Aiwa I, Sugar Dick Dupree, love being massaged!  Erotic massage therapy is used to increase sexual arousal between iwe ne bhebhi rako plus It also can be used as foreplay and can be incorporated into the act of lovemaking.

– Remove my clothes.. Handidi kusara ne anything on me.
– Iwewe remove your clothes too..bvisa zvese including necklace and ear rings. I want you uri completely naked.
– Make me lie on the bed, face down please.. thank u very much.. 
– Pour some oil all over my back..
– Rub it all over me..biceps, armpits, thighs, knees, mboro ne machende. Infact, rub me all over including ikowo ku exhaust..yes kumudhidhi chaiko. Yaah! Why not?
– I want the oil everywhere on me please. I literally want to drown in oil.
– Iwewewo chizvizora some oil. Pour it all over your breasts, tummy, arms, beche zvese ne exhaust yako..
– Now sit on me.. I need to feel warmth ye beche rako on my back. Sit on me!
– Start kundikoira kumusana nebeche..
– Slide up and down my back whilst breathing in my ear..
– I love the feeling of your wet pussy all over my back..
– Lie on top of me..and start sliding up and down..I need to feel your breasts all over me..
– Kiss my neck and breathe down my ear. I want to feel your warm heavy breath.
– Start massaging me zviri gentle.
– Now, sit on my back wakatarisa my legs on start rubbing my thighs, magaro and legs..
– Concentrate on my butt.
– My butt is very sensitive so please, squeeze it, rub it until kingdom come and spank me. I LOVE that. Get a bit rough on them if need be.
– kiss it softly and lick it.
– Spread my legs apart mbichana and start rubbing my inner thighs uchigumha mboro ne machende angu..
– Take some more oil and pour it all over mazichende angu zvese nemboro until they start making that SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH noise because of the wetness.. 
– Chitanga kubata-bata machende angu uchimadhonza..
– Bata mboro yangu uchiidhonza-dhonza nekuisvina zviri soft..
– tell me you are in love with my body.
– Yes, im a man BUT i also need compliments. It strokes my ego and boosts my confidence.
– Flip me over..
– Pour oil all over me once more..
– turn around so i can see your butt.
– Pour oil all over your pussy and my dick..
– now pass me the oil so i can rub it all over your butt..
– at this point your job is to slide up and down my already erect dick.



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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