Matinji -Elongated Labia Minora

MATINJI (elongated labia… or meaty pussy)

Matinji Main Image

Adina will add her thoughts on this matter:

First and foremost,
There is a great misconception that Labia is for the men’s enjoyment ..Well, as a matter of fact , that is soo not right.  Labia is for the men to play with during foreplay to the woman’s pleasure.You hear some girls saying, “guys only get to enjoy as a side effect so my husband doesn’t like them” ..or “my husband doesn’t appreciate them or know them”
Now , listen …
He does not have to …well not really …they are not for his enjoyment and not wanting them is part of male DNA…… (Selfishness)men don’t enjoy foreplay ~well in some cases, but foreplay benefits women … not many guys out there will care whether there is matinji or not and few have actually seen matinji. Of those that have seen them, half of them simply do not have a clue as to what to do with them.But believe me if he comes from you and he meets one with matinji his life will change forever..
if you haven’t seen them …you are not alone …

The first thing you must know is: matinji is elongated labia minora every woman has labia and Labia is God given but it will take some effort to have matinji. Women who possess them are a dying breed of African women who are highly sexed ,who know their anatomy and are very confident in the bedroom .Women with matinji ( elongated labia) are full house .!
Matinji are a great visual aid to the initiated man and are very sensitive to any stimulation.
Now picture …A woman bending over displaying a juicy array of embellishments dangling from her pussy .That shot gets my dick going! Most guys love a a meaty pussy. A meaty pussy is always sexy to look at, dunno why.
Matinji Standing

Yeah Sugar Dick Dupree said so with authority ~~ Muskana ane matinji well akatosiyana neasina by miles …anotunda rough! She is overly confident about her womanliness and sexuality and well knows a thing or two about bedroom arithmetics and gymnastics …
And of course her pussy is attractive to the eye of the horny initiated African man.

If you touch them kana kutamba nawo ..tug at them gently , just mbichana, you will drive her wild. There’s not really much I can say on this issue because its an area for a woman heavily endowed with the precious embellishments aka matinji.
it needs a girl like ADINA to explain to you what you have to do for her to enjoy the matinji experience.

Asi you must handle them with care
– don’t be too rough.
– don’t bite them
– don’t pull them unnecessarily
– don’t rub them hard.


be gentle
– licking them is the best way. Put your tongue all over them!
– gently spank them with your dick.
– gently rub them.
– put some massage oils to make things a bit more slippery.

Paunosvira, take out your cock and then start rubbing your dick head all over them.

Hopefully, Adina might add her thoughts on this post so keep checking for updates..

SDD FAT matinji


Thanks Big Sexy !

Will take over from here :-
Will try to summarise because its a very big topic and needs a book not a post.

Well this post has been necessitated by the incessant insults of our cultural values by idiotic zealots called masaladhi aka masalala … A lost Zimbabwean generation with no cultural education or values. Plus we also have so called Western Experts always greatly misrepresenting us and deciding on matters to do with our culture and we foolishly ~passively agree…

There is a really big difference between Genital Mutilation which is destruction of the genitals and Labia Elongation which is modifying or beautifying the genitals __that is adding value .
To my utter disgust like I always say Westerners sit in their offices wherever they are and start analysing and condemning African norms and traditions when they do not even know where Africa is !! Nxaa!
-when they do not even know our story and how to tell it …!!

Matinji …elongated labia minora is by no means mutilation of the genitals by any definition it is not degrading but rather genital modification and sexual enriching to a woman’s cultural value, personal integrity and overall sexual awareness and awakening .

As a girl approaches puberty around the ages of seven to twelve, well before her first period she is taught to pull her labia minora by the aunts, family friends or granny until up to half the length of the middle finger.
The practice is a bit uncomfortable and some even find it mildly painful just like any form of muscle stretching is and depends on type of stretching aid used which …..can be herbs …oil water Vaseline or bare hands…stretching is done until the desired length is achieved however the benefits outweigh the discomfort.
For results full commitment is advised because it’s not an overnight thing.It takes a few months to years stretching day and night to achieve results.

Why elongation??

1- anoyevedza beche,Chishongo chebeche harizoiti kunge rekacheche.
2- mboro haingobudi-budi mubeche zvisina notice.
3- baba vanowanawo chekubata compared to buri or mwena.
4- hapaite kadhamu mamvura,or mazichakwata.
5- matinji anomira kuti twi oputira mboro..yorega kungobuda.
6- uyezve anorezva mboro oita yekugumbatira during sviro zvonakidza baba.
7- Zemo rinoita kuti matinji atote awedzere pakutota kwebeche.
8-  anowedzera kunakidzwa kwemukadzi akabatwa or kunanzwa.

Opening Her Small Pussy Lips

-Men are supposed to make their women orgasm and enjoy intercourse.
Labia elongation is supposed to make this easier to achieve because when the lips are long they are easier to grab and play with during foreplay,
-they fully cover the penis and cause more friction during penetration
-for the women, that area becomes even more sensitive due to the pulling and thus, the act of tapping the penis on her lips will allow her to ejaculate or reach orgasm easily
-the visual effect on the men is highly stimulating —labia looks like petals of a flower beautifying the vagina.

They cover the vagina like a door or curtain.
Matinji Main 1

The term ‘curtains’ is apt – when unstimulated the labia minora close together, protecting their inner mucous membrane and closing off the vaginal entrance. It’s been suggested that larger labia may interfere with sex but this is misleading – they guard the entrance and if they don’t open to let you in, then she’s probably not ready. Occasionally one or both may be caught up inside, but this shouldn’t normally interfere, in fact it may provide exciting extra stimulation.

In addition to their role as a physical shield, the labia secrete antibacterial substances as a defence against infection.

During the Elongation process ,,,For the first time a girl notices that she has three holes down there. She becomes sexually aware and alive. She becomes inquisitive about her sexuality and her body.She realises the body parts that are ultra sensitive. For the first time she appreciates she is special.
The elders explain to her that she will use her newfound sexuality with her husband and they incorporate chikapa (click HERE to find out what chikapa is) in her lessons .The female sexual responses during intercourse which may range from how to touch a man to how to gyrate her hips and pelvis rythmically and systematically in response to the man’s thrusts
There fore a girl is armed with all the knowledge to please her husband.

Therefore Matinji or labia elongation
-Is a rite of passage from a girl to a woman.
-a way to discover a girls body anatomy physiology and sexuality
-a way to prepare a girl for marriage and sex both pleasure and giving ..
-enhances self esteem in a woman

I think a larger labia minora is much more exotic. It can sexually stimulate a man by just looking at it. It gives a guy more to play with and more surface to manoeuvre and more to enjoy. Ladies, don’t be ashamed be proud …
Armed with Matinji, a girl becomes confident that she is now a woman and not just a girl possessing something that a girl should have …
She is mentally prepared to receive and give sex …this is all done in the family circles ..!

Without the visual function of long labia, The vagina would be nothing more but an entry way with no directions leading the way. I live them! They are Beautiful just Like The petals Of A Flower. The longer, The better. How boring would a flower look with no petals. They also taste extraordinary and carry the scent of a well nourished woman in bloom. women should embrace this advantage Over Men And accentuate their beauty in this area. Think of it being The long beautiful hair on the head of a woman. It shows her glory
The crowning glory of the vagina.

Visual Stimulation
Many men are highly aroused by seeing the labia minora in a naked standing woman, as swollen elongated labia are a powerful signal of female arousal (and may also signal ovulation). This so called ‘extra’ skin is actually seen by many as representing extra sensuality, and more fun in foreplay. The visual appeal may also be enhanced by the colour. Generally darker than your skin tone, your lips may be black, brown, purple, pink…., and the shade or colour may vary in different areas; just like some flower petals… The colour may also alter with increasing sexual arousal.
Matinji 1

Matinji 2

Sexual stimulation
The labia are rich in nerve endings, and in fact so called ‘hypertrophic’ labia have 50% more of these nerve endings*. This means their owner may get special pleasure from their nibbling, tugging, stroking or licking.
Although there is no medical proof that a woman with elongated labia, has more sexual satisfaction than a regular woman –
I am a living testimony i do not fake orgasms and that perhaps shows women all over the world need to start pulling their lips in order to cure fake orgasms
Matinji From Behind

Moistening with extracellular fluid during arousal the labia minora help to lubricate sex. Many men also find that larger labia provide extra stimulation during intercourse, as they rub or wrap around him. For this reason – and those above – many women in Africa (and in the West) practice a gentle stretching technique to lengthen their labia.

To the ladies…You have gold but you think it is sand. Kune asina matinji beche rako mugomo usina ridhi, mhepo inongopinda payadira, ndimi munozongosura pese pese, simbi yamudhara inoda kugara yakavharwa, anosunga mboro irimukati uye baba vanoatambisa paforeplay, musati makwirwa amai baba vakanyatsotamba nematinji ayo munochema nekunakirwa musati matombonyikwa mboro, zvechikapa after foreplay,, saka matinji kaone, kune wanawo maiziva yandirikutaura, askana dhonzai matinji munakirwe nekusvirwa,

I need to emphasize that murume once akaona matinji on a girl with game he will not appreciate buri risina there are cases of days gone when some women were sent back to their parents homes till they elongated them -;well times have changed but if a man meets a girl with matinji and her body moves in bed that girl who has her game tight ….amai munowacha….munosara !
Yes in this day and age musanyeperane.
Matinji are as fashionable as time they will never go out of date …


To every Zimbabwean Woman or the greater African populace. I will be lying to you if I say it is not necessary not to follow some of our cultural practices because it does affect some of you; not having seen them is not an excuse especially when it comes to pleasing those men who know about labia and if you are to marry that black African man who follows our Cultural practices..!
While I like to call them an Accessory; I love them as my partners Sex Toy or Sex Aid during lovemaking especially during Oral Sex! Geees! You just don’t know the sensation I get from them. So I expertly encourage every one to pull them and let’s keep this culture going!


Please leave a comment let’s hear your thoughts on this .



SDD and Adina Shebeen


81 thoughts on “Matinji -Elongated Labia Minora

  1. I agree with the writer coz i experience all what she is saying.i hvnt bed a lot of man but i remember my first boyfriend was shocked to see those things as he called them.i was shy at first bt since then he worshipped the ground i walked on till today he does bt i cant go back coz i tasted the real circumsised african offence bt ndoda mboro hombe coz i worked for it.kkkkkkkkk


  2. You are absolutely right about elongated labia.Sadly even here in Botswana women with them are a dying breed – to borrow your. expression. Do you know any dating organization for men who crave these women?


    • Sadly Aman I don’t but if u scour the internet you will get something I guess

      My dream is to reignite the African woman’s pride in being full bodied and deliciously different ….and to place her interests again at the heart of the home and family ..and stop acting to be semi White….


  3. Aiwaka nhai how come I did not know of this website ?
    This z unfair pafeya
    This is a hidden goldfield
    Matinji angu varume vanozhamba nawo ko vasingadi ndevepiko madinga
    Matinji ndizvoo!!
    Hamheno Asina


    • This is so wonderfull ,wakapenga iwe,we mhani ..sando dzako ,kowaiwepiko mhani ,unondipassa manyemwe mhani iwewe !kip it up ! ndipewo email yako !?


      • Mr svirorist..i never heard of you talking about guys wth small dicks?.how they can manage an intercourse.ideas to a better sex.coz man wth big dicks.are fewer than those wth small dicks..meaning its a norm to many house woman wth matinji are now at scarcity leaving those wth mhata rutombos being the commonest..


  4. Am Ugandan & ts a big part of most of the tribes here. Of course some people like to act ‘too civilised’. Did it 15 years ago but honestly, it’s the best thing I have ever done all my life. It gives me confidence plus my Nigerian man worships the ground on which I walk


  5. Hey thanx adina for bringing me 2 light now wot I would lyk 2 no iS. IS there an age limit to Start pulling ur labia I’m asking thiS coz my gf iS 29 yrs old can she Still pull them @ thiS age ?


    • Yes she can it’s more difficult to lengthen them and it will take time tho but if she z willing it is possible ..
      And no there z no age limit although it’s easier when the muscles are still soft when young and tender.
      Good luck !


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  7. what can I use to pull my set which is readly available in grocery store or chemist?I really want my 30cm,lol,help


  8. Thanks for this article. I am a Ugandan man. Our women “pull” and this is such a treasure. Believe me the love making is different. So wounderful!

    Just a note, pse translate what u write in the local dialect. Ur audience is now beyond Zimbabwe.
    Keep it u. Good work to promote our cultural Gold


    • If u read our earlier work _yes u will find a lot of words in our language but u will realise now we have moved and responded to our international audience
      Thanx for the support and comment


    • Thx Kibuuka,ever since i got of this blog, i sent out the requist for chargh of lengo to engilsh.
      And i just sent them another requst to use the common lingo-Engilish.
      Thier fans are beyond Zam.
      I told them about hyena in red pepper.
      Ugandan fan.


  9. im 24 and i want to start pulling, how long does it take? i heard that one can even use wooden pegs with weights, what type of weights can i use? i dont want them too long, just a moderate hang.


  10. This is great reading literature. Looking at matinji is undeniably mind blowing for a normal African man like me. Makes the vagina absolutely adorable.


  11. matinji ndizvo murume anoita kunge zvimwe zvinhu nekunakirwa dhonzai vaskana at any age its posible our man loves a woman with a little diference so keep puling ladies i promise you will notice the diference


  12. The only thing I can add to this is that those women who are fortunate enough to have the eleongtated labia, they need to ensure that they wash the vagina area thoroughly especially the folds in the lips as quite a lot of dirt tends to gather there.


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  14. Nyaya yematinji yanetsa padare rino. Saka ndati ndimbo tsanangura nepandino gona napo. Musikana kubva ane makore anosvika 12 anoudzwa nenyaya yokudhonza matinji kuti arebe kusvika pakubuda zvokuti ukakotama anoonekwa nokumashure. If you are older lets say wava kuma 20+ years usati wadhonza don’t stress yourself too much about nyaya iyi – I’ll address it towards the end. Chokwadi ndechekuti every gal ane matinji, the size though is the only difference. Pane vamwe vasikana vanenge vaine matinji akareba even though havasati vakambo dhonza and then there are other vane matinji madiki diki. In this case if they want them to be longer vano fanirwa kudhonza.
    Geza maoko zvese nesikarudzi nemvura inodziya, wadaro zora mafuta eVhasirina mumaoko nepamatinji. Wochitanga kuakweva nema woko dinji by dinji uchiti ukakweva wombobata wakakweva kwekanguva. Ukahwa zvogwadzisa worega wokweva rimwe. Wodaro uchichinjanisa kusvika ava pa size ye 4-6 cm. Mafuta enzungu ndiwo ari mberi pakudhonzesa especially kana wakanonoka kudhonza and u want results asap. Kana uri kuZim just ask around mafuta aya haanetsi kuwana. Kuno kuDHAYASIPORA unokwanisa kushandisa OLIVE OIL VIRGIN 1. Akanaka pamatinji ako. Zvoda uchangobuda mushawa kana mubhavhu pamberi pari kudziyawo, wodhonza.
    Pamakore ese aunodhonza, anokura zvishoma nezvishoma zvichienda nekuti uriku dhonza how often. Unogona khudhoza twice a day after bathing. Asi pamazuva awunenge uri kumwedzi dhonza kwenguva yakati rebei kudarika mamwe mazuva nokuti nyama dzacho dzinenge dzakanatso pfava. Usafunga kuti unotanga kudhonza nhasi vhiki inouya wotoona areba. Zvinotora nguva. Personaly I suggest kuti udhonze osvika pa 4-5cm (Size ye matches stick). Im saying this because ukawana murume asingmade unenge uri pari safe nokuti anenge asinga svotekane ne size yawo uyezve ukawana murume anowada its makes it easier kuti uwedzere size yawo kana ari pa 5cm than kutanga kudhonza ari pa 1cm.
    Ukabvunza iye munhu anokuudza kuti tanga kudhonza anokuudza kuti zvinoitigwa kuti ugozvara mwana zvakanaka. Ipapo unenge uri mudiki saka havadi kukuudza kuti ndezve paBonde. Matinji zvidhori ‘zvadaddy’ during foreplay. For men who love tongue action down there they find it interesting and fun kutamba nematinji. When having sex matinji anobata nhengo ya daddy like hugging it kuti isarambe ichingo buda buda. Zvinobatsirazve­­ iye nyakudhonza kuti azive kuti muviri wake waka mira sei.
    Ladies, ngati tawuriranei chokwadi, don’t ever think kuti ukadhonza matinji you are going to FIND and SECURE a GOOD MAN bcoz uchaita BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.­­ When it comes to SEX varume vakawanda vanongoda mukadzi anoshamwaridzan­­a nenhengo yake BIG TIME – END OF STORY!!! When it comes to REAL LOVE and sustaining a good relationship matinji haana door!!! Truth is a man can and will leave kana ada regardless of size yematinji.
    Kashoma kuwana murume anoisa pressure yokuti arikuda matinjini otherwise vakadzi tisu tinongo zvipa sitressi. Murume akawana mukadzi waanofunga kuti akanaka kutarisa uye anomuda, zvokuziti matinji ake isaizi ani hazvina kana nebasa kumurume. Mukadzi (wen it comes to sex) anongoda murume anomuda, anomupa urume hwakakwana paBonde, uye anonoka kutunda. Zvokuti nhengo yake ikuru sei hazvina basa AS LONG AS Murume achipa mukadzi wake kudya kwakakwana.
    * Some men vanosemeswa nematinji, they don’t even want to see them.
    * If u don’t practice hutsanana, matinji anokonzeresa kahwema kasinga komboreri uye,
    * Kana uchinge une vaginal infection matinji anovava nekuzvimba which causes discomfort.
    * Kune vamwe vari against nyaya yekudhonza nokuti they believe kuti unenge uchi shora zvawaka piwa na mwari.
    Zvino ndino guma ndichiti, with the right information in your hands unokwanisa kuzvifungira wega kuti ehe ndinoda kudhonza kana kuti kwete mukombe uyu ngawudarike zvawo. It is your body and your choice wetha uchadhonza kana kuti hawusi kuzo dhonza.


  15. Kusenga Matinji, Ukudonsa amalebe: one is not born a woman; one becomes a woman only when she has elongated her labia minora.
    an African culture that needs reviving. Its part of us. Its for our own sexual pleasure as well as for our Men.
    Lets get back Pussy Power. matinji are the powerhouse of a woman’s sexuality. when making love, the combination of stimulating amalebe whilst hitting the peak can make sex orgasmic.

    Men entering a woman who hasn’t pulled is like entering a house without a door. The vagina needs a cover and elongated labia present the image of the so called gate and is associated with modesty. Without Matinji, a woman’s vagina will forever be associated with a small girl.

    Talking about Matinji: You should read Tanaka Chronicles ISBN 9781909878747 by Tracy Kadungure. Its a new book that is making waves across boarders. It is part of a trilogy which fuses strict African culture with eroticism.. Tanaka, the main character has pulled and is proud of her matinji and doesn’t make excuses about the pleasure she derives from getting her matinji sucked, pulled and massaged. the meaty flesh makes the vagina absolutely adorable.
    Tanaka Chronicles is graphic, explicit, orgasmic and enlightening.
    Matinji give a woman Pussy Power.
    You can download the book from Kindle, Smash-words, Lulu, Amazon and a few other outlets including Happy reading.xxxx
    Once you’ve read it, I would love to hear your comments.


  16. Wow what a discussion seriously i dont have matinji and i have slept nevarume who have experienced them and they still want to have more of me. So even if you dont have girls men will enjoy you. I believe thats why vana vairoorwa early coz they were sexually aware of themselves too early. I have daughters its education first and matinji later!!!!!


  17. I enjoyed reading about best womanhood keep it up dear. Am 50 years old can castor oil alone help to increase matinji longer or what can l do ndoda fodya yababa itsvutike mhani

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Adina, only that u r in zimbabwe. i wish u cud knw my language chichewa. u knw hw to express wrds. shona has not done me gud, coz av missed all shona content

    Liked by 1 person

    • Asina kuchecheudzwa anonakirwa more than akachecheudzwa because mboro yake is still had that skin iri sensitive plus musoro wemboro unenge uchiri sensitive because that skin also protects the head.

      Vakachecheudzwa havanyatso nakirwa nekuti skin inenge yabviswa. That skin iri yega is very sensitive ende ndiyo ino protector musoro wemboro kuti urambe uri sensitive.



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