Image AND Position Of The Day-inverted Jockey

Image Of The Day.

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Sex on the beach is something i personally wouldn’t recommend. The sand gets in everywhere and when it rubs against the skin, it does get sore. 

It looks romantic when they do it in movies but trust me, it’s a totally different thing in real life..AND the beach is quite cold too.

But anyway, what a great shot..

The Position is called the Inverted Jockey Position. It’s a goodie. I bet you they don’t talk about this one kuma baby showers. Try this tonight. It will feel nice for for her because its different from the norm, asi for your woman to enjoy it, she should make sure kuti her legs are together..ndokuti anyatso feeler friction yemboro yako ichipinda.

Always try to do different positions whenever you fuck. Change is good..besides, it’s a good way to delay ejaculation.



Sugar Dick Dupree!

9 thoughts on “Image AND Position Of The Day-inverted Jockey

  1. wangu mukadzi asati aziva ku squirter aitotiza pa bed but now are days she’s getting there coz I’ve explained it to her but she said squirting inomupedza simba is it true? anoti akanyanya futi ku squirter anorwadziwa nyama dzake akada kubata squirting yacho futi anoti anorwadziwa ne dundira futi but anoti inonaka asi haadi ku squirtiswa kakawanda but i enjoy kuona mvura ichirazvuka mubeche wow


    • Yes, some women can continue fucking after squirting and some women just shut down.

      If she says kuti she feels super weak after that, then its most likely true. Its just like when iwe when you ejaculate, haanti you need time to recover for the next round. Its the same with her.

      My ex used to go through the same kinda thing. She wanted to enjoy the dick first before she squirted..



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