Zim sexual revolution

Written by Gogo vekuSweden
@Svirorist Publishers
All rights reserved do not reprint without permission.


Are you aware there is a sexual revolution in Zimbabwe at the moment?

Sex is on the agenda.
Social networks are awash with hookups …meet ups and fuck ups
Facebook is full of Zim sex pages
Sexting and sex chats …
Bootycalls …etc at the expense of marriages and relationships …

Some people are actually myopic to think dating on FB is not actual dating
It’s sad coz kuhura pafacebook is still chihure well yeah !
Sex on the Internet is still sex
Sending your pussy or dick in a text is still sex …..hope you follow …

Hondo Yesviro chaiwo….

Yes every one wants more and more sex ….more and more experiments …
All are obsessed with porn …sex etc
Beche rachipiswa paZimbabwe..kunge Zim dollar rarohwa neinflation..
Virgins can’t wait to be deflowered
Humhandara hwaBaccossi dollar for 3 or for a box of chicken slicer…

Kuita Mvana is now very fashionable shows experience yako pabonde actually boosts your Sexual CV whereas past years zvainyadzisa
Hure has been erased from dictionary and upgraded to small house.
There is an epidermic of small houses.
Even young girls as young as 18 are willing to be third or fourth wife ..as long as she gets to drive mota ine kamwana ( 4 by 4 with a wheel at the back.)
And a nice house …..sadly ….rented in most cases..
Men no longer respect their marriages..

Recently there have been a few videos which have gone viral in a bid for a few sex zealots to show their sexual skills
Well with hilarious results for example
Pokello taught us if you are beautiful you gotta have a headboard wherever u get laid …
Whilst kkkkkk ….ayaaaas,,!
Tinopona Katsande taught us you don’t go to war without training for battle without a gun well a proper gun and the gun has to have bullets and in no way should it be a toy gun etc
Don’t show the world your unspecialised unskilled sexual moves or non moves.
Simple terms keep sex private dont shoot any videos you are not a porn star…..tinoseka isu zvedu…kkkk?!

Married women in a bid not to be outdone are leading the race rechihure …it is common practice for married women to cheat on their boyfriends.???
Recently in news two men fought over a married woman whilst the husband watched.
Some comedian has said Murume ane mukadzi asiri kuhura akasara…..
Actually divorce cases as a result of chihure are trending …

Zvikwereti zvave paid nebeche
It actually goes like ….””may i borrow thirty dollars…. Munouya muchisvira musi wa30….”””
Seems beche is a new currency in barter trade transactions ..
“Like I need five kg dze beef and mozouya for …two rounds long play
Or I need a new weave unoisa musoro chete ….”

Men are doing unthinkable acts
Hungochani for money
Kubviswa didinity nemumwe murume nekuda mari…smh

Young boys …Kukwira Mai vamai nekuda mari and a few labels …
Chembere dzese dzaane maBen 10 it’s now a fashion accessory ( a younger guy )
But seriously
I mean my niggas what happened to personal pride ?
Kuzvida …
What happened to hard work ?
The young girls as young as 12 are dating anaSekuru for the love of a blackberry phone
Those fake designer clothes
And that plastic fake hair ….ptuuuuu!!!

Kusvirwa Nemboro yakasvava yasekuru simply because of a few material gains.
Uchiiswa masperms ari stale eharahwa.
What happened to dignity ?
And as for the parents when you see your teenage kids wearing these fake labels munoti varikutengesei??
Simples …maparts avo ari pasale …..(smh)

Fathers are now raping their daughters or proposing love to them …honestly
A daughter is supposed to feel secure and safe with her Dad but if Dad has turned wolf …who does she turn to .???Zimbabwe Government please come and help ….this is a crisis …
Rape cases are at an all time high…
Castrate them Mr President
I love His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe for speaking strongly against this ….waiting for action..

What is every one taking ?
Malawi grade weed ?
Broncho ?

What’s happened to our Societal values ??
Who corrects the other?what legacy will we leave the next generations ??
Who is right ??
Or z there still a right ?

SDD loves sex /good sex if properly done with all societal rules and moral obligations observed .

God Bless Zimbabwe !!


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