The Sex Position Of The Day!-cowgirl

ImageCow Girl! 


Why is it so good? Because you’ve got the power! You’re in control of the rhythm and depth of the movement. Making intense eye contact, you can challenge him to resist you while you enjoy riding the shit out of him. 

Ini SDD ndinoda ku feeler weight yake yese on me achinyatsoti boom boom uchinzwa that sound yekuti PA PA PA or sometimes when she’s just sitting on it achi grinder and riding me fast and hard uchinzwa the whole bed ichi shaker…ndakanyura hangu ijn the mattress.

So when’s a good time to try it? When you’re feeling energetic and want to take control! Most women tire quickly in this position. Vakadzi imi, particularly vechi Zimbabwean, mune tendency yekuita just wiggle a little bit for 2minutes then wonzwa, “aaah..ndaneta..lets change position”. Ive heard this statement MANY times before.

In this position, inenge iri time yako to shine and teach him a lesson. Its also the best position for you kuita all that nasty talk too, not kungoti zii

It’s also a good way of letting your anger out after you’ve been quarrelling with your man….. kune vaye vanoda zvekuita rough sex…..


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