So,’s my tip on sucking his dick.. Of course i’m going according to what I, Sugar Dick Dupree, like.. and what I think most guys would like.  You can add your input in the comments section..

>after you gone through all the kissing, touching each other etc etc..

– remove all his clothes.
– remove your clothes too.
– murarise on his back.
– get in between his legs and start kissing and licking him everywhere on his body, slowly making your way down to mboro yake.
– don’t forget to LICK his chest and suck his nipples.
– as you are kissing him, make sure kuti your breasts are brushing his dick
– hold his dick , expose the dick head and start stroking it…slowly.
– hold his dick zviri nice and firm..asi not too hard.
– use some oil or spit on it to make it more slippery.
– gently massage machende ake (his balls).
– slap both your cheeks with his dick.
– start by licking his shaft (the sides of mboro yake) . They can be quite sensitive PLUS it feels good!
– Place your tongue on his dick head and start licking around it.
– then KISS IT! yeah, kiss it!
– you can then start sucking it properly afterwards.
– when sucking, don’t try to yank it out as if urikudzura ma carrots, gently tug..but then again, some guys like it kinda rough..
– spit on his dick to make it wet and stroke it as you suck it.
– some guys like it really wet so i guess the wetness depends on how your man likes it. YOU should know how he likes it. If he likes it really wet, then spit kusvika zvanaka!!
– make noise please..ita noise senge urikutosvirwa..It turns us on.
– go wild on the it between your breasts, squeeze it and between them and start fucking them.
– slap your breasts with it.
– squeeze the pre-cum onto your nipples and rub it off using the dick’s head.
– slap your face with it and zora mboro yake all over your face.
– maintain eye contact (communication).
– Usaseme mboro, suck it like your life depends on it.
– Get up and start rubbing his dick all over your pussy, clit and even ku exhaust (ass) kwako.
– Spank your pussy with it..and rub the pre-cum onto your clit.
– you can sit on it and ride him for a minute or two,  then jump off it and get back to sucking.
–  pinch his nipples whilst at it.
– go crazy on it senge wave kutopengeswa ne mboro yake…every man loves a whore in the bedroom.
– if he cums, just allow him to cum on your breasts…or on your face…however YOU like it………..

I might update this later on today. Check out the Matinji post, Adina updated it.



Sugar Dick Dupree


TIP OF THE DAY (Kudya Mboro)

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