Some guys -if not most- out there seem to think kuti foreplay involves touching a woman five minutes before they want intercourse; or, some men think foreplay is saying, “do you want to have sex?”, just out of the blue, and then touching her; or sitting across the room, and saying, “do you want to go to the bedroom?” Situations like this cause a woman to say, “no”.

Men need to understand kuti for  most of us women, all that kissing, stroking and licking is just as important as intercourse itself – and in some cases, zvitori more orgasmic! For others it’s only a starter before the ‘real deal’. Foreplay is especially important for us ladies to get our pussies wet and slippery, ready for sex.


Nothing feels nicer than to be spoiled by your partner. So take the time to do that. Cuddle me, kiss and stroke me without demanding anything in return. Get the massage oil out and give me (a woman) a nice and relaxing shoulder rub. Sensual touch feels great and may get me in the mood, even if i wasnt up to sex a few minutes ago. 

Foreplay is especially important for us. Once men have an erection, they are pretty much ready to fuck whereas us ladies need some time to get in the mood, both emotionally and physically. Physical attractions are common, but a mental connection is rare.

There is no perfect amount of time for foreplay; everyone is different, and some days, you may feel like more foreplay than on other days. That said, sometimes rushing can be great! Skipping the foreplay and having a ‘quickie’ can be a real turn-on.


– kiss me.
– kiss me all over my body.
– nibble on my body and my earlobe.
– breathe into my ear.
– whisper sweet nothings into my ear
– tell me im beautiful 
– tell me you want me.
– tell me what you want to do to me.
– touch me everywhere .
– just brush your fingers past my pussy.
– kiss my thighs.
– squeeze my bum.
– tease me.

I love it when he talks to me, too. I like know knowing what he’s feeling, what he wants more of….. and I love it when he tells me exactly what he’s planning to do to me once our clothes are off.


If you are so good, i might just let you ejaculate all over my tits or face…….



Adina Shebeen

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