There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating pussy, gentlemen! Absolutely nothing wrong. It is the “in thing” and ladies love it.

I know that most African men (particularly Zimbabwean men) tend to say “No no no, i don’t eat that thing, I’m a man, besides its disgusting..and she knows i don’t do that. It wasn’t designed for licking anyway “. AH! YOU MUST CHANGE!

Women these days WANT to have their pussy eaten!
matinji achisvisvinwa …muto webeche uchinwiwa ….beche rinonaka boys dzangu kana rakunakira.
When women go to baby-showers, thats all they talk about. They talk about new positions and give each other tips on how to improve one’s sex life. I’m sure you know this. He who tells you that it’s stupid and primitive to eat pussy is a foolish LIAR!

You don’t lose your “street cred” if your boys know that you eat pussy. Most guys out there eat pussy but they are too shy to publicly admit it for fear of being ridiculed.

Eating pussy is just as important as intercourse. A lot of women even find it more intimate than intercourse and reach orgasm more quickly that way. If you want to be a great lover, you have to view oral sex as a main dish served in a variety of ways.


My tongue goes everywhere and hapana pandinosiya. All around the pussy walls, all over the clit, in the pussy, all over the pussy and even ikoko ku exhaust..YES, i’m that nasty! Nasty with a capital “N”


I’ll let Adina take over from here..



Thanks Sugar..

Right, ini i just hate it when a guy asks me kuti “Tell me what you want.”heee unoda kubatwa papi?? while we’re hooking up. That’s a dumb fucking question. For future reference, varume, I only want one thing, ….and that is your tongue on my clitoris/ka beans. If I say anything else in response to this question, it’s because ndinenge ndato shock-wer by the idea that you think I could want anything except that. Wanting anything else has actually not occurred to me until the moment of your asking, and then I’m like, well, I Adina Shebeen, am probably supposed to say something like, I don’t know, “I want your huge cock in my wet pussy” or something. But I don’t want to say that because
-1. It doesn’t sound like me, and
-2. That’s not what I want.

I just want you to eat me out, and I want you to do it for a long time with varying speeds, pressures, and tongue patterns until I tell you “Don’t stop,” which is your cue kuti I’m going to cum soon, and at this point you should maintain a constant speed, pressure, and tongue pattern until ndatu ..nda!! You’ll be able to tell when this happens, trust me.

Then, if you know what you’re doing (or if you just didn’t realize that all of that muscle contracting and head grabbing and shouting or moaning kuchemerera….I was doing was indicative of my orgasm), you will take a 5-10 second break and return to eating me out, because multiple orgasms are easily achieved and, like, wow, really awesome.

Kutunda is just awesome in general because it make me feel like a beautiful woman, and kudyiwa beche is also like that because guys who are good at it usually really appreciate vaginas.
And nothing beats a man who knows what do with pussy .
A pussy is there for a reason kudyiwa kusvirwa and kuzvara.
Kana ndisi kuzvara ndidye /ndisvire.




We might update this.

Sugar & Adina


8 thoughts on “Beche!

  1. Also sex videos must be an integral part of this site & downloadble only personal on emails of subscribers and not facebook accounts.


  2. i recently got my pussy eaten for the first. it was unbelievable. i fell in love with his tongue. u want me to worship the ground u walk on. do that to me



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