Dirty Letter

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Dirty letter

From Adina Shebeen

Fuck I am horny with a capital “H” !!! and i want YOU now ! Sometimes I wish I could have you glued to me, well kept in my body like a tattoo or a piercing. I would like to feel you very close to my skin, making my hair stand on end at EVERY hour of the day! Eish, my pussy doing gymnastics in my pants.. and im playing with it imagining uchindisvira naro zimboro rako…….

I want you more and more. I often have erotic memories of you and I hurry to get home, to take a bath and put some perfume on, only to welcome you with all the freshness of my skin, but with all the warmth of inner body. I love to feel you inside of me; I love to feel the warmth of zimboro rako, touching my skin, rubbing against my pussy walls.. like burning iron teasing beche rangu and filling my body with desire.

– I have visions of you on top of me, pulverizing me into the bed, uchindisvira making me scream with pleasure with your vigorous and precise movements.
– I love to feel the dense and warm liquid of zimboro rako run inside my body.
– I love to feel that you are my male, protector and master of my body.
– I love the feel of your tongue uchidya matinji angu uchipinza rurimi rwako mukati mubeche rangu, slurping my love juices. Eish ndabva ndatota -am drenched..I cant wait. I want you to fuck the shit out of me.
– I love the way you own and control me in the bedroom!

I love the fact that u are a vigorous man but at the same time, a defenseless little boy, relying on my arms and the warmth of my thighs. I love it when you fall asleep in my arms, resting your head on my tits …. for countless minutes, after having irrigated my flesh with your abundant semen. Lol
I love the taste of your saliva seducing my mouth and I like the warmth of your breath when you kiss me kumhata kwangu… (Ah, you know very well where I love to be kissed!). I love your kisses more and more, your cuddles and your strength. And I’m writing to you to tell you I miss you soo much.


Adina Shebeen.



6 thoughts on “Dirty Letter

  1. Adina that’s the sweetest letter I have read in ages. Wow! I wish I could find someone who allows me to let her enjoy the moments that we share together. Real cool.



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