily. I moaning and had my hands gripped on his tight ass. He drove harder and faster into me. Besides the sounds of us breathing heavily and moaning, you could hear that SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH sounds as his balls and dick slammed into my pussy. The noise levels increased and our moans turned into roars and screams. The couch was squeaking and i was screaming, begging to be fucked harder and harder! I felt his dick hit my g-spot many times. He was fucking me long strokes, short strokes and grinding it deep into me. I was cumming and screaming so much. He dug his fingers into my butt and spread it apart.. and then started playing with my asshole (exhaust). I was seeing stars!! He rocked me for about ten to fifteen minutes and then exploded in me. He shot a huge load because i felt all of it in me and my eyes were rolling whilst my body was twitching. He started licking my neck and did not pull his dick out. We then both fell asleep…whilst still inside me.. I woke up 20 minutes later and still found him on top of me..and still in me. His dick was getting hard and not before long, it was second round..


Adina Shebeen was talking to Sugar Dick Dupree


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