First and foremost:be on top of your game always !

(on stamina)

– You have to be healthy. Hit the gym quite often (or at least do regular exercises). An unfit man usually performs badly in the bedroom. Sex is a workout and you need to be fit in order to be on top of your game. Kuenda ku gym ensures kuti unenge une stamina.. which basically means kuti when she says “don’t stop, don’t stop..keep fucking me.. i’m about to cum”, you can bang her hard and fast continuously without getting tired.. Staying fit is the most important thing.

On how to last long..

– Learn to control how you breath. Holding your breath will result in you ejaculating far too early. You must learn to breathe normally.

– Relax and take your time. There’s no need to hurry things. Slow down and explore her body. Women enjoy foreplay. Slowing down allows you to relax.

(the mugondorosi myth)

– Mugondorosi doesn’t help. It never did. Usanyeperwe. It does absolutely nothing to enhance your performance in the bedroom. I used to eat it and i can confirm to you kuti it does nothing for you. It’s just a really nice & delicious sweet root.

– some have resorted to drinking one or two ma pints e Castle. Hanzi “handitunde ndikanwa Castle”. Really? So what if she wants it zviri random usina pint? What will you do? Ko what about the bad breath caused by beer? Drinking too much beer can cause erectile dysfunction.

Just stop this because it’s not good for you in any way. Learn to fuck without relying on such.

* * *

Stay away from viagra. It will ruin you. It’s meant for older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. if your dick is working well then you do not need it.



A Few Tips For Guys

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