Diary Of A Bad Girl

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Right now pandakagara pano pa couch, you are all that’s on my mind. I’m thinking of you having me. Wanting to feel zimboro rako zihombe, rinemazi tsinga, rakanyura mubeche mangu ndichinzwa kupisa kwaro. Fantasizing about how good it would feel for you to bend me over and fuck me doggy like a slut. I want you to spank my ass, pull my hair, and leave marks. Ndirikunzwa kuda kunyatso svirwa chaizvo! I need to feel your tongue on wet pussy. I want you to nibble on my tits and suck on them. Rub my clit nezimboro rako. Squeeze out the pre-cum and rub it onto my nipples or my lips. Rub your cock pa buri rekumhata kwangu. I want to feel zi mboro rako everywhere. I need you to fuck the shit out of me not zvekutamba! I need a deep hard penetration. I want you to call me names..call me a whore, tell me I’m yours and I only do what you tell me to do. You must take command of me.. mind, body and soul. I have to ask your permission to suck your dick. I need to tell you kuti I’ve been a bad girl..and i need you to tell me kuti you’re going to sexually destroy me. I’m your slut, your toy, I belong to you. Ita zvawada. Turn me around and fuck me please!!! Im begging you to! Baby you’re the only one who can satisfy this dirty slut. Svira muromo wangu..svira beche rangu..Tickle buri rekumhata kwangu ne zimboro rako.  infact, i have no right to call it mine..its yours.. its yours to do as you wish. Im giving you full control of my body. . Nditundire! Cum in my face. Cum on my tits. Cum on my pussy.Cum IN my pussy. Cum on my butt! Cum everywhere on me. I need you bad. I want to suck your cock until my jaw hurts, Ndoda kuti upaze beche rangu to such an extent that I can’t fuck for days. I want to hurt when I fuck again. Leave your mark on me. Mark your territory. I want to feel you in me for days.
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Baby I need a good hard fuck.

I am ALL yours!



Adina Shebeen!

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