Position Of The Day-Missionary


Missionary Position!

This certainly is my favourite position by MILES!!! Ag, hapana position inonaka kupfura apa. Munenge makatarisana in each other’s eyes..seeing each other’s reaction, watching every expression of her face and the way she struggles to keep her eyes fixed on yours. The way she looks at your lips begging you to kiss her.. Let alone the frantic french kissing yaanoita kana akutunda, fucking her hard and fast pounding her into the bed..and her breasts responding to every pounding she receives.


you will be fucking her softly uchiita ma deep strokes, plunging mboro yako in and out of her achinzwa machende ako on her ass. Oh, and those little gasps of pleasure with every rock of your bodies. Ko Kuzoti when you push it in deep into her and grind it in..

Sometimes you both keep quiet as you fuck her hard and fast then unobva wanzwa the pussy juices making noise kuti SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH and then she suddenly explodes into a loud scream…achitunda and the way she’ll hold onto you, akabata magaro ako and pulling you into her kuti anyatsonzwa mboro yako in her tummy..achi gwina-gwina. Aiwa, no mhani! There’s just nothing like missionary!!!

That’s just me thinking out loud..

Shebeen 1



Sugar Dick Dupree!

click on the image..

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