**Stororo: Sugar Dick Dupree Fucks Mandla’s Girlfriend

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
Copy protected. Do not copy


Uyo ndi Nsiki in that image. I think her full name is Nonsikelelo but people just call her Nsiki. She’s South African. She rents a room just two houses away from where i live.

I’ll give you a rundown of how i know her.

I bought my house -the house that i live in right now- from my former landlord. She (my landlord) owns 4 houses in the street, including the house that Nsiki lives in. So whenever she goes away on holiday, she leaves me in charge of the houses. She leaves me with the house keys (incase someone locks themselves out) etc and duties like ensuring kuti the bins have been put out for collection etc etc. Plus the tenants there have my phone number incase something goes wrong..

So, that’s how i got to know Nsiki.

Now, Nsiki made a habit of calling me zvingori unnecessary. She liked me from the first time she saw me. She used to do anything to grab my attention. One time she called me kuma 11pm sounding really scared achiti she had seen a big spider in her room and wanted me to kill it..Hanzi i’ve got a phobia of spiders bla bla bla.. When i got to the house, she only had a towel wrapped around her and seemed too calm for someone akanga achitya spider. Infact, she seemed to wanna chat..

Anyway, Nsiki lived with her boyfriend called Mandla. Mandla just despised me zvisingaite. I have never done anything wrong to him. Each time i’m over at the house, he seems quite grumpy. Anenge achingoridza tsamwa, ignoring me, achindipa ma one word answers and basically acting like imbwa ine rabies!

The other week i looked out my window and saw him going past. He stopped just by my driveway, finished off drinking can of Coke yake, then threw the empty can in my driveway and then proceeded kuenda kumba kwake. What the fuck?! Ever since that day, i told myself kuti i’d get him back..and that meant kusvira Nsiki! Why not?! Mandla had to be taught a lesson and i, Sugar Dick Dupree, intended to be the bastard’s teacher. Handijaidzi makudo ne anonwa Coca Cola.

I set out to flirt na Nsiki. I turned on my charm and became Mr Romantic. I knew kuti she’d be flattered because chokwadi ndechekuti i’m a far much better catch than Mandla. I dress well, look great and i ooze sexiness! I am sex on two legs. Aaah Nsiki uya ndakamutenderedza musoro. She loved the attention and could not believe kuti a devastatingly handsome man like me had shown interest in her. To be honest, i was kinda attracted to her. She was big, had thick thighs, big breasts and quite chubby..just my type of girl..

Anyway i moved in for the kill and before you know it, we were dating on the low low..We kissed a few times and i fondled her breasts numerous times.. We had talked about sex and we both badly wanted to fuck each other but Mandla was the problem.. He was always at home half the time saka it was too risky.


Vadzimu vakanga vaterera minamato yangu….

Sure, vadzimu vangu vakanga vanditereera. Do you know that saying yekuti “ford up the hill”? Yes? No? Well, kana neni, i don’t know it because i just made it up. Asi what i do know is Nsiki ndaitomunzwira sugar chaiyo plus motivation yekumukwira yakanga iri strong. I knew kuti i had to grasp this opportunity with both hands. In our conversations, she had told me kuti Mandla akanga ane kamboyo ke katsi chaiko plus hanzi sex yacho yakanga iri fast & furious and very short..obva arara flat 8hrs straight, omuka mangwana akaneta..

So.. that day, i bought a huge bunch of flowers, massage oils, scented candles, chocolates, expensive bubble bath and some wine. I wanted to show her kuti Sugar Dick Dupree The Big Sexy is the most romantic man in modern times. I even bought some firewood for the fireplace and lit the damn thing. It was really cold saka lighting the fireplace was the most fitting thing to do. Ini wacho, i made sure kuti i was smelling fresh and looking nice.


She called and told me kuti she was bored saka i invited her over to “chill out”.

7 O’clock:

She knocked on my door. I opened the door ndakapfeka my tight crisp white boxers and white vest. I was playing with my dick earlier saka the bulge was easily noticeable. Actually, i wanted her to see it..and she did.

She got in the house and took her jacket off ndokuisa pa coat hanger that’s just right by the entrance. When i closed the door, we hugged. She then cupped my cheeks with her hands and i gave her a kiss on the lips. Her eyes half closed ndikaziva kuti i had ‘kissed the right spot’.. i slightly pinned her to the wall ndobva ndamunama nayo french kiss..with my tongue down her throat..ndikanzwa munhu akutoita tuma noises.. My hands started rubbing her back & butt and before you know it, i was squeezing her breasts.. Iye akangoramba akabata ma cheeks angu achiita tuma noises.. She was kissing me as if she hadn’t seen me for years. I didn’t want things to get quickly heated up so i decided to stop kissing. As i pulled away, she told me to stick my tongue out and when i did, she pulled me back towards her and started sucking it..

Anyway, we stopped kissing and we slowly headed mu lounge. I was walking behind her with my hands on her waist and kissing her neck. She stopped my lounge, unzipped her jeans and then said, “cmon, feel it”. I slid in fingers into her pants ndokubata a really wet pussy! The thing was mega wet!! She was so wet zvekuti her pants were wet. That turned me on big time!!! Mboro yangu yakabva yango mira rock hard ipapo. Her pussy’s slippery juices felt good in my hands.

Akabva abvisa her jeans and sat on the couch akavhura makumbo ake. Ini i went on my knees. She pulled me towards her and started kissing me hard akandidhonza musoro wangu. I then moved her pants to the side and started rubbing her wet pussy. She then pulled down my boxers and started jerking off mboro yangu zviri fast! I kept rubbing her pussy and she was moving her waist up and down.. Volume ye noise yake had been turned up.. Apa this was turning me on big time ndakanga ndakutoitawo noise ndichi breather heavy and groaning.. When she started jerking off mboro yangu faster and faster, i was literally roaring the house down.. I slid in two fingers mu beche rake and started finger fucking her zviri fast. My fingers were dripping wet. I started doing it faster, faster and faster abva atanga kugwina-gwina zviri violent..ndobva atanga kuridza mhere apa achidhonza mboro yangu. I kept finger fucking her ndobva ma juices e beche rake ati tsa tsa tsa all over my fingers and palm…

Ndakaona kuti there was no need for me to waste time and ndakabva ndamuisa in doggy position. She had mentioned kuti it was her favourite position, saka i wanted kumuzvambura nayo. When i was positioning her ndichibata-bata magaro ake, cum was dripping out of her pussy. Yes, cum was dripping right ot of her pussy.I had never seen in real life except muma porn movies and that really turned me on! Ndakabva ndamuti spank kumagaro PWAA! and squirt came gushing out of her pussy! Thats when I knew kuti she was really turned on. She stopped and said, “i need a towel to wipe my pussy”. I asked her why zvikanzi, “to make it tight and to stop the slosh slosh sound”. Ah! I thought maiwe kani, Mandla really is an idiot! Surely, in this day and age kunevarume vano complainer kuti ’pwetere pwetere your pussy is making sounds’?? I told her ” Hell no, that noise is what i want to hear when im fucking you”!

Ndakabva ndaisa mboro yangu on her pussy and gently pushed it in halfway and then slowly pulled it out. I started doing ma shallow strokes (it’s when you don’t plunge in yese) zviri fast and i could feel beche rake getting wetter and wetter. Akabva anditi, “yoh, make me your bitch..Im your bitch today”, ndikati chance given. Ndakanzwa kuda kusheedzera kuti, “MANDLA, URIPI MUFANAM..HUYA UONE BHEBHI RAKO RICHINAKIRWA NEMBORO YEMU ZIMBABWEAN”. Ndakaipinza yese ndokutanga grinding (ku kurungira) in her ndikanzwa munhu avekutogwina-gwina. I was pushing it really deep and hard in her and with each thrust, i could feel her butt clenching ndikaziva kuti arikutunda. I was pushing it in so hard zvekuti i was literally lifting her.

Ndakabata her shoulders, ndichimudhonzera towards me and then built up a rhythm ndichi increaser pace with each thrust. I grabbed her hair and she started yelling in her language achiti “VELE! VELE! VELE! BETA! BETA! YES!!
Apo beche rake rakange ravekusura non stop with each thrust. I pumped her for about two strong minutes zviri relentless, ndakabata vhudzi rake kudaro and spanking her butt. I wasnt messing around. Aita mamwe ma noises as if akanga achitochema.

I grabbed her waist ndokutanga, spread her butt cheeks, placed my thumb pa buri reku exhaust yake ndokutanga zvakare kupomba beche riye. When i placed my thumb on her exhaust, she let out a deep “aaaaaaahhh”, spread her legs a bit wider and pushed back into me (as if she wanted me to stick my finger ku exhaust kwake) and i knew kuti i had pressed the right button. Ndakatanga kuzunza mwana wevaridzi and ndichitukurira ne shona. I truly fucked the shit out of her iye achi screamer mu cushion. She had tried to muffle her screams ne cushion but it was still quite loud. I wasn’t even messing around. I was saying all sorts of nasty words and telling her kuti “i own you..give me that pussy”.

I looked down at my dick ndikaona yakazara her creamy cum. She was creaming all over mboro nemachende angu. Beche rake was so wet richiita kuti HLAPU HLAPU HLAPU with each thrust. I pumped her hard and fast for a few more minutes and then she said, “sweetie keep tickling my asshole with your finger”.

I thought let me go one step further and I pushed the tip of my finger in ku exhaust kwake iye ndokubva a screamer , ndokuzvomora mboro yangu out of mubeche rake, quickly turned around and started squirting all over my crotch .. Akabva andidhonza towards her ndikadonhera on top of her (now in missionary position) and she started kissing me hard whilst achi squirter kudaro! Akabva ati “sweetie, stick out your tongue” and she started licking it frantically. My gosh, i was so turned on. She then grabbed my dick and started rubbing it all over her slippery pussy and asshole . Within seconds, she was squirting once more. Akabva aipinza back mubeche rake achi squirter kudaro and i could feel her warm juices hitting musoro wemboro yangu. Ini manje i was too horny to concentrate on the goings on, and i could feel kuti i was about to cum. Unongonzwa musoro we mboro wavekutanga kupisa. Akabva abata magaro angu really tight akandidhonzera into her achi gwina-gwina zviri violent. Her teeth were shut tight akanditarisa. I started pumping her hard once more but i was losing rhythm because she kept squirting and it felt good on my dick.

Akabva atanga kundirova ma spanks kumagaro achideedzera kuti “CMON, CUM NOW. CUM IN ME“. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I started roaring..Tese takanga tichideedzera.Iye achi screamer, ini ndichidzova! Then i exploded in her pussy . I came for what seemed like ages.. Im sure ndakazadza beche rake with my cum..As i was cumming, she was also cumming.

I collapsed into a heap on top of her, tikatanga ku kisserna.. ichirimo mukati. I didnt want to whip it out. I wanted every last drop in her pussy. A minute or so later, ndakatanga kui grinder mubeche muya and before you know it, it was round two!



Sugar Dick Dupree


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