Sugar Dick Dupree’s inbox


Sugar Dick Dupree’s inbox..

I want to be face down on the bed ,mhata dzangu dziri mudenga, matinji angu ndakama spreader for you, showing off beche rangu. Ndoda kunzwa zimboro rako sliding up and down my wet cunt, teasing me, rubbing on my clit, making me whimper, making me desperate to have you inside me. Ndoda kuti upinze zimboro rako rese, drive your dick deep inside me kusvika mazichende ako asara ari ega and stroke me, make me moan. Grip my hips, steady yourself and take aim. Nyatsondisvira! Ndizunze! Paza beche! Fuck me until our bodies are sweating and the only sounds in the room are of our bodies slapping together. I want to feel zimusoro rezimboro rako hitting all my spots, making me scream and grip the bed linen, pulling them off the mattress. Nyatsondisvira! Ndoda kukutundira, getting you wet, feeling my juices drip down your thighs. Take your pleasure. I want to hear your roars and grunts, uchindiuudza kuti you love the way beche rangu makes you feel. Tora beche iri. Make it yours. Plant your seed deep inside me and let me know that you love the way I make you feel.




8 thoughts on “Sugar Dick Dupree’s inbox

  1. kusvirana ndizvo seni ndoda mukadzi anochemerera akabatirira akatsinzinira achi kusvika ndatiuuuuuuuu0783654424


  2. the labia that islong and big, a so nice and sweet on side and ilike them so& so much so pull them well if any has bring for me plz thanks.



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