Kusvirana rough sex ne sugar mummy


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
Participants: imwe sugar mummy.
Kupi?: Muno mu London.
When?: aaaah, zvimwe hazvitaurwe…but

Here goes…

Part 1

So, as some of you already know, my aunt and i once ran a successful nursing agency from home. The reason we ran it from home was because we had just started the agency, saka takanga tisina mari yeku renter an office.. therefore it made sense to run it from home. We were both directors but day to day running was left to me. My aunt worked at a nearby hospital and her plan was to retire from that job once the agency was successful.

A month later, things were going well and new people, mainly Zimbabweans, were registering and joining the agency. Ndai runner agency yacho sema run-iro andinoita Sex Shebeen.. women first policy. I only wanted women to work for the company. Not because i like women, but because i wanted to abuse my position. In short, my main aim was to fuck each and every one of them. Why not? Shamwari ka, mboro yangu haisi for display or toilet..i tool yekusvira nayo. I know kuti chihure but so what, imboro yako here?? Saka wasvotwa nei? Nxa!

Anyway, let me fast forward the story..

So, there was this other woman aindida zvekuti dhuu. She never said it but her actions showed kuti vakanga vafarira icho chimfana chinonzi Sugar Dick Dupree. She was clearly infatuated by me. She never used to take her eyes of me throughout our conversations.

She was in her early forties, very fit vari a bit chi dhafu-dhunda, thick thighs, kachitumbu and not bad looking. Vaionekerawo but stress yakanga yavapedza mafuta and to make matters worse, her husband had left her for her best friend the day he received British citizenship. It’s the usual scenario here in London.

Day in day out she always came to the ‘office’ (the house) to get timesheets. Everyday, she’d arrive around 8pm and just relax havo pa sofa vakavhura makumbo avo slightly vachitaura nyaya. Her stories were mega boring but because i wanted to get into her pants, i’d just sit behind the computer and just listen to her mumbo jumbo. Unogoita sei pakadaro kana uchida beche? You just have to keep quiet and endure it. She’d talk about rainfall, traffic, bad drivers, government policy etc etc. Tsvina dzega dzega. Every now and then, i’d flirt with her ndichikanda ma sweet nothings & compliments here and there, and basically paving my way into her pants.. Ndaivarova ne reverse psychology throughout the conversations.

One day, she called the office and told me kuti she needed timesheets but could only make it to the office around 10pm.. Ndakanyepera kuvava, iye aka apologizer. As soon as we finished speaking, i told myself kuti “mukadzi uyu ndoda kumuitira nyowani paachauya”….

So, around 9:30pm, she called the office akandiudza kuti she was just 15 minutes away. As soon as i finished talking to her, i ordered some pizza, put some wine in the freezer, sprayed some really expensive air freshener around the house, ndokuisa some soft music on in my bedroom and quickly ran to the bathroom upstairs kunogeza.

I took a very quick bath, ndokuzora some expensive Gucci lotion and then ndokumira naked in front of my wardrobe deciding what wear. I wanted to seduce her, but how? I then remembered kuti she once complimented my body kudhara so I decided to wear my gloss white tights andino pfeka when playing basketball ne ka matching tight fit body top kacho.. I couldn’t find the body top, apa the clock was ticking, so ndakabva ndamhanya downstairs to the lounge ndiri in those tights chete kunoisa two dumb bells (zviye zve weight lifting) and a skipping rope right in the middle of the lounge. I wanted to make her think kuti i was in the middle of working out. Ndichingoisa ma dumb bells pasi, akabva a knocker door. I was only in my tights and i couldn’t sneak back upstairs to wear a top because she’d see me through the glass riripa door. I had to open the door. Apo mboro yangu yakabva yangoti kwanyanu kumuka! It just hardened mbichana.. I then put the skipping rope on my neck and then went to open the door..

Just as i was about to open the door, i pulled down the top part of ka tight kaye a bit so that the “V” shape on my groin area inyatsobuda..and my pubic area (always shaved) was kinda visible..and the top part of magaro angu was also visible..apo mboro yangu yakanga yakanyatso dhindikira.. in short, ka tight kaye kaita kunge kasiri kunyatsokwana. I’m sure i looked sexy..apo ndichinhuwirira!

I opened the door and amai vaye just looked up and down at my body vakabva vati, “eish” in a low voice. She just stared and struggled to greet me. She couldn’t even look at my face. I could tell kuti dzawira mutswanda. Pavakapinda, ndakabva ndati, “sorry..I think i forgot my iron iri on ku kitchen. Pindai henyu mu lounge.I’ll be with you shortly”, and quickly made my way down the passage to the kitchen. The truth is there was no iron left on anywhere in the house. I just wanted her to see magaro angu akanga ari a little bit exposed and my back. I could tell she was looking at me all the way down the passage way. Vakabva vapinda mu lounge ndokunogara pa couch.

Ndiri ku kitchen, ndakabata bata mboro yangu ndichida kuti irambe iri just a bit hard and pulled the tights further down and then came to the lounge. Ndakasviko mira right in the middle of the lounge and started asking her about her day and journey. She’d look into my eyes asi her eyes kept drifting ku body yangu. She complained about traffic etc and the usual stuff. We talked for about fifteen minutes. Pizza iya yakabva ya delive-wa and then the subject quickly turned to dieting. Vakati she had tried all sorts of things in an attempt to reduce her weight including sit ups everyday asi zvairamba. I told her she was probably doing her sit ups wrong..zvikanzi “show me how they are done”.

Ini ndokurara pasi and then did two sit ups. Pandakarara pasi, mboro yese yakabva yanyatsodhindikira yakazvimbirira and i could tell she noticed it. I did 18 more sit ups and ndokuramba ndakati rabada on the floor. I then boasted kuti i could even do press ups ndakagarirwa. She then said “Even if i sat on you”? I challenged her and then ndikabva ndarara ne dumbu. She got up, removed her shoes and socks, pulled her skirt up because it was tight-ish, ndokundigarira. Ndakabva ndanzwa kudziya kwe beche ravo pamusana wangu and mboro yakabva yatanga kumira. Vakabva vandibata ma shoulders angu and then i tried to lift her up but zvakaramba.

I then told her kuti it’ll be much better kuti vandirarire because it’ll be much easier because weight yavo wouldn’t be concentrated on one area. Vakabva vandirarira. She then put one hand on my chest and the other on my six pack. Vakabva vatanga ku breather down my neck.

I managed to get up mbichana into doggy position but i wasn’t going to risk kuita even one single press up because mboro yangu yakange yamira. She then sat up and started saying, “cmon, ita ka tione” vachi rocker back and forth beche ravo richikwiza musana wangu.. The truth is i just couldn’t do it because i’ve never done it.

She got up on her feet ndokuramba vakanditarisa.. ini i was still underneath her. I turned around and she saw mboro yangu yanyatsomira through the tights. Actually, yanga yaka lifter up ka tight kaye zvekuti from where i was, i could see the base of my dick. I held onto her legs and started looking up her skirt. I wasn’t even hiding it kuti i was looking up her skirt. She opened her legs zvimwe zviye zve “vhara-vhura” just once and started laughing ndokunogara on the couch. Vakabva vati, “where’s that music coming from?” ndikati from my bedroom. I then told her kuti let’s go there tinoterera music.

We started walking out of the lounge and i hugged her from behind, mboro yangu ichivajunga junga, and started kissing her neck. I was amazed at how really horny she quickly got. When i put my hands on her tummy vakagwina. We slowly made our way up the stairs and into my bedroom. We stopped in the middle of my room and i started playing with her inner thighs. I worked my way up to her blouse and unbuttoned it. Vakabva vatanga kuita tuma noises. She wasn’t wearing a bra I started playing with her breasts zviri soft. She tilted her head to the side a bit and i started licking her neck. I pulled her skirt down and removed zi brugwa ravo. I started rubbing her tummy and thighs and we started kissing. She then spread her legs a bit and i started rubbing her clit. Her pussy was quite wet. I then pulled down my tights and started stroking my dick whilst playing with her clit. Ndakabva ndaipinza in between her legs and when she looked at kubeche kwake, she could clearly see musoro wemboro yangu. When she saw it vakatanga kugwina-gwina. I started spanking her pussy zviri soft whilst kissing her. She’d kiss me then votarisa mboro iya and then kiss me again and votarisa and back & forth like that. I started squeezing her nipples and she started moving a lot.

I stuck two fingers in her pussy and vakaita kunge vachadonha. I then pushed her on the bed vakabva varara nedumbu. I sat on her, mboro ndakaiisa just between her bum and started massaging her. She reached out from underneath her kuti vatange kutamba nemusoro wemboro yangu. She was playing with it and rubbing it against her pussy. Every now and then vaita zvekuisvina and then wipe of the pre-cum on her clit. Beche ravo zvino rakange ratota zvisingaite. She was pressing my dick head against entrance ye beche as if she wanted to put it in. Ini i kept massaging her ndichinanzva here and there ndichabata body yavo all over. I’d massage her and ndovarira ndichi breather into her ear ndakavhara muromo. Each time pandaivararira, she’d make some noise and spread her legs a bit wider.

I turned her around (mu missionary) and started kissing her. Vakanga vave kungoburitsa rurimi rwavo and i’d suck it. Makumbo avo were spread so wide apart, and it was as if she was trying to spread them even further apart. Her right hand was firmly on my dick vachiitambisa pabeche ravo, on her clit and even neku exhaust kwavo..and her left hand was on dako rangu. Ini i’d kiss her and suck her breasts. Each time mboro yangu reached entrance ye beche, she’d push her pelvis towards mboro yangu and then voiburitsa and then start rubbing her clit.

Vakaramba vachidaro and then when she put it pa entrance ye beche, ndakabva ndangoiti bvoo imomo. Vakaita kunge vakagwina nemagetsi. She opened her eyes so wide and vakabva vatanga ku “argh, argh, argh“. She then held me so tight vachindi kisser kunge vasvikirwa..magaro angu vakaita zvekuma bata vakandidhonza. I pushed my dick in further and vakabva vatangwa kugwina-gwina. Vakabva vatanga kuita ma noise vachiti “arghh arghh arghhhhhhh” then beche ravo got a bit tighter ndiye TSA TSA TSA vachi squiter pamboro yangu. Beche ravo raita ku sprayer richichururuka nekutunda.

Ndakaburitsa mboro yangu ndokutanga kurova-rova beche ravo nemboro yangu. Vakabva vati, “ramba uchidaro” ndiye TSA TSA TSA kechi two vachi sprayer. I slid back in mboro yangu and ndokutanga kuvasvira zviri fast and maziso avo started rolling back. Her massive breasts were all over the place ndichivazunza kunge muti wemuzhanje. I fucked her hard and fast vachiita ku screamer….

end of part 1



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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